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  1. 90% of the time we have at least seven days notice, so I find out what they're serving and send one along. A week is usually plenty of time to bake something. It's almost always a cupcake and pizza.

    At one party, they were having a chocolate fountain, so I checked on the chocolate and provided cookies and pretzels for dipping - all the kids had the gluten-free cookies and pretzels, the mom hosting the party provided fruit for dipping. They had Angel food cake for the other guests and instead of dipping the cake (which would render the fountain unusable for my son), they used a ladle to drizzle chocolate over the cake.

    Another time when I spoke to the mom she said since it was in between meals I should provide a cupcake and then she went over all the snacks and juices they were having and everything was fine. (My son has celiac, but has no problems with dairy, soy or other allergens.)

  2. Gee, now I feel inadequate because I didn't decorate my kid's rooms.

    When my older son was born, we put up a wallpaper border (Royal Dalton Bunnykins or something like that) that was gender neutral. We didn't find out the baby's gender either time. I bought a gender neutral bedding set with animals on it: lions, giraffes, etc., and we got some hand-me-downs from my sisters-in-law. When we had my younger son we had moved to a different city, he got the hand-me-down crib and bedding from his older brother and no wallpaper border. He didn't spend much time there unless he was sleeping. Now his room has two royal blue walls (a PITA to paint) and two turquoise walls (looks like a million bucks), numerous pictures, posters, etc.

    For each grandchild my MIL made a cross stitch picture for the wall, and had an artist friend make a pastel drawing of the childs initial with an animal. Walker has a purple W with two giraffes looped around it, and Ty has a T (as well as the name Tyler...he's the only kid with his full name in the picture) with a tiger growling around it.

  3. Sort of off topic, but related to ConAgra. I've been told they clearly label W, R, O, B/M as well.

    I use VH Soy Sauce, made by ConAgra. The first item on the list of ingredients is soy. Underneath the ingredient list in bold it says contains: soy. I figure if a company has an allergen as the first ingredient, and then bolds it in a contains line, then the company is pretty up front about labelling.

  4. I direct the late news for the local CTV affiliate 4 nights a week. It's part time, 25 hours a week. I'm free to goof off during the day, volunteer at school, etc. I'm home for supper M-F and work 8pm - midnight Th/Fri and 4pm - mid Sat/Sun. I mostly boss people around and count backwards. I've been doing that for almost 9 years at this station. I've been in the tv business a long time, though. My husband is a post production editor. He edits commercials, the odd music video, tv special and does a lot of sports opens. He has two Emmy awards: one for the Heisman Trophy presentation show tease in 2000 (for ESPN) and outstanding show open/tease for the 2005 World Figure Skating Championships that took place in Moscow, Russia (for ABC). If anyone in Canada is reading this he cut the Avril Lavigne Exclusive that ran on CBC last month and will run again May 18.

    MommaGoose - re: speaking French, I have high school French and can get by enough to say things like please/thanks, open/close the door/window. where is the beach, where is the bathroom, etc. I can understand more by reading French than listening to it. People talk so quickly, it's hard for me to translate. Je parle fran

  5. I was a bit disappointed with my $4.79 + tax People magazine May 14 issue. <_<

    There was a line about Eliz. Hasselbeck (?) "suffering" from Celiac and Angel JD 1's gluten-free dinner question for Rachael Ray. I'm not sure I'll cough up the money next week. Maybe I'll just see if I can borrow it.

  6. I have been eating hot dogs quite a bit, and I've checked 3 or 4 different labels looking for gluten and not found any gluten.. i think. I have changed to all beef ones after reading the labels....

    Could I just be missing something.. what's the gluten containing ingredent?

    I'm from Canada where we sprinkle wheat on everything. Gotta support the farmers. :P

    All y'all from south of the 49th have LOTS of hot dogs to choose from.

  7. Pot drawers! (Or should I say saucepan drawers. :ph34r: )

    That's really the big thing. My knees don't work well, so I'd like to never have anything on a bottom shelf, but the drawers would eliminate me buggering up the ol' knees to root around for something in the bottom cabinets.

    Easy to access corner cupboards. Yes, I'm living in a dream world. We have three bottom corner cupboards and while I am an expert and feeling around for the slow cooker, wok, whatever, and tilting it just exactly right in order to get it out, I'd rather not have to.

    The other thing is a floor that conceals dirt. So, a mud coloured surface. But pretty mud :rolleyes: . With a dog and two boys and a Mom who hates mopping, a floor to camouflage dirt is essential.

    I'm sure there's more, like a better fridge/stove, but those are the big three. The rest is wishful thinking. One thing I do have that I love is an upright freezer.

  8. Occasionally I buy Healthy Choice pasta sauce but not the soup. I'm not sure I've ever seen Healthy Choice soup. We don't usually get Old Dutch chips, and never buy Amy's.

    With regards to Maple Leaf, we get the Top Dog hot dogs as it's the only gluten-free hot dog I've ever encountered. Ty's asymptomatic, so that doesn't help you, but I'm pretty sure that they contain soy. I wonder if that might be the problem.

  9. I think they are a great idea, but I wish the line "Making Tracks for Celiacs" was different. I realize they are trying to rhyme Tracks with Celiacs, but it drives me batty because then people will refer to it as CeliacS disease. Of course the bracelet means the people are the celiacs, but I'm really anal and freaky about stuff like that :rolleyes: . Just engrave Celiac Disease research or whatever.

  10. What if you are not a highly symptomatic celiac? If people ask further questions I can't in all honesty say that I immediately get really sick if I eat gluten.

    Perhaps after I have been gluten-free long enough I can be more clear.

    My son is asymptomatic, so we relate it to smoking. Just because you can't see a smoker's lungs turning black doesn't mean they aren't.

    We cannot see my son getting sick, but when he ingests gluten, his intestines are getting damaged whether we have any obvious evidence of that or not.