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  1. My 10 yo daughter is supposed to go to a sleepover this weekend. I was OK with it, but now I am not sure. She was dx'd in January and has been doing great. However, we were staying at a hotel for a softball tournament and I thought I did everything in my power to avoid any problems, but she ended up with a stomach ache all 3 mornings. This is the first time she has had a stomach ache since going gluten-free. The mom of the friend says she is gluten intolerant and can manage the disease for one night. My concern is the cross contamination. My daughter doesn't know about the sleepover yet. I don't know what to do.
  2. I figured I am already going to have to for breakfast. She gets tired of taking sandwiches everywhere. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just one girl, but there will be others that my daughter doesn't know. She will have to explain why she is eating different. That is fine for her friends that she sees all the time, they get it. It is hard for the first time. We are all still so new to this.
  3. Interesting to read. My daughter is only 10, but will have to deal with this some time in the future. Of course, by then, so many things may have changed.
  4. Whole foods are just that; meats, veggies, fruit, whole (non-gluten) grains, etc. I would try it for a while until things calm down and then add in other foods. A lot of places say to skip the gluten free substitutions (i.e nuggets, pizza, fish sticks etc..) until you are more healed. It does mean cooking from scratch most of the time.
  5. I don't know how old your daughter is. Mine is 10 and was dx'd in January. Mine was still having severe stomach pains after going on the gluten-free diet. She ended up with a colonoscopy and another endoscopy. Her small intestine was almost healed after 1 month on the gluten-free diet and there were no signs of and IBD's. We finally concluded her stomach pains were STRESS! Can you believe it? We started stress reduction techniques and she started to improve. She is doing very well now. It sounds like you are doing everything right. It does take time for the antibodies to go down. We go back in September for her blood work. DD also was off dairy and soy for almost 2 months.
  6. My daughter is 10. She likes the gluten-free breads and baked goods now. She never liked their wheat counterparts. So, she is not feeling deprived. The only thing that would be nice about a pill is to prevent CC. Otherwise, we are good with the gluten-free diet.
  7. Denine

    Can Cat Food Cause Glutening?

    We use Evo. I switched our cats very soon after my daughter's diagnosis.
  8. My daughter doesn't watch much TV, so I hadn't heard about this. How awful! I do have to say though, that Walt Disney World is absolutely fantastic with special diets. They treated my daughter like royalty at every meal. So, it isn't company-wide. Someone obviously made a stupid decision not only to create the episode, but to air it as well.
  9. DD also 10 was dx'd in January. She also had headaches every day. It turned out to be stress in her case. Good luck!
  10. Buy a gluten-free baking book and make your own. My 10 yo likes Udi's, but she likes my home made bread a lot better.
  11. I know how you feel. I was feeding out family whole wheat this and whole wheat that. Now, I feel like I was poisoning my daughter. I know I wasn't because I didn't know, but hindsight is 20/20. My daughter is 10 and was dx'd at the end of January. She had an endoscopy at that time. She was still having a lot of pain and other problems, so we were concerned that she may have Chron's disease on top of the celiac. So, we did another endoscopy and a colonoscopy. I was nervous about the prep at her age. I can sure understand you concerns. Push electrolyte fluids as well as the prep. DD drank her prep in gatorade, but it wasn't enough. She complained in the evening about being dizzy. They did give her a liter of fluids IV prior to her procedure. It was the same people and at the same place as the first endo. They gave her medicine to sedate her, did the scope and she came back. She was a bit unsteady on her feet when she first woke up and had to go to the bathroom, but quickly woke up. I hope this helps. My daughter does not have Chron's for which we are very thankful!
  12. Granted, My daughter was only 10 when diagnosed, but she had intolerances to whey, casein and soy. She was gluten-free, DF and SF for a while. She is now back on soy and dairy. Test showed she is still somewhat lactose intolerant still but we expect that to clear up soon.
  13. My daughter has both a casein and a whey intolerance. The whey is the liquid, the casein is the solid. Hard cheeses would have next to now whey in them, but milk has plenty,
  14. I am in the same boat. My 10 yo daughter was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Her main symptom was extreme abdominal pain. She has been gluten-free for 2 weeks, Dairy and soy free for 1 week since we found out she was intolerant to those as well. Her pain has not changed at all. It is still a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. I put her on a very bland diet as of Friday. Still no change, but I hope something will help soon. I have her on a probiotic, but I have no idea if it is helping. I know she most likely has a few years worth of damage to her gut, so it will take time. It is just so hard seeing her in this much pain all the time. It has been over 9 weeks of this pain. I am extremely careful about cross contamination. I read labels like they are on the best seller list, LOL! I cook from scratch. I hope you find answers soon.
  15. I will have to look into. My 10 yo daughter is newly diagnosed.
  16. Denine

