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  1. Has anyone ever experienced eye floaters as a reaction to gluten?
  2. Thanks so much for the feedback and support. I was thinking at some point I would go back to gluten to get the official celiac test, but I don't think I want to. I cannot believe how crappy I feel. Last night I said ok I am going to eat a piece of toast and see how I feel tomorrow. Well I woke up this morning with diarrhea so back to gluten free I go. Just wish I knew if it was celiac or a sensitivity. Is there any testing that I can do without going back to eating gluten?
  3. i did eat pastas, breads. I made muffins and scones, ate cereal and rice cakes. Almost everyone I spoke with said you should feel better in 2-3 weeks. This is so confusing.
  4. Hey everyone, 4.5 weeks ago I decided to go gluten free to deal with a crazy amount of symptoms with no found medical cause (anxiety, depression, dizziness brain fog, weakness, fatigue, nausea etc). I went through crazy withdrawals, my sister did as well, but she started to feel better about 2 weeks in. I however never really felt better. I did end up with a kidney infection in there so that probably didn't help. After taking to my naturopath and dietitian they both said because I hadn't seen a major improvement in 4.5 weeks I should not worry about consuming gluten. They advised me to eat to stabilize my blood sugar and told me to go back to gluten. Yesterday I ate a chip, a cracker and a pretzel. I also started my new blood sugar diet. Last night I felt more anxious then usual and today I have felt depressed and out of it. I ate a bit of cake and a bite of gluten soup today and tonight my stomach feels a little off. It is very noisy and I am nauseous. I am still on meds for the kidney infection, but I don't think they made me feel like this before. I don't know if I should go back to gluten free or give it a few more days. I am worried because we are leaving for florida next weekend and really don't want to be feeling crappy. What should I do????
  5. I went gluten free about 3 and a half weeks ago. I did it because I have not felt well for a very long time and have undergone almost every test there is, but no findings. I did not do the test, because I did not know you could not do it after going gluten free. I may get brave one day and start eating gluten again to have the test done. I am however thinking about converting my entire family to an either gluten light or gluten free diet as after reading the book "Wheat Belly" I have learned a lot about the dangers of wheat in particular and what it can do to those who do not have celiac. Not trying to be trendy, just trying to be healthy. I am so sorry that you have to deal with all the of hassles and hope that as time goes on and awareness spreads, things may get easier.
  6. I went gluten free about 3.5 weeks ago. Since that time I seem to being having some problems with low blood sugar. I have had these episodes in the past, but they seem worse and more frequent since removing gluten from my diet. If I don't eat frequently or first thing in the morning, I get very weak and feel like I could pass out. Has anyone experienced anything like this when removing gluten?
  7. I started eating gluten free 3 weeks ago. I have not been diagnosed with celiac, but have felt so sick (tired, nauseous, anxious, brain fog, depressed and weak) for so long that I decided to cut out gluten for a bit to see if it helped. My sister and I started at the same time and she is feeling great, even though she has cheated a few times and I am feeling worse then ever. I went out for breakfast today for my husband's birthday and before we even ate, I felt like I was going to pass out. Looking at the toast on the table it was the only thing I could think of eating and felt it would have made me feel better. I could barely eat my omelette. I want to cry all of the time and really have no energy and want to sleep. My stomach is also a little weird. I am very discouraged as everyone I have talked to who cut out or even cut down on gluten has said they have felt amazing. I am tempted to start eating gluten again, because maybe this diet just isn't the answer for me. Should I stick it out a little longer or give up?
  8. Does anyone know if celexa is gluten free?
  9. I went gluten free 2.5 weeks ago. I went through some crazy withdrawal stuff that lasted about a week and a half. I was feeling really optimistic about going gluten free and was starting to feel a bit better. Yesterday I started to feel nauseous and my stomach was really noisy and turning. I woke up in the night feeling like a hot/cold feeling and very anxious. When I had a glass of orange juice I felt a bit better. I have woken up almost the same way. I am also feeling depressed. Could this still be withdrawal related or is it probably something else? I am kinda worried as after feeling so sick for so long, I just really want my life back.
  10. I am new to the gluten free life and my family is driving to Florida in a few weeks. I am a little concerned about having to stop and eat. I am going to pack some safe snacks, but worried about the restaurants along the way. Does anyone know any good,safe places to stop to eat in the states? Thanks.
  11. I have not been diagnosed with with celiac, but suspect I am at least gluten sensitive. I am debating getting the test, but after being gluten free for 2 weeks and feeling a bit better I really don't want to go back. Also I hate forking out the money. I am wondering, if I do have celiac and ingest small amounts of gluten is it doing a lot of damage to my body even if I do not get any symptoms? Can some people with celiac get away with trace amounts or the occasional mistake?
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