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  1. Thank you! It does help. My husband is so set in his ways though that he may be my biggest road block than the grocery store. He doesn't understand the amount of pain I'm in.
  2. For our overall health (and possible gluten issues) I want to switch our household to a gluten free lifestyle. Do you have tips on how to do this on a limited budget? We have four boys (not even teenagers and oh my they eat!) and we go through a lot of bread and pasta items. Obviously with it being winter fresh fruits and veggies are more expensive so that is why we've been eating more of the starch items. I know from experience that the gluten-free items have a different taste. How do I satisfy all the palates of our home and make sure we are staying within a budget and gluten-free? Do you have any sample shopping lists you can share of things you buy on a regular basis. Besides glutenfreegirl.com what are some other websites that show how to cook/bake/eat gluten-free?
  3. Hello everyone. I started an account here as I kept coming to this forum during searches of symptoms/PAIN I've been dealing with. I has not been tested and since I currently have no insurance will not be tested for a while. Over the last 13-15 years I've been dealing with some chronic rashes. I sort of remember them from high school but I really just remember the more recent years. I use to have a rash on my wrists that would hang out for 6 months then disappear as suddenly as it appeared. They itch like crazy and lotion and medicine doesn't help. I've also had this one rash that "jumps" from leg to leg and ankle to ankle. I've had it for about 5 years now. It was on my left ankle and where it was the skin is slightly discolored but not enough you'd notice unless looking for it. It's now on my right leg. It was on my shin but that has healed and now is on the side of my bottom leg. It itches like CRAZY. I can lotion it up or allow it to dry out and it still doesn't go away. Scratching it feels good until I stop scratching and realize that there is some blood and it then burns. I only shower ever few days as showering hurts. I don't think I'm allergic to water as it doesn't always hurts but if my rash is currently in a bad state then showering hurts my whole body. Lately my right hand has been swollen (just slightly) with a rash that you can't really see unless you are looking for it as it's almost a skin colored rash. My hand itches SO badly that even putting my hand under running water it feels like the water is scratching my skin for me. My leg had started clearing up during the last few months of my pregnancy but now that the baby is 8 months it's back with a vengeance. Every time I look up about my rash I keep coming to people who have skin issues due to gluten. I'm wondering if anyone else has had these same issues that were cleared up by a strict gluten-free diet. I'm also wondering how I might be able to go about testing without insurance if perhaps places like MedExpress can do skin samples or something instead of having to go to the doctor - does anyone have experience with that or recommendations? I'm in a lot of pain and just at the end of my ropes.