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  1. Isn't Lipton dry onion soup gluten-free? It's past 4pm Eastern so I can't call. I also can't find the ingredients online.

    Here's a recipe for dry onion soup mix I found on Recipezaar.


    Homemade Dry Onion Soup mix


    7 ounces beef bouillon powder

    1/2 teaspoon black pepper

    1 cup dried onion flakes

    1/2 cup onion powder

    1/4 cup dried parsley

    1/8 cup onion salt


    1Mix all together and store in container.

    21/4 cup of this = 1 envelope.

  2. Our Christmas dinner is usually pretty much a repeat of Thanksgiving.

    We'll have roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, veg of some description (probably broccoli and carrots), stuffing, and probably Tradition. Tradition is a "salad" made of whipping cream, custard, marshmallows, pineapples and grapes :blink:. Not my style at all but it's the in-laws tradition to have it at big family dinners (usually placed on the table with a flourish and a proclaimation "Tradition!"). I am going to have gluten-free French bread rather than buns, I think. For dessert - maybe a no-bake cherry cheesecake and pie of some description.

    I am terrible at making pastry so I'll probably try to con my husband or MIL to make the gluten-free pie (whatever flavour Ty wants) and she'll probably bring a gluten pumpkin pie and if I'm lucky an apple pie also.

    Christmas Eve we are having Chinese food at my MIL's house. She borrowed my Chinese Triumph dining card so I hope that that will help us get Ty a decent gluten-free selection (he's the only one of 17 people at dinner who needs to eat gluten-free).

  3. Christmas dinner will be at my house this year and in an unprecedented effort to plan ahead I would like to have some French bread ready to bake so it's warm at suppertime.

    Ideally, I'll be using an electric roaster for the turkey so the oven will be free. The bread dough would normally rise for 40 minutes and then bake for another 40. I'd rather not be measuring three flours, frothing eggs, heating milk, etc. I'd rather be eating chocolate and playing with the boys.

    The recipe I use has 2 eggs, and 1 3/4 cups heated milk. It makes two loaves. I use a French bread pan. Do you think this will freeze and subesquently bake properly? I suppose I can bake it and then thaw/reheat the previously baked bread, but I thought it might taste fresher if I bake from frozen dough. And...how would I freeze it? Parchment paper on the pan and just straight into the freezer and then wrap it up once it's frozen?

    Thanks in advance. :)

  4. Teacher to student, "Use the word 'bewitches' in a sentence."

    Student, "Youse go ahead, I'll betwitches in a minute."

    More words I hope I don't hear while driving to Crazytown.



    TO-tuhlee! (A girl at work uses the word "totally" roughly 6372 times daily, and it's starting to get to me. She uses it to convey agreement with someone else's comment. "I love coffee." "Totally!")

    side by each

    would of (written instead of would've...in fact, I'd prefer that rather than hear people say something like "I would of gotten there faster if I would of taken the highway" I could hear "I would've gotten there faster if I had taken the highway".)

    mis-use of the words bring and take. If I'm in Canada, people aren't bringing supplies from Canada to New Orleans to help with hurricane relief, they're taking supplies. If I'm in Louisiana then the Canadians are bringing supplies. The Canadians are taking supplies with them. They are bringing them here (to New Orleans).

    Every once in a while my older son will say, "I'm confussed" instead of "I'm confused". Oddly, I find it charming and not alarming at all. Go figure. One time he said, "Mom, what's a pro-teeg?" I drew a blank and had him use it in a sentence. It was protege. I used a Star Wars reference to answer him. "It's like a Padawan learner." I said. I got bonus points for that.

    I also had a college prof who used the old, "You're putting emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle." Another poster mentioned this earlier. I love that saying and use it often.

  5. Okay...you asked for it ;) . Please bear in mind it is a very short drive to drive me crazy. I have worked in TV newsrooms for 20 years and I'm horrified by some of the writing and use of language. I'm not a writer though, so what can I do?

    Words I hate:

    toddler (I don't know why, I just hate it)

    tummy (no one over the age of 5 should use this...Tarnalberry, I'll let you off the hook since you are referring to someone under the age of 5 when you use it.)

    signage (We already have a word for this and the word is SIGNS. We don't need better signage at the intersection, we need better SIGNS. Signage is NOT a real word! GAAAH!)

    impact (as in: The public is impacted by higher prices and a global recession. No they aren't! They are affected by it. They don't have jobs any more. An impact is a crash/collision or dental problem.)

    It is what it is. (WTH? I'm working on a mat leave contract until April and at the station where I'm working now they use this sentence all the time. I must hear it 5 times a day. What a bu//sh!t sentence. It doesn't even mean anything! GAAAH!)

    My mom provides me with two: fill-em (film) and ba-tree(battery).

    My younger son always corrects my MIL when she says something like "We ran out of potaytuhs on Sundee." He'll reply, "PotatOHS...SunDAY." Then she'll make fun of his r's which he has trouble pronouncing sometimes.

    There are many, many more but I'll stop now.

  6. What the?! Ironic really, because last week I was talking to a dad on my son's hockey team about how I'd had to send a letter to Nestle complaining about the "may contain" on Carnation Hot Chocolate that suddenly appeared last month. I said to the dad, who works at Maple Leaf, that Top Dogs was our hot dog of choice and in fact, the only hot dog I'd found and that they'd better not change the formulations or I'd have to send them an email as well.

