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    Did an "elimination" cleanse Jan 1, 2013 for 21 days. Discovered I have Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Just starting the journey!
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    Dallas, TX
  1. I travel a lot as well and am now well stocked when I do. The individual almond butter or sunbutter packets are great, apples, gluten-free bars, GoPicnic ready to eat gluten-free meals (actually found in an airport concession store a couple of times!), nuts, etc. Starbucks in the airport usually has bananas (don't like to bring them- get squishy). I recently went to a conference at a really high end hotel and the catering staff for meals were clueless. The only thing they could really steer me towards was lettuce. Now I may need to drop a pound or two, but lettuce for three days doesn't cut it! (and yes, I alerted them early to my gluten-free needs). Ended up finding a cute little grocery store, and some local restaurants nearby were fine.... I've become a traveling convenience store
  2. I live in Dallas and have had the Fireside Pies Gluten Free Pizza. It is GREAT. I am NCGI so it was fine for me, but I'm not sure about those who are celiac/more sensitive. They seemed very educated when I inquired though. They use Smart Flour Foods crust, FYI....
  3. When I did an initial elimination diet and was in the detox phase, I was at work one day and thought "oh my god, it that smell me?". Um yea. It was. For a couple of days I smelled like a chemical factory.... lots of showers. But it will pass....
  4. Interesting stuff. You all just made me realize that some of this stuff has been going on with me for longer than I would have thought. The comment about antibiotics and yeast made me realize that when I was a teenager (a billion years ago in the '70's) I was given antibiotics for acne... and was on them for a very long time. Now I'm wondering did I start a yeast problem? I'll do some research on that! Hope it gets better for you!
  5. I am NCGI as well (just found out this year) and tested negative, but had already eliminated gluten. I do have reactions when unintentionally getting "glutened". So far had found by trial and error that I am ok with products labeled "produced in the same facility as wheat". This is definately a learning process.....
  6. I was tested in February and came back negative, but had already eliminated gluten so not sure what the point of it really was. I guess I really don't care at this point. The thought of eating gluten and feeling horrible to get a more accurate test result doesn't seem worth it. So right now I am just not eating gluten. Eat gluten = feel bad. No gluten = feel good. At some point I may change my mind.....
  7. I am newly gluten free (first of 2013) and found out by doing the JJVirgin elimination diet. (the perils of watching PBS during the holidays... found her there) I have been on Celebrex for 4 years for arthitis in my hands and hips. It was to the point that I was limping and was impacting my activities. Guess what? Now that I'm gluten free, I stopped taking the Celebrex and I'm absolutely fine! If I get "glutened" my joints get a bit achy.... Hope that helps...
  8. Brand new to the group and first post. I recently discovered I'm gluten sensitive. I also have a fairly mild case of LS, which came up quickly in 2008 during a time of great stress. Was not diagnosed with LS for a long time however! Due to LS I developed squamous cell carcinoma, which led me to research, and I self diagnosed the LS. Was finally confirmed in December! I discovered the gluten sensitivity very recently after going on an elimination cleanse. It does make sense that the two could be related as well. I'm hoping that eliminating gluten will help with the LS. Best of luck to you!
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