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  1. Last summer I was able to exercise. I've never had it easy where I could exercise and not feel like my body was inflamed. However, last summer I was able to bike and feel fairly good. Then fall came and I haven't been able to exercise since. January I started a strict gluten free diet. I haven't started back up exercising yet but I feel like I might be able to ease into some walking soon. I have also been tested for RA and lupus which both came back negative. Sorry I can't tell you if it gets better with time but I understand your frustration. I've gained a lot of my weight back since last summer.
  2. For those who are gluten sensitive and not confirmed celiacs I have a question for you. Do you strictly buy foods that are certified gluten free? Or can I get away with things that I know that should be gluten free but does not say it on the package? For example, baking soda, cornstarch and baking powder are some of my concerns. Do I need specifically gluten free cornstarch? I know to buy gluten free certified rolled oats because of the possible cross contamination. Speaking of cross contamination, do you take extra measures at home to avoid cross contamination? Such as dedicated toaster, dishes, sponges, etc? Separate butter containers? I'm only gluten sensitive and I don't know how sensitive I really am and if I need to take those extreme measures. Sorry, I'm just worried I could be sabotaging myself but finances plays a part in this and I don't know if I can afford everything to avoid every molecule of gluten.
  3. All of my biopsies have been negative. I'm wondering if I should eliminate more than just gluten (like grains and dairy). I am on Claritin but I'm not sure if that is the same chemical in Zyrtec. I am unfamiliar with what ingredients contain gluten that might be hiding in my shampoo, cosmetics, etc. Can I find that out on this forum? Thanks all for your help!
  4. Hi, I'm new here. I don't have Celiac disease but I'm pretty sure I am gluten intolerant. My stomach pains go away when I eliminate gluten. I've done some on and off gluten-free diet over the past few months. I've recently been on a strict gluten-free diet for a couple weeks now. I've been tested for arthritis which came back negative. However, I do have inflammation in the body and is slowly getting worse (I'm only 32 so my tests results shouldn't be that of a 50 year old). I have recently been experiencing acne (sometimes cystic) on the face, scalp, chest and back for many months. It seems to get worse when I eat gluten foods or it could be coincidental. Does anyone know if this is related to being gluten intolerant or something else? Or perhaps I need to give my body more time to heal?