    He made some comment about how if it's made in a facility blah blah CYA. I replied that a "may contain" statement means it might be in the product and so the product is off limits. If it says "made in a facility with wheat products" then presumably it is either run on different lines or cleaned thoroughly between runs or it would say may contain. I'm not sure what exactly his job is with Maple Leaf but I thought that was a naive statement for him to make. <_<

    Re: the Caesar dressing, try Renee's Mighty Caesar. It's awesome. It's in the produce section near the bagged salads.

  7. I called President's Choice this morning to check on the ready to serve Cream of Three Mushroom soup. The fellow (Adrian) said that it was NOT gluten free. (It used to be gluten-free a year ago.)

    The suspicious ingredients that prompted me to double check were chicken broth powder and natural flavour.

    I don't think Adrian has a clue what gluten is, because he mentioned that the label said "contains naturally occurring glutamates". I said that was irrelevant. Was there any info on wheat or barley/malt? He said that the allergen list came up as containing gluten but only mentioned the modified corn starch as possibly having wheat. I said I doubted that, that if wheat were one of the ingredients it was required by law to have the word wheat on the label either in the list or afterward with in a bold "contains" line and therefore PC was violating a federal law. Was he sure there was wheat in this?

    The upshot is I think Adrian needs more sleep or needs to be better informed on what his customer service computer is telling him and I'm still skeptical about whether or not this product contains gluten. My son probably wouldn't eat it anyway, but it's handy to have in case I need it as an ingredient in something.

    Here's the product link and if any Canadians feel like calling and telling me the response they get, I'd really appreciate it. The number is 1-888-495-5111

    http://www.presidentschoice.ca/FoodAndRecipes/GreatFood/ProductDetails.aspx/id/4332/name/PCCreamofMushroomReadyToServeSoup/catid/175#reviews ://http://www.presidentschoice.ca/Food...id/175#reviews


  8. Haven't seen this on the boards, so thought I'd post it...it's a few days old though.

    Allergic youth ill after Swedish embassy lunch

    Published: 30 Jul 09 07:59 CET

    Online: http://www.thelocal.se/20992/20090730/

    Several young people with food allergies become ill on Wednesday following a luncheon at the Swedish embassy in Berlin.

    The meal had been arranged for around 60 participants from across Europe attending a youth summer camp in Germany for sufferers of a type of lactose and gluten intolerance known as celiac disease.

  9. I used to be well known as a good baker. But now... Forget it! I haven't had a lot of luck with gluten-free baking, especially since I can't use eggs or dairy. The only things that really turned out well were some crackers and foccacia.

    Crackers :o ?! What are the odds of getting a recipe? Or at least a recipe name/author? I never have gluten crackers in the house, they're too crumby and I can't find the super-delicious gluten-free ones anymore. I bought one box and haven't been able to find them ever again.

  10. We went to Disneyland in December 2006. We took one day to go to Universal Studios. We went to a place that was a Pizza Hut/Chinese place/something else. It was not during peak hours. Around 1:30pm, I think. I said that we had a child on a special diet and could the guy please show this to the chef. I gave him a Triumph dining card. It was English on one side and Spanish on the other side. He went away and then three guys came out of the back. They seemed very keen. "Okay, here's what we're going to do. We can get you some rotisserie chicken, garlic mashed potatoes without gravy, and some steamed broccoli." He went on to tell us what spices were used in the chicken and that the potatoes were made fresh, not from a box. In hindsight, we all should have had that meal. Ty got the best meal of us all.

    No problems at Disneyland either, except when a hostess at the Plaza Inn denied that they had gluten-free waffles. I whipped out my list from City Hall and said, "Well according to this list from City Hall, you do." I ended up speaking to a supervisor. I guess the problem was that it was an all you can eat buffet for $25. I refuse to pay that kind of cash for an egg and some toast and homefries. The supervisor managed to get Ty a takeout box with 6 very large Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes, with a side of honeydew, pineapple, watermelon and grapes for $4.28! Again, we all should have tried to get that meal.

  11. I like Bulls Eye barbeque sauces - there are many flavours.

    Have you looked at Walmart to see if Great Value makes a teriyaki sauce - I have noticed that that brand will list gluten after the ingredients list (I use their soy sauce).

    Really? You've seen gluten-free status on Great Value brands? Are you in BC? I've yet to notice the gluten-free label on Great Value brand in Canada.

  12. How timely. Ty went to a party at Chuck E. Cheese last February, and he's going tomorrow for a friend's party. He's 8 and is well versed in washing hands before/after everything.

    Actually, tomorrow is a busy day for him, and I hope he doesn't starve. He has a friend who had two extra tickets to the monster truck show, so he and another boy from his class are going there from noon to 4. Then they're going to the second friend's house for a bit and then Chuck E Cheese for the second friend's birthday party. I'm sending him with an apple, cheese strings, Enjoy Life and Envirokids snack bars, a pizza and a piece of cheesecake. I'm pretty sure the only thing at the monster trucks he can have is popcorn, so we'll stuff him full of food before he goes and hope the snacks and pizza will be enough. He won't be getting home until about 9pm.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make.