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  1. It seems confusing that a doctor would decide, even after 2 negative celiac panels that you actually have it and then take you off your immune suppressant medication. Is there any other reasons that the doc has that they may have this idea that gluten is causing your lesions? I just thought I would chime in here and let you know that I have never ever had lesions, but have had numbness, tingling, uveitis and cognitive issues and had one positive test on a celiac panel that was positive and I also have a milk allergy. When I cut out the gluten and dairy all the cognitive/numbness/tingling issues went away. It is hard to say in your situation though because the doctor doesn't seem to have any real clear reason for changing your diagnosis. I would go to an allergist and get tested for any food allergies period. I would also get a second opinion on this new neurologist's diagnosis. I would be a little suspicious of it and that is just my opinion.
  2. I also had one test that came back positive, which the deamidated gliadin IgG portion of the test. My labs were also sent to a gastro doc who also was very rude, said that I didn't have it at all and scoffed when he heard me say that I felt better going gluten free. I did end up finding out a month later after the celiac test came back positive that I have a milk allergy. I didn't feel completely better and when I found that out I went gluten and dairy free. That really made me feel so much better. I would go through with the colonoscopy and endoscopy but you may want to go to an allergist just to rule out any other allergies. You probably don't have any but it is better safe than sorry.
  3. Last year I had a positive Deamidated Gliadin IgG blood test and a positive skin prick test for a milk allergy at the allergist's office. I faithfully cut out gluten and dairy for 6 months, but as time stretched on and we moved and life started getting busier, I began eating gluten and dairy again. I was feeling better. but it literally took months to feel almost normal again. I even began losing weight and had a hard time putting it on after cutting out dairy. However now I am in my same old rut I was exactly a year ago, sick not able to et out of bed, hardly able to concentrate. I know many of you probably wonder why I am doing this to myself, but it has been harder than I thought with family and with kids and with my weak will power I guess to give it all up. Plus now that I have been ingesting it for so long, the symptoms seem worse and I am not seeing the results as quickly. This is a vent post and probably sounds dumb. I am reaching out in some small way to hopefully help myself again.
  4. I have a ton of eye floaters and issues with my eyes. I don't know what could cause it really but I have read other people on this forum say they have floaters and I have suspicions and it is my opinion that celiac maybe able to cause it. It is an autoimmune disease and effects every person differently. Gluten causes the autoimmune response. Now that I have been gluten and dairy free, I can count on one hand how many floaters I have had. Before I would see them several times a day. It is only my opinion and I am no doctor, but I feel there is a connection.
  5. I wanted to let you guys know that I took some benadryl later that evening and the sores stopped. The itching also stopped, so I was allergic to something, I don't know what.. But I really appreciate all of your replies and answers!
  6. Wow, guess I never realized how sick I was... This whole thing is just so crazy to me! Thanks for your reply!
  7. And my scalp has been more itchier than normal to add to my symptoms.
  8. Hi, I post here all the time, and I am newly dx'ed with celiac disease and a dairy allergy and I have since cut these foods from my diet. I have been off gluten for over a week, almost four days free of dairy. I already struggled with itchy, flakey and very sore scalp before I found out I had food issues. Well now that I have been gluten free, I have been getting itchy sores all over my scalp, and they kind of ooze some, and I also have been getting the sores on my arms, the inside of my fingers and on my neck, more the back and side part namely. Has this ever happened to anyone before after newly cutting out gluten or dairy? I have no idea if this is dh or not, but it seems strange that it seems to have gotten worse since cutting out the trigger foods. Any guesses on what is going on? Oh please not another allergy!! Lol
