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  1. Thank you everyone. He was awesome. I was so impressed. Now it's just the fun of waiting around, lol.
  2. I went in this morning for my colonscopy. While there, he asked about my symptoms and we decided to go ahead and do the endoscopy. He got about 6-8 samples and said I should have results within 2 weeks. I was so pleased. I didn't have to fight for it or anything. So, I can now go gluten free with confidence. I feel overwhelmed by it but glad to be getting stuff done. They also removed 5 polyps and said they'll also let me know within two weeks what the report says about them. I've gotten them since 9, so most likely, another colonscopy next year. Oh yeah. But home now, tired as can be and so happy to have food. I'll keep you updated.
  3. So, tomorrow is my "Go Gluten-Free" day. I have read and read for a few weeks on all the steps I need to take to avoid CC. However, one thing is a huge issue: my cookware. I do not have the funds to afford replacement. I just don't, not right now. The toaster will be easy for a while since I won't be using it since I'm not eating any of the marketed gluten-free products for a while. But replacing my cookware is not a possibility right now. Is there a way around this? Cleaning the stuff really well or whatnot? This is just so overwhelming.
  4. MissyShelle

    How Do You Afford It?

    Thank you! I'm thinking I'm actually good to go for the most part. No cast iron or teflon. I'll get rid of my wooden spoons. I do have glass measuring bowls/cups. I have two blenders. One I have used just for my smoothies: nothing gluten there. I'll just replace as I can. And quite a bit of my bakeware is glass, thank goodness. Thank you, everyone.
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    How Do You Afford It?

