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  1. Another thing that might be relevant is that I've also been diagnosed as folic acid deficient and vitamin d deficient. I hadn't purposefully gone gluten-free at the point these tests were conducted. Does total IgA Serum indicative of celiac or can it be indicative of something else? I haven't done an endoscopy because the doctor was pretty much done with me after all my tests were negative. I left feeling very crest fallen and haven't really been in the state of mind to consider perusing this further for the past six months besides random bouts of following the gluten free diet.
  2. So I was told I didn't have celiac but started a gluten free diet anyway. I feel better when I don't eat gluten but I cant stop thinking about whether I have celiac or not. Can anyone interpret these results, also did my doctor even do thorough enough testing? Thanks in advance. Endomysial Antibody IgA: Negative t-transglutaminase IgA: <2 (Negative 0-3, Weak Positive 4-10, Positive >10) Immunoglubulin A, Qn, Serum: 121mg/dL (Expected range 91-414)
  3. Yeah, I tend to throw up when I've eaten a lot of gluten. When I first got diagnosed I remember going through my cabinets checking labels and it finally clicking in my head why I was throwing up after I ate certain things; they all had gluten!