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  1. I plan to implement a 504 right away when my son starts school, and on there I'll request that he has occasional use of a microwave. I'll try my best to send things that do not need to be heated, but on some days, like pizza days, it would be nice if he could use one. You are your child's best advocate. Don't let the school push you around!

    I'm not from the States, but I had the impression a 504 was if the school was providing lunch. :huh:


  2. Huh. When I clicked on "view new posts" this time to see if there had been any more responses to this topic, I couldn't see it. (It's possible my glasses need cleaning ;) ) Then when I clicked on the sub-forum Board/forum technical help all the topics in there had the "view last unread" tab on them.

    I'm confused. :blink:

  3. Ok, here's the bad news:

    according to Avon Service Center Rep. Moisture Therapy with Oatmeal is gluten free --- logically this isn't possible so I am unsure if the Service Center's info can be trusted.

    I like the old way where you got the gluten-free product list....

    Unless they consider only wheat, rye and barley as the gluten containing grains, and are not considering that oatmeal (while technically gluten-free) is usually cross contaminated during growth, harvest, transport, and storage.

    I guess the next step is to determine the source of the oatmeal.

  4. They don't have Chebe here either, but a warning about Kinnickinnik...they smell bad. I would call it a stench. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm sure glad I don't have to eat them. I made Ty a bunwich one time, and just about choked on the smell of them. I think he ate it all. I know they come in a package of four for around $6 or $7 and he only ate three. We threw the rest out. Check with Kinnickinnik eating friends to see what they think of the smell. It's entirely possible that I'm super senstive to smell. I can't be in the room if someones making Kraft Dinner - that horrible fake cheese smell. Blech!

    Meanwhile, we are still looking for a decent hamburger bun (that doesn't smell bad) that is either reasonably priced or easy to bake AND tastes good.

  5. Ty's test result was for Anti-endomysial antibodies "screened at a titre of 1:2.5" and he had 1:160. I don't know the result for the IgA.

    I do have the results for everyone else's IgA, but our Anti-endomysial antibodies just said "negative". I think they said because Ty's Anti-endomysial antibodies (sorry, I don't know the abbreviation for that) were that high that they didn't bother to firgure results for IgA. I don't know why or anything about that. After the biopsy we were told he had areas with normal villi and other areas with severely blunted villi.

    He has never had follow-up blood work done. He's been gluten free for 2 years and he has his next follow-up appointment with the GI probably in March (about 2.5 years gluten-free).

  6. Liz,

    I've never matched the success of my first loaf, but I've never had a flop. Re: the question of flours, for my bread I use:

    1 1/4 cups gluten-free flour which consisted of: 1/2 cup brown rice flour, 1/2 cup sorghum flour and 1/4 cup tapioca starch. Then the rest as indicated in the recipe. (1/4 cup garfava flour, 1/2 cup potato starch, 1/4 cup cornstarch, 1/4 cup flaxmeal)

    Laid out neatly it's this:

    1/4 cup tapioca starch

    1/4 cup garfava flour

    1/4 cup cornstarch

    1/4 cup flaxmeal

    1/2 cup brown rice flour

    1/2 cup sorghum flour

    1/2 cup potato starch

    I use a medium gray metal pan, non-stick 11" x 4" that I found at Walmart for $7.

  7. I work for the CTV affiliate in Calgary. The script for the VIDEO report that goes with JudyinPhilly's web report is below. I watched the story last night, and was pleased until I saw Genevieve's standup. I used bold for emphasis in the quote below. I wonder if people who saw the video may focus more on Genvieve's standup rather than the anecdotal information from Guilio's mom and Jenny McCarthy. I took out all of the video directions, so anything surrounded by (( )) is a clip of a mom, Jenny, an offical spokesperson, or the reporter.


    [TAKE VTR] (***RPT***)

    giulio decaria is now twelve years old ... an energetic boy ... he was diagnosed with autism when he was nearly five.

    and his mom says he could hardly talk ... until she cut wheat protein and dairy out of his diet.

    ((i swear, within a week my son started to speak more))

    it's a food fad of sorts ... spreading amongst parents of autistic children ...

    and feeding the frenzy of late ... actress jenny mccarthy.

    her son evan was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old ... she's promoting her new book about that journey now ...

    and talking about keeping dairy ... and gluten ... found in wheat and other grains off his plate.


    it's anectodal evidence ... not backed up by any credible scientific evidence.

    but some experts were on parliament hill ... saying autism is a public health crisis ... and it's time for more research into the link.