    Thank you! That is a bit more reassuring. When I first mentioned it to my daughter, she was like "Uh, that's going to be expensive. Can't we just clean it really well?" I am also hoping to not get withdrawals! I am in the final weeks of classes at school and so do not want to get sick on top of it. Guess time will tell. And the way I figure it, I've already been feeling bad for this long, what's a bit longer?
  6. That's a good idea, thank you. I'll do it that way as well. I will ask my dr. about it Monday when she calls to see if I should be doing anything else. But I think I'll just stick to the smallest amount I can until the endoscopy, if they do it after I get my blood results.
  7. As I stated in a previous post, I had my blood work done Wednesday this past week. I discussed with the doctor about going ahead and going gluten free. She was supportive of it, regardless of my results due to my symptoms. But I also told her I am worried about doing it in case they do an endoscopy at the same time as my colonscopy and that being gluten-free can skew the results. But then I realized that some say on the forums that the endoscopy is to see if damage has been done due to gluten. So if I have been heavy gluten and go off it and only off for like 2-3 weeks, would that skew my endoscopy, if they do one? I'm miserable and just want relief. My rash is back (never fully went away) and even this morning, I had some whole wheat bread, touched my face and now my face and neck are itching. And, as is typical from what I have read, the rashes tend to show up in the same spots. For me, that is true. And let's not discuss the bloating, gas, D and overall feeling of Blah! I don't know if my logic is off or not. I guess I just figure, if the Celiac panel comes back positive, I go gluten free, have the endoscopy, would being gluten free for a week or two make that much of a difference in biopsies? Thank you all.
  8. I agree with this completely! I went through this years ago when I had a hysterectomy at 24. I had just quit nursing 2 weeks before it and my hormones were already nuts. I went to dr complaining on hot flashes, dryness, etc. He wanted to put me on depression meds. I told him no, found a new dr and had testing done that proved I was in menopause! My dr now is amazing. In the 2 years I have seen her, she has NEVER pushed meds on me, preferring testing and alternative approaches. I'm sorry you are going through this, but I agree, it's time for a new doctor.
  9. I so know what you mean. The mouth sores bothered me, too, but luckily, aren't contagious. If I get the blister on my lips, they go away fast and I'm sure no one notices. At, least no one has said anything.
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    I'm the same way. If I have my coffee black (my preference), no issues at all. But my daughter brought home a flavored creamer (non-dairy, she has severe milk allergies), I felt horrible! So I just stick with what i like and what doesn't make me sick.
  11. Smylinacha, For me, the rash is my scalp (so uncomfortable, so started a new shampoo, not helping!), little on face, neck, chest, back and arms. Exact same places every single time. That was one thing that also made my doctor take notice. I have a man I've been dating but since we've started, I've had these symptoms so bad. I joke with him that when I am off gluten and dont' have my budda belly and itchy rash, he may not recognize me. HA! Luckily, he's cool and still thinks I'm pretty but seriously, between the bloating, rash and dark, dark circles under my eyes, I don't feel at my prime. I mean, I'm not wanting to do the gluten-free for vanity, but feeling bad and then looking bad doesn't help at all.
  12. It was, thank you. I know, in the past, once I see my G.I. doc, I'm usually scheduled for the colonscopy within a week due to my history, so I don't think 2 weeks gluten free will mess up anything if they do the endoscopy. I'm going to start Monday and see how I feel from that point on. thank you.
  13. Sorry, I'm in MO. I lucked out finding her.
  14. I finally saw my doctor today. She was amazing. I told her my symptoms and she was right on top of it and actually suggested the Celiac Panel (or whatever it is called ha!) before I mentioned it. Also, with my history, I'm seeing the GI doctor on the 2nd of April. A fecal occult test came up positive, which isn't surprising since I have had colon polyps since 9. She also ran a complete blood panel and a test to check for any deficiencies. I should have the results by next week. So I feel good knowing we are on the right track. I should have answers soon. I just want to feel better!
  15. Thank you! Her and I did talk at length and decided that with my G.I. background being so worrisome, even if the tests come back negative, it wouldn't hurt me to go gluten free. So I'm going to consider it regardless. However, I know myself very well and without a positive dx, it'll be easier to cheat. Sigh, I always admire those with willpower.
  16. Thank you. It really puts my mind at ease to have a doctor so willing to listen and to order testing and be so proactive. I adore her. She is also going to work with my G.I. to take the necessary steps to get my insurance to cover a specific genetic test to check for markers re: my history of precancerous polyps since I was a child. So yeah, lots of upcoming tests and procedures, but I'm ready to feel better. Also, once I get the results Monday, I'm going either gluten-free or gluten-lite depending on if they recommend a biopsy. At least I know I'll be having a colonoscopy, so adding in the endo. won't be a chore, ha.
  17. The thing is, the doctor said her overall blood work looked good, it was just her hemoglobin that was so low. So we are heading to hospital tomorrow for more tests and possible transfusion. Man, it's been a long 2 weeks in my household.
  18. Well, got insurance settled and I head to the doctor first thing Monday morning. However, today has been a rollercoaster. My oldest twin wakes up screaming that her legs hurt. Head to doctor. They do a routine blood panel (but N.P. throws in a few extra tests on a hunch) and we just suspect maybe a low potassium level. Get an urgent call 2 hours later that her hemoglobin is at a 7. So now waiting on the Children's Hospital to call to see if we are being admitted for testing/blood transfusion or just making an appointment. Her other blood work panels didn't show anemia, so we have to figure out what this is from. Then the doctor asks me "Aren't you being tested for Celiac?" I tell her yes and she said to definitely mention that to the drs when we go to the specialist because that's an important consideration in how they proceed. So, I sit and wait on a phone call, my daughter is in pain and exhausted. I figure with a hemoglobin of 7, we'd already be at the hospital but I guess there are procedures. UGH! But isn't a low hemoglobin tied to Celiacs?
  19. I have been reading through these forums as if I was studying for a final and one thing jumps out at me: How many posters state that they have to convince their doctors to test them. Why is this? If we go in with the money to pay for it or insurance, why not do the test to put us at ease or possibly (as was the case for many) finally provide a definite diagnosis so that we can start finding ways to get better? In some ways, I guess I have been lucky. I started getting pre-cancerous colon polyps at age 9. So if I call my GI, he schedules a Colonoscopy immediately. I also had been seeing a great Nurse Practitioner who, when I went in with my symptoms of extreme exhaustion, did a full panel on me (not for celiacs) and found out I was low on Vitamin D and B. She started me on B-12 shots immediately. I guess I'm trying to stay optimistic that when I go in this time, she'll be open to testing for Celiacs and that my GI, if necessary, will be open to doing the biopsy. I guess it just angers me how hard it seems that we have to fight sometimes to get tests done and find out what's wrong with us or how often we are dismissed only to find out later we were right all along. Maybe I'm being too negative about it since I feel so horribly, but it still doesn't seem right that we have to argue to have a simple blood test done.
  20. I agree 1desperateladysaved. Even years ago when my G.I. brought it up, it never occurred to me since I attributed my symptoms to polyps and the symptoms I am having now were not present. So I went about my life and just figured, as a woman, bloating and other symptoms were part of it and just be careful what I ate. I was hanging out with girlfriends the other night. One of them is a diagnosed Celiac. She took one look at me (pale, exhausted, rash) and said "Get tested. You look just like me" I let her know that we were just waiting for the insurance because one doctor already said it's something I should consider. She also told me that until she got sick and tested, she didn't think there was a family history. Once she was Dx'd though, her mom and dad got tested. Her dad is positive but had no real signs that made him think anything was wrong. Another problem with me is that I do not know my father, so my G.I. doctor thinks a lot of my problems may stem from his side but can't test. No one on my Mom's side of the family ever had the problems I have. I hate having an incomplete medical background, but it is what it is. I sometimes wonder if that's also a reason the doctor's aren't too hesitant running tests on me when I do have problems. I also have 16 year old with E.E. and her specialists mentioned testing for Celiac's at some point is she became symptomatic. That's one of the main reasons I do want a diagnosis if I DO have it, so that I can have insurance cover my girls testing. I don't want them to suffer for years if they don't have to. Anyway, I'm rambling now.
  21. Butterflychaser, thank you for the answers. I do agree with what you said. I know when my Mom was sick many years ago, doctor after doctor kept pushing her around to a different doctor with a new set of medications. My sister worked for an amazing OB/GYN, made one call and got my Mom in and we found out she has very advanced cancer. It didn't end there. One year in, the "tests" deemed her in remission so when she started having a "psychotic" break and complaining of intense pain, instead of running more tests and seeing if the advanced cancer had spread, they put her on a 24-hour mental health watch. After coaxing and a little yelling, the doctor ran the scan and found out the cancer had spread to her bones and brain and she was in excruciating pain. She died a few months later. During the time of her "psychotic" break, she was labeled as "drug seeking". Sigh . . . . As I have stated, since I started getting pre-cancerous colon polyps at 9 with most follow-up tests showing more polyps, I'm lucky to have a G.I. Doctor that takes me seriously and is open to tests. I just hope he's as open to testing for Celiac since I am getting sicker every day. I also have a history of unexplained rashes, vitamin deficiencies and gastrointestinal issues. I've opted to not go gluten-free until the tests are run but even after only eating very little yesterday, I'm blessed with my preggo belly, pain and itching today. How can they attribute that to mental health issues? Sigh . . . maybe I should forego social work and go into medicine, ha. After reading on this board, though, I can see why more people are self-diagnosing or using home tests.
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    Gluten And Vertigo

