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  1. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I have been on a paleo diet since November, so I am not sure I will get a positive reading. I haven't eaten grains in any form since then. My doctor is aware of this, though. I am not sure how to get diagnosed on my current way of eating...
  2. So, I've always had a HUGE fear of doctors. I am now 32 years old, and finally just went in for my first physical in like... 15 years. My doctor discovered that I am severely anemic. He wants to test for Celiac now. After my last appointment my head is spinning and I have been doing research and I am now wondering if some of you think these symptoms could indicate this. I know I could wait for the results, but I am just impatient I guess! Gallbladder disease (I had mine removed due to gallstones when I was 20... very young) Severe IBS (which I attributed to lack of gallbladder) Gerd after eating wheat (mostly in the morning) Mucus in bowel movements Random abdominal pains Delayed menarche (first period wasn't until I was almost 15) Irregular periods Rapid hair shedding Weak fingernails Fatigue Dizziness/Vertigo Muscle cramps Chest pain Mildly insulin resistant Slightly elevated C-Peptides from Pancreas When I was 20, just prior to my diagnoses with gallstones, I also was SEVERELY ILL for unexplained reasons. I was extremely fatigued (probably slept 14-16 hours a night), had deep chest pain, etc, and had to drop out of school for a semester. Doctors were flummoxed and told me I might have Chronic fatigue syndrome. My liver enzymes were also high.