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  1. Okay, I've been gluten-free for almost a month now. I accidentally glutened myself today, and this afternoon was really awful, but I still went to the gym and sat in the sauna afterwards, which I've done twice before. After my friend and I got out of the sauna and showered, I was covered in splotchy red. It looked like a rash, but it wasn't bumpy or itchy. My legs up to mid-thigh, my arms, my chest, the top of my breasts and my face were all red and splotchy. I noticed it pretty well lined up with where I used to be quite tanned, so it might be related to damaged melanin. Certain spots hurt when I touched them, and everything that was red was warm to the touch. I would assume this was a normal reaction to going in a sauna in the middle of winter when it's freezing out, and your body isn't used to going in saunas, but my friend wasn't red or pink or splotchy or anything at all. She was in the sauna, but after a shower, her body returned to normal. Basically, I don't know if this was caused by the heat of the sauna, or from eating gluten today. Have any of you ever experienced this? Is this normal? Should I avoid the sauna? Maybe this is a tan-related thing?
  2. I've only been gluten-free for almost a month now, and the Celiac probably only kicked in 6-12 months before that, so I don't have a lot of experience but... As a child, if my siblings got a fever, I got a fever, chills, vomitting, and it lasted longer. If my boyfriend in highschool got a sore throat, I had a sore throat, runny nose, sneezes, and coughing for twice as long. I missed a lot of school with fevers and vomitting, and I promise it wasn't gluten-related! I had the worst immune system, and everybody knew it. Over Christmas, before I was dx'ed, my husband got the flu, and it took him down for three days (He's usually a high-immune person), so I was terrified. I knew I stood no chance. I was sick for a day. The last two weeks, while I've been gluten-free, every person in my office has gone around taking turns being sick for 3+ days. Like, fever, vomitting, chills, coughing, the whole works of a flu. After the third person called in sick, I spent an afternoon on my couch coughing and unable to breath well. By dinner, I felt better. So, in my very short-lived experience, I've noticed that since the Celiacs kicked in, my immune system has been way way stronger and things everyone else gets don't touch me. However, I've been three times as sick as them for non-contagious reasons...
  3. Well... I feel like this is almost off-topic now, but I'm gonna go back to original topic, if that's okay with everybody here. I'm gluten-free for two weeks today. So super newbie. Thankfully, I have a really chill job where I text my boss at 8am if I'm not feeling good enough to come in. He doesn't care if I'm there or not, my work does not effect anyone else directly. The only thing that changes if I show up or not is how soon a massive (never going to be done) project gets done, and how big my paycheck is. Pre-diagnosis, I hated calling in sick. I hated myself. I had no idea why I felt so bloody awful, and no one around me was ever sick either. I felt guilty and like a wuss. I told myself I was making it all up. For months, I was missing about one day every week or two. The last two months, it got way worse. I missed five days in a row in January. I hated myself. Finally, I got my diagnosis and had an answer. I told my boss what was up, and even though he was really understanding before, he's even more so now. I can go home early if I suddenly don't feel good anymore, he sometimes catches me just blankly staring at my screen, and tells me to go home; he's just really awesome. I miss mornings more often, and when I wander in at 1pm, my co-workers will tease and say, "Good morning!" but they don't care either. Two of them think I only work parttime anyways, and the others either don't notice that I wasn't there, or don't care I'm not. So I guess I'm really lucky, job-wise, because I can just be a wuss and miss time, and not risk anything. Well, maybe a reccomendation when this temp job is over, but I'll deal with that in a few months. I still feel like a bit of a wuss calling in sick or missing work, but I know there's a reason for it, and it will be a slow recovery. I'm actually more worried about May, when this job ends. I'm crossing my fingers that almost three months will be enough recovery to function at a normal job that isn't as chill.
  4. Yeah, I found them. But their pre-screening form only has an option for a zip code, and then just asks for city, so there wasn't an easy way to say I'm Canadian. Which usually means its only open to Americans. And if there was a way for me to do it, it might not even be worth the bother.
  5. Okay. I know this might be a dumb question. I'm okay with that. I know celiac is an auto-immune disorder, so does that mean my immune system will be weaker and I'm more likely to get sick? Because, this morning when I woke up I felt totally fine. And the before lunch, I kept sneezing. And now, at two, I have an uncontrollable cough, I feel like I can't breath and my lungs feel stuffed. I've never gotten this sick this fast before, so is this a celiac thing, or a "everyone's got the flu, it's winter, and its going around" thing? I mean, not like it changes how sick I feel or if I'm contagious, but it does change if I should go to the doctor.
  6. Sad... I can't find anything similar in Canada.
  7. Okay, so what you're saying is that I might not need to bother with the endoscopy?
  8. Thank you! I appreciate the pointers. I feel so overwhelmed. There's so much I need to know, and I need to know it all now. I'll definitely talk to my doctor as soon as I can. I've never had a problem with her, so I'm sure she just thought it unnecessary but I would like to have a conversation about all this.
  9. That's what I thought. I'll see if I can make an appointment just to understand my results. I've been getting stomach pains for several months, ranging from stabbing to shooting, but only late at night or in the middle of the night. I went to two different doctors about those, who just shrugged them off and sent me home. I've also had intermittant nausau, vomitting, diarhea and constipation, but I passed them off because milk products usually don't sit with me (As in, I assume I'm lactose inolerant, I've just never been tested for it). The concern was this light-headedness, and dizziness. I've felt really weak, as if I couldn't stand up if I tried, or if I am standing, I sometimes collapse. The best way I could describe it was that I felt wobbly, and I sometimes felt really shaky. And my hands and feet fell asleep frequently, in positions that they shouldn't have. I figured that was all chalked up to low blood sugar or low blood pressure, but it all persisted even when I consumed enough sugar to offset it, and I got my blood pressure checked several times. I've also felt like my brain is swimming through fog, which I just completely ignored, but I've since read that can be a symptom.
  10. adelajoy


    I'm in Saskatchewan! Brand new to this whole Celiac thing though, so I haven't tried any of those products.
  11. Hey all. I guess I got diagnosed with Celiac disease on Friday. I've been unwell for several months, and I went in for some blood tests, but my doctor didn't tell me what all she was testing me for, and then she called on Friday to say that everything came back normal except that it "clearly shows have Celiac disease". She didn't give me anymore information than that, like any test numbers, or even what tests were performed. She did tell me to start a gluten-free diet immediatly and she referred me to a dietitian. Now, I talked to a Celiac friend of mine who said his friend got a positive test, but the endoscopy or biopsy or something came back negative. But I read that I need to keep eating gluten for that test, and my doctor told me to cut it out, and didn't mention it. So basically, I'm thinking my doctor was 100% sure it is Celiac, and that's just really scary at this point to me. Is there any chance it's not, or is there any way for me to guarentee it at this point? Or do I just accept it as 100% and move on?