  9. 1desperateladysaved, I totally and completely can relate about the missing food or having issues with cross contamination. I feel like I am so dumb when it comes to hidden ingredients and I think I have poisoned myself without knowing a few times. I really do hope I am on the road to recovery, as I want to live as long as I can for my kids. Thank you for your advice, it makes me feel better having your advice. Powerofpositivethinking, my allergist said that he thinks that I have celiac. I am still headed to the GI to possibly confirm it, but I will say that after cutting gluten out, I feel way better than I did while on it so I think no matter what is done or said there I am keeping myself off the gluten. I also think we have alot in common and I have read your other posts too! About the endurance thing, I feel a little better after cutting out the gluten and I have been able to FINALLY clean my house without falling asleep afterward and I have been able to run my kids around town for Dr.'s appointments without crashing at night with major knee pain and a general feeling of unwell. You should get your vitamin levels checked. You might be like me and be able to suppliment with over the counter vitamins and do okay if you need them. One other thing is that I also noticed that I gained the most weight when my diet was rich in dairy and gluten type foods. I know you may not have a dairy allergy, but with the gluten, you maybe able to lose that weight when you cut it out (your still eating gluten for your endoscopy, right?). I also lost weight 2 years ago with exercise and was feeling great, but that was short lived as I think the celiac reared its ugly head and halted that. I gained 40 lbs back in 2 months. Since being off gluten for only a week, I have lost 4 lbs and I have been eating rice noodles with gluten-free seasonings and olive oil. I want to say that I believe that in my own mind that I am in the possible early stages of celiac disease and that it was a warning sign when I recieved the positive DGP IgG that I needed to go gluten free right away. I am not a Dr, this is my own guess. This is why I am so grateful for this forum. I am scared, I feel depressed about all of this and my parents (even though I am 28 years old, I still listen to them) think its all just anxiety related and don't believe I have anyhting wrong with me, even after blood tests and a very obvious positive skin prick allergy test. I know I can come here and find answers to my questions. I can find better answers here than I can in all of the doctor's offices that I have been to. I have people I can relate to that are going through what I am and I have seasoned people that can chime in and help me with in depth issues. I am so grateful for this forum.
  10. I get headaches with milk, I know I have a milk allergy, but not sure if it is the casein or whey protein or both that I am allergic to. I also get anxiety after ingesting milk. My gluten issues are not the same I don't think and honestly I don't know if my gluten issues are as bad as my dairy issues. I am still trying to sort all of it out though and right now it is a mess.
  11. I have had vitamin levels checked recently and I had low potassium and also low vitamin D, but I only took over the counter potassium suppliments and the doc didnt think my vitamin D was too bad so he decided not to treat it. I have also had a mild case of pancreatitis in the past. I hope that I can improve more, I have seen some improvement since going gluten free but I could tell I was getting sick from eating cheese and butter. So when the doctor dx'ed me with a milk allergy I was not completely surprised if that makes any sense at all. I feel a little depressed about the milk thing though. My diet seems so restricted...
  12. I just found out yesterday that I have a dairy allergy and my allergist said with recent blood work that it looks like I also have celiac disease. I am just curious how long it has taken you with dual (or more) allergies and sensitivities to see improvement after you changed your diet?
  13. I want to apologize for all the errors in my post, I am on my phone and trying to post.
  14. About 2 weeks ago, after a positive DGP IgG, I had suspicions that I had celiac disease . And I for about a week I have been gluten free and felt a marked improvement in the way I felt. My little guy has had some strange symptoms so I suspected he had a milk allergy. My daughter, he and I all went to the allergist and haf the prick test. My lucky daughter was not allergic to anything and my little boy does have an allergy to watermelon. However, I had a very strong, itchy welt and the doc looked at it and says "You are very allergic to milk"! He even gave me benadryl before I left his office. I felt sick and immediately got a headache in his office. I cannot believe I have milk allergy. Well I asked if the positive DGP IgG was related to the dairy and he said no that I probably have celiac AND a dairy allergy and he advised going paleo. He said its not uncommon to have both celiac and a dairy allergy. He said to stay away from butter, cheese, chocolate and any milk related food. In just a couple weeks after I basically found out I cannot eat gluten, I also find out I have a pretty bad milk allergy. I feel so limited as to what I can eat and feel overwhelmed. Anyone else have a milk allergy here along with celiac? See any improvement after quitting dairy?
  15. This is like me, and I have been gluten free and it has helped a great deal. More energy, no dizzy spells, thinking more clear, less anger, anxiety, and bloating. I would try it. With those types of test results, it may help. I still sometimes have a little cramping, however I have heard that this is just the way the body is trying to get back to "normal" since it has not been in a normal state for quite a long time. Also I thought I might add that many people after a huge event like pregnancy or illness are struck with the symptoms of celiac. Try going gluten-free and just see how you feel is my advice.
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