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  1. Is there any way to get a LIKE button for posts? (or is there one & I'm too thick to see it??) ;)
  2. We have a mixed kitchen. I've color coded the gluten-free items RED. Mostly my husband eats gluten-free at home but he gets "real" sandwiches for lunch (sometimes). He did try the gluten-free bread (God bless him!) The only real "gluten eaters" in the house (besides husbands sometimes lunches) are...
  3. Gee, "Let's order this test but not give the patient the results" Said NO conscientious Doctors office, EVER!!! Just curious, have you fired them? I have a unique perspective: the first GI Doctor I went to who told me "I will NOT diagnose you with Celiac Disease because I cannot treat...
  4. DANG-NABBIT! I HATE BULLIES AND MEANIES! Into that category I put EVERYONE who seems to think it is THEIR job to judge me or make me have to justify myself. Be it the Celiac, Aspergers (a "defunct" form of Autism that I was diagnosed with mid-life) or this new problem [Ankylosing Spondylitis...
  5. {{{{{{Karen}}}}}} (those are hugs). I am so sorry that what should be a joy turns your life into such a tragedy! One other (possibly drastic) suggestion? What if you go visit the grandkids instead from now on? You know what you need to do for your health. Even now (3 years after my own diagnosis...
  6. This disease is SOOOO frustrating in so many ways: The sheer cost of "gluten free" alternative foods. The run around we get from family, friends and restaurant employees. The time we spend in the bathroom fighting cramps, in a darkened room fighting one of "those" headaches. The grieving we go through...