    Feeling Discouraged

    Thanks for the info. Yes, the doctors office felt that she could at some point eat dairy again. It will be some time before we try it though. Her gut is so messed up. We bought her the almond milk which she likes so far. She did have a lot of milk in her diet, very little soy as of late. I think she is more upset about the dairy than the gluten as well. We did buy the gluten-free soy sauce and she had some last week. I use very few processed foods so hopefully we won't run into too many hidden sources. She is already reading labels to see what she can and cannot have. She comes to me if she has a question about the label. We have a follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks and I am going to ask about a dietitian at that point. Right now, we can handle the basics. She has no known nutritional deficincies. They tested for several and came back in normal ranges. She is homeschooled so I have control over her diet and luckily the softball tournaments are going to be fairly close to home except for a couple. Right now, we need to get rid of the stomach pains. I am hoping this will improve after a few days off the offending substances. I did buy a new cutting board and colander. Everything else goes in the dishwasher.
  17. My 10 yo daughter was diagnosed a week ago. She has been on the gluten-free diet since that time. I have been extremely careful about cross contamination. She has been eating mostly whole foods. I have read every label and checked websites for gluten-free confirmation. She is either drinking lactose free milk or using lactase. All that being said, she is in as much pain as she was before the diet started. There has been no difference. Her abdominal pain has consistently been a 9 out of 10 for 8 weeks. She cries all the time because it hurts so much. Nothing helps with the pain. She never had stomach aches prior to this. She never had any problem with any foods. She was just a healthy, happy kid doing the things healthy, happy kids do. I feel like I am never going to get my little girl back, that this pain is never going away. I plan on calling the doctor in the morning to see if they have any suggestions. I don't know how much damage there has been to her small intestine. The endoscopy showed the scalloping and the biopsy confirmed celiac disease. I hear so many different ideas as to how long it takes to get better. Her only symptom has been this abdominal pain. The doctor still has her on Protonix and said she needs to be on it for another month or so. I just don't know what to do anymore. I just want her better so she can play softball like she is capable of and to be vice president in her 4-H club which will be starting up again soon. She cries through softball practice. But she still wants to and needs to practice. It is a travel team. Thanks for listening.
  18. Denine

    Feeling Discouraged

    I heard back from the doctor. She has a class 2 intolerance to casein, a class 3 intolerance to whey and a class 4 intolerance to soy. So, we are going dairy and soy free. She said to wait 2-3 weeks before trying to re-introduce dairy. She still has the gastritis which is why she in on the Protonix. She said her pain symptoms seem more related to the dairy problems than the celiac itself. She never had problems with soy before and has been drinking soy milk since she was little, usually before bed. I am hoping once we get her small bowel healed, she can have these things again. She loves soy sauce! I guess we will deal with that later if she can't. Thanks again!
  19. Denine

    Feeling Discouraged

    Thank you for your replies. I think I am going to have to take dairy away completely. I am going to call the doctor today. They ran allergy tests for soy, eggs and dairy that should be back by now. The traveling part of her softball team doesn't start until spring. I am hoping she is better by then and I know I will need to take special foods for her. Right now is just practice once a week. This is her 1st year on the team. We only have cats as animals and I started today to change them to a gluten free cat food. It will take a few days since I don't want to upset their tummies. Would she have problems with soy even if she never had problems before? Or is it another problem because of the celiac disease causing problems with the small intestine? I cook with very few processed foods, so the diet itself isn't really a problem. She likes the foods she is allowed to eat. She never cared for the carbs, so doesn't miss them.
  20. Denine

    Feeling Discouraged

    Right now I am just looking for the pain to ease up, and be more doable. Practice is only once a week right now and it would kill her to say she can't go. It is all she has left. I know it take a long time to heal completely. I just want some semblance of a life for her an us.
  21. We are dealing with this same issue. My DD was Dx'd a week ago. The doctor said to use lactose free milk, but other's have said to go dairy free altogether. What is the difference? OP: I am sorry about you miscarriage, but I am sure once you are healthy again everything will work out.
  22. My daughter was just diagnosed this week. She has been running a low-grade temp on and off for several weeks, along with the abdominal pain. She went gluten-free on Monday.
  23. Thank you all. It is so hard to continue the waiting game to see if she feels better. That is all we have been doing. Try this and see if it works, then try this and see if it works. At least the gas pains from the endoscopy are gone. I know the doctor said she was going to check for lactose intolerance when she did the scope. If she doesn't improve, I will remove milk altogether instead of just giving her the lactaid. She has a headache, but it seems more stress induced to me. She never really liked wheat-containing foods, so she didn't eat them much. She only ate pasta if she was told to eat it for dinner. She didn't like bread. Her favorite foods are ones she can eat like rice and potatoes and meat, fruits and vegetables. Her favorite snack is popcorn chips which she can have. So, I am hoping she won't have much in the way of withdrawal symptoms. The one thing she ate that she can no longer have are Joe's O's from Trader Joe's. Those are oats, but who knows about contamination? She is now eating gluten-free rice krispies or corn chex. Her only symptom has been abdominal pain.
  24. My 10yo daughter was officialy diagnosed yesterday with endoscopy. She has been in severe pain for 7, almost 8 weeks. The pain has been made worse with the air introduced with the endoscopy yesterday, but that is improving. We started the gluten-free diet yesterday. She is still crying all morning. Plus she has a headache. I just need to know this will get better. I can't take the crying and the clinging anymore. I homeschool her and it is still difficult to get in a day of school. We also started with lactaid yesterday as well as a precaution.