    ((i think we are looking at is a transition from behaviour disorder and brain disorder to a whole body condition))

    and that means investing money to study whether in some children ... what happens in the gastro-intestinal system has an impact on behaviour.

    dr. derek mcfabe's research is a step in that direction ... it's basic studies on rats ... but he suggests it is giving a hint that some food may be indirectly linked to autism.

    ((it found a plausible link between digestive sytem, and the capacity of a compound to affect the brain))

    autism canada says an increasing number of children are diagnosed with autism ... and so ... studying diet and the disease ... is crucial.

    ((wonderful to see that scientists are following up on what parents are seeing firsthand))

    ((others worry parents desperate to help their children might place too much hope on an unproven theory.

    but ... the experts who gathered in ottawa ... say their goal is to provide more information to parents so they can decide whether switching their diet is worthwhile.

    genevieve beauchemin ctv news montreal.))

  8. WHERE is the recipe for that angel food cake!??? :rolleyes:

    Well in this town (Central California), they just mercifully CLOSED our Krispy Kreme.....I think that's a good thing, for me anyway.....if I had to SMELL it all the time, I would die... :( I feel for ya!

    Susie, check out http://foodphilosopher.com/assets/docs/dbf...endly.cfm?ID=45

    here's the link for the flour blend: http://foodphilosopher.com/assets/docs/dbf...endly.cfm?ID=28

    I've made this 3 times. The first time I didn't sift the flour and it was a bit heavier, but didn't fall out of the tube pan when it was upside down cooling. The second and third time, I didn't "sift" but put the flour through a fine mesh colander/strainer. Both times the cake was great, but fell out of the pan during cooling. The third time I was smart and put it to cool over a clean cookie sheet so when it fell it wouldn't fall far and we'd still be able to eat it. The third time I took it to a giant barbecue/birthday party and everyone who tried it said it was really good, and a couple of gluten eaters asked for the recipe. We served it with strawberries and whipped cream. All three times I used the brown rice flour blend, because that's what the cookbook calls for. The website suggested a Hagman bean blend.

  9. Maple Salmon

    1/4 cup maple syrup

    2 tbsp soy sauce (I use VH "Lite")

    freshly ground black pepper (to taste)

    minced garlic (I use about a tsp)

    Marinate salmon for 30 minutes, bake at 400F for 20 minutes.

    We serve with broccoli and either rice or Fettuccine Alfredo.

    Alfredo sauce

    3 tbsp butter

    1 cup heavy cream

    pinch of freshly ground nutmeg

    freshly ground pepper

    1/2 cup (or more) freshly grated Parmigiano-reggiano cheese

    Put the butter and cream in a skillet over medium high heat and boil,

    stirring often until the cream has reduced by about half. Add the nutmeg and pepper (may add salt to taste). Set aside.

    Drain pasta and toss with sauce. Add the freshly grated

    parmesan cheese and toss the pasta until well coated.

  10. So I should let them work it out between themselves unless they become disrespectful or abusive towards eachother - then I can punish them with something that will get their mean energy out of them (like scrubbing the bathroom). I like that. I think that can appeal to both me and my husband. :)

    Thanks for the assurance that my kids aren't just cantancerous little you-know-whats. I feel much better about that, too. :D

    You mean there's a time when they're not disrespectful to each other? :blink:

    Try keeping them bound and gagged. It works for me. :P

    Actually, I end up sending them each to their room so I can get some peace and quiet and usually they are shoving and kicking each other all the way there. They are 2 years & 3 days apart. They can get along great for minutes at a time and then some completely intangible thing happens and they're at each others throats. Once I said I'd lock them both in the same room and which ever one came out alive was the one we'd keep. Ty said he'd be sure to wear shoes that day. Better for both kicking and protecting his feet from getting stepped on or other assorted weaponry.

  11. Ty doesn't have a bento box, but so far this year he's taken a beef/veg stir fry everyday in his thermos. I marinate the beef and then stir fry it up with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and stir fry the rice in as well. Add a bit of VH "lite" soy sauce and that's it. I make a giant batch and then freeze it in sandwich size zip bags. One zip bag is good for 2 or 3 lunches. Today I have to make more and he asked for chicken this time. I use part sesame oil if I'm making a chicken stirfry. I wondered if the stirfry would be yucky after sitting for 3 1/2 hours in a thermos, but he's eaten it cold before and says it's fine. He also takes a SunRype Fruit-to-Go or pudding or something as well. He usually gets a juice box for lunch because there's no fridge and I won't send milk w/o a fridge to put it in.


    I got this from a Chinese cooking class I took a long time ago before I had kids. I love it, my husband loves it...and the KIDS love it, too. It tastes just like restaurant Beef & Broccoli.

