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  1. Hi,

    I'm about 6 months gluten free and ever since I got diagnosed and eliminated gluten my fingernails have been doing strange things. First, about a month or two into my gluten-free diet they began growing in very white, and grew that way about halfway up, then the white stopped there (my nails continued to grow, though). I assumed maybe this was my healthy nail starting to grow. The more strange thing started about 2 months ago. The tips of my nails, 3 on left hand 2 on right, so far) are starting to separate from my nail beds. It's a little uncomfortable when it's happening but not actually painful. Everything I've looked up doesn't seem to fit. I'm sure it's Celiac related, but I've read iron defiency can cause it and I'm on iron supplements for the first time, so my iron is higher than it ever has been. My nails never gave me real problems before, so why now? I see a Celiac specialist and she doesn't know why and suggested I see a dermatologist, but I haven't. I figured if the Celac specialist doesn't know, I'll only get frustrated when the dermatologist doesn't know what's going on. Has this happened to anyone? Anyone have thoughts on what's going on?