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  1. My almost 6 year old son was just diagnosed via bloodwork and endoscopy just a couple of weeks ago. The Pediatric GI Surgeon said you need 3 things to have Celiac Disease.

    1) exposure to gluten, so an infant consuming ONLY breast milk is not exposed (his words). Once the child starts eating solids, s/he is exposed to gluten.

    2) the gene for Celiac disease

    3) a triggering event.

    The doctor said the triggering event could be pretty much anything.

    My son at 5.5 years old weighs 34 lbs (below 10% on the growth chart) but is around 25% for height. He presented none of the "classic" symptoms, he was tested because of low weight and anemia.

    Now the gluten-free adventure begins!

  2. Hi,

    I've been letting my newly diagnosed son have (Canada) Safeway brand rice chips (cheese flavoured) and then last night I woke up in a panic and ran downstairs to check the ingredients.

    They have things that don't seem to be suspicious except artificial flavour. Safeway's gluten-free list had rice cakes, but not rice chips as gluten-free and I didn't compare the labels when I was at the store.

    I am freaking out about inadvertently contaminating him, because he has no overt symptoms. He had anemia and is a bit underweight and that's how we finally found out.

    Also, I've been reading cross contamination threads here, about getting separate utensils, cutting boards, etc. but the lady at the Celiac Association here (who has celiac disease) says just to wash things well.

    I don't know what to do. I will go away now and quietly resume panicking.

  3. Not a teenager ( :o since too long to mention) and my son Ty who was just diagnosed with celiac disease won't be a teenager for almost 7 years!

    I'm just posting to say there are young celiac disease kids out there, we don't know any of them though ;)

    Linda, mom to Ty my 5.5 year old Celiac kid.

  4. Canadian Karen,

    I'm in Calgary, we don't have Loblaw's superstores here, but we have "the real Canadian Superstore" that has sort of mixed in the baking aisle some gluten-free mixes, but I didn't see anything in the frozen section. Then again, I had two kids with me, it was a Saturday afternoon, and I was getting a teeny bit frustrated at all the other label reading and people huffing because I was stopped in a particular section for a lengthy amount of time reading labels. On the bright side, I did find some gluten-free corn pop type and gluten-free corn flake type cereals.

    I did find potato starch and the experiment with the buns will take place Tuesday.

    If it turns into a disaster, I did find a "Celimix" for hamburger buns at Co-op, but it was $4.99 and only makes 4 buns :blink: !

    So, who thinks what is more economical: baking from scratch, mix or mail order?

    (Canadian) Linda

  5. Potator starch and potato flour are cp,pletely different. One cannot be subsituted for the other. However, potato starch and potato starch flour are the same.



    Well, I am glad they make everything so easy for us :P .

    I will not feed him gluten reduced at all, it must be gluten-free. The Kinnikinnick HQ is a mere 3 hour drive away, but I don't think they can ship in time for Wednesday. I don't think Chebe is available in Canada, but I hear people raving about it all the time, I wish we could get it.

    I will try to make the buns and see what sort of disaster I end up with. Maybe we can shape the hamburger like a hot dog...they had Kinnikinnick hot dog buns at the Safeway.


  6. Hi All,

    I'm new here. My 5.5 year old son was just confirmed as Celiac a couple of days ago (positive bloodwork and biopsy).

    I've been browsing gluten-free cookbooks from the library, but I'm confused. What's the difference between potato flour and potato starch? Or tapioca flour and tapioca starch.

    I can SEE the difference between corn flour and starch, but I'm wondering if the others are interchangeable?

    I have to try to make hamburger buns for an upcoming barbecue. The only ones I've found in store so far were labelled as "gluten-reduced".