    I get dizzy too, really bad. I'm glad to find out if may be connected to Gluten since the doctor's had no idea why I had it. I'm waiting on blood tests. Once I'm done with testing, I'm looking forward to going gluten free to see if it helps with all of my symptoms.
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    New Here

    Well, the rash was even worse yesterday so I went in to be seen. They gave me some anti-histamines and a shot to relieve symptoms. It's helped a little, mainly I just slept for 14 hours, ha! I did have a bit of gluten at breakfast this morning and already feel more itchy as well as nauseous and bloated. So I think that I'll be gluten-free the rest of the day. Also about the nightshades. I forgot but when I was little, anytime I ate potatoes or tomatoes, I would break out in hives and get really sick. So I am taking those foods off my list as well. The doctor I saw yesterday about the rash was very agreeable about me doing further checking into food allergies or Celiac, especially with my colon issues I already have. So that's a good start. Again, ty for all of the advice.
  24. Hi. I am 36 and new to all of this. I am awaiting an appointment with a doctor to discuss possible Gluten Intolerance or Celiacs disease. I have all the symptoms: rash, bloating, pain, low on Vit. D and B12, diarrhea/constipation, indigestion, tingling in fingers, cravings, etc. I also have a history (since I was 9 years old) of colon polyps. This past week has been the worst with stomach pain, bloating and the rash. I'm so tired of being itchy. I've gotten itchy before but this time is the worst. My neck, scalp, behind my knees, arms, and stomach are covered in the rash. Anyway, hoping to find answers soon. I want to feel normal again.
  25. MissyShelle

    What Ails Me?

    I'm right there with you and also in the process of getting answers. One thing that will (sadly) help me get testing done without a fight is my long history of colon problems. MY GI specialist even asked a few years back if I had specific symptoms related to Celiac. At that time, I was not. I also take vitamins but made sure to check that they were gluten free. Luckily, they were so as far as I can tell, except for a small amount of nausea,no reactions. I hope you get some answers soon!