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  1. New Planet is my favorite gluten free beer as far as flavor, variety, and accessibility.
  2. GlutenFreeRupert

    gluten-free Alcohol

    Chopin is my favorite gluten free vodka. Tito's and Krome are also very good gluten free vodkas.
  3. GlutenFreeRupert


    Fudge Fatale makes gluten free chocolate as well as a caramel and espresso that I love giving as gifts to my friends and family. You can find it at your local Whole Foods or off of their website.
  4. GlutenFreeRupert

    Gluten Free Foods?

    Chipotle burrito bowls are delicious and convenient. I also love since I like home cooked meals. Great variety of gluten free products that I saw on Food Finds. Love their dessert sauces and their tomatillo salsa for tomatillo chicken
  5. Never heard of Endangered Species and Scharffen Berger. I'll have to try those sometime. Thank you for the tip as well.
  6. GlutenFreeRupert


    Tito's Vodka and Krome Vodka are both gluten free as well.
  7. GlutenFreeRupert

    Justin's Candy

    I found this chocolate and it's only $7.50. Save yourself $2.45.
  8. Hi everyone, I have been gluten free for a little over a year now and have had a some difficulty adjusting to the new lifestyle. I have a major sweet tooth and it has been tough finding gluten free chocolate that I feel doesn't sacrifice the flavor I once used to enjoy. Up until recently I was about to give up on my search until I came across a company called Fudge Fatale at my local Whole Foods Market. Not only do they have gluten free chocolate sauce, they also have gluten free fudge bars, caramel sauce, and espresso sauce!!! They are also soy free which is a nice little bonus. It was such a delight to finally find dessert sauces that I feel have all the same delicious flavor and qualities of regular dessert sauces yet remain gluten free. I found their website and they also provide a nice variety of other gluten free product that I still have yet to try. I highly recommend trying out the Fudge Fatale line!!! You can find it at They weren't lying when they said it is the chocolate to die for!!!