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  1. Dark Hi Cacao (Sugar Methadone) Chocolate is no longer tolerable for me
  2. It's my feeling that after eating at a spot that some Restaurants will say their food is Gluten Free even when it is not, just to appeal to more people. The other day I had a 'gluten-free' poutine, that started causing me pain shortly...
  3. Somebody here once said something like, "the food's I was addicted to and binged on are now the foods that I can't tolerate and cause me problems." I would like to second that. I can't even eat dark chocolate anymore.
  4. Hello Everybody, Newbie to the community here. I ate some poutine last night that was apparently gluten free, but my stomach just feels all inflamed and hurting down there. Particularly in my lower left side. I've said over and...