    Beef & Broccoli

    Tips: Use chicken stock instead of beef stock - it has more flavour.

    If you stirfry the vegetables first, you don't have to clean and reheat the wok for the meat, but you do if you cook the meat first.

    Make sure the cornstarch mix boils, so you know it's cooked. Make a "hole" in the beef and broccoli to boil the cornstarch and then mix it all up.

    Keep your wok on HIGH heat all the time! If the wok is too hot add a bit of water to cool it down. Use more oil with the meat than with the veg or it will stick.


    1/2 lb thinly sliced steak

    1 1/2 lbs broccoli

    1 small onion, sliced

    1/2 cup chicken stock


    2 tsp cornstarch

    1 tbsp soy sauce

    2 tbsp oyster sauce

    1 tbsp oil

    1/2 tsp sugar

    1/4 tsp baking soda

    1/2 tsp salt

    6 slices ginger

    1 garlic clove, minced

    To thicken later on

    1 tbsp cornstarch mixed with 2 tbsp water


    Slice beef into thin slices against the grain and marinate. Set aside.

    Cut broccoli into 2 inch lengths. Blanch the broccoli. To blanch, bring water to a boil - once the water is boiling add broccoli for 2 minutes, then remove and rinse well with cold water. Drain and dry.

    Heat wok with 2 tbsp oil. Add broccoli and onion...stir fry for a few seconds. Add the soup stock and bring to a boil. Remove from wok and set aside.

    Heat wok. Add 3 tbsp oil. Stir fry beef slices on high heat for 2 - 3 minutes. Add broccoli to beef and thicken with the cornstarch/water mixture. Stir to combine all ingredients and serve.

  12. Our class instructor has listened to me turn down Tootsie Rolls and other goodies that have been passed around, and a couple of days ago answered a question for me, when somebody said: Oh, you can't have Tootsie Roll, huh? (I LOVE Tootsie rolls, but they are a big NO NO) The instructor said: NO, she can't - I read about Celiac online, and did not realize how serious it is.

    I felt so good hearing that somebody had bothered finding out about something that interfers with my ability to go out for lunch with my class mates. So there are a lot of people who are willing to learn and accept us and our restricted diet. :D

    Brief hijack...

    Which of your products is gluten free?

    At this time, all of our confections are gluten free. We do not use wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, spelt or any of their components and that includes our dusting on our conveyor belts. We do use corn and soy products in the manufacturing of our products.

    That's from http://www.tootsie.com/faq.html

    Meanwhile, shimo, sorry to hear about your insensitive ex-girlfriend. I'm sure that when you meet the right girl, you'll know because she will be understanding, willing to learn about celiac and careful about your diet.

  13. I do know that the protein in oats is very similar to gluten, but that oats don't actually contain gluten. I know that commercial brands like Quaker are not recommended because they are grown/transported/processed with gluten containing grains. I know that some celiacs have no problem consuming small quantities of certifed gluten-free oats and that others can't tolerate gluten-free oats.

    My son's GI doctor and dietician both agreed that since he's been on the diet for two years that if he chooses he can have the certified gluten-free oats in moderation - 1/4 cup a day 3 or 4 times a week. I am using certifed gluten-free oats and oat flour from Cream Hill Estates.

    http://www.Lame Advertisement.com/en_about.php There's the link to the website.

    About Us

    Cream Hill Estates is a Montreal-based company that produces and distributes pure rolled oats, oat flour and whole oat kernels (groats). We offer a purity guarantee on the products we sell and they are kosher.

    Our goal is to help people with celiac disease (celiac disease) and wheat sensitivities by providing guaranteed pure oats that are free from contamination with wheat, barley, rye and other grains.

    Both our products and our manufacturing process are unique in the North American market. We are involved in the entire production from planting through to distribution.

    We define the standards for growing and manufacturing our oats, meeting or exceeding the Canadian Celiac Association's purity definitions and guidelines.

    We contract directly with seed growers to grow our oats, especially with those who themselves have celiac disease or have a relative with it. We feel they understand the importance of meeting our standards.

    We monitor the quality of our processes and oat products.

    We wholesale and retail our oat products.

    Our Community Pledge

    Cream Hill Estates is dedicated to helping those with celiac disease through:


    A portion of our sales is donated to celiac disease research.

    Product development

    We share our knowledge with organizations and groups that are looking for new food products for people with celiac disease and wheat sensitivities.


    Our Resources section features some of the latest advancements in celiac disease with a focus on the best dietary management.

    Oats and Celiac Disease

    Researchers have been studying the safety of oats for people with celiac disease for over 20 years.

    We now know that the majority of people with celiac disease can safely eat oats