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  1. I know that a lot of you have had your gallbladders removed so I need some advice.

    I had my gallbladder out last friday and I still feel lousy. My belly is very bloated, I look pregnant and I have a lump next to my belly button that hurts. My family is telling me it's not normal and there is something wrong but the doc said I would need about 2 weeks to feel better. I have to see him next week for my follow up but I don't know if I should get in sooner.

  2. I have been reading about how bad cat and dog food is. They add all kinds of stuff that they shouldn't be eating and it causes the pets to have more illnesses. Dogs aren't supposed to have grains especially corn and gluten. I am looking for gluten free foods for them that I can afford. I try to make the dog a dish with our leftovers. Whatever my 4 boys leave on there plates is usually enough for a meal for the dog. My cats are a little more picky so I'm still working on them.

    I can see how some of the treats I buy can cause cross contam. The soft treats are more sticky. I usually do wash my hands after I handle them. My skin has been breaking out recently and that is the only thing I can think of that might be doing it. I seem to be very sensitive. I will not blame the dairy queen butterfinger blizzard I had recently because I just like it way too much.

  3. The lactose intolerance was diagnosed by a gastro who ran a ton of tests on him. His allergist diagnoses his allergies. He is technically not allergic to dairy but used to be when he was younger. You can be intolerant to dairy anyway and that is why I would remove it entirely for now. I talk to an allergy group who I get a lot of my food advice from. I have nursed children who couldn't have dairy, eggs and other things so I know how to replace all that. Plus I can't have dairy either. All my children have had a dairy allergy and we had to replace that in there diets for the first couple of years. It's not too bad and we are all used to special diets. When I was talking to my son about how we should change his diet a little he said he has no problem not having dairy but he really doesn't want to stop eating potatoe. He tested very positive on a skin test and the blood tests to that. We just don't see an imediate reaction and that's why the allergist said to just eat it. The gastro Dr. said we should eliminate it in case he is getting a delayed reaction to it that causes his pain.

  4. [quote

    What does the doctor care whether she is sure or not, so long as your child is healthy? I do wonder about the belly aches and reflux, though--that is a gluten symptom, or maybe a symptom of something else going on, and all prevacid does is mask the symptom--it doesn't address the cause.

    Could there be another food intolerance, like dairy or soy? Or something like a hiatal hernia? Or could he be getting glutened without your knowing it? Maybe at school? Or something silly, like licking envelopes?

  5. My 11 year old has been gluten free and feeling pretty good for a while now. He is growing really well. He used to be in the 10th percentile for height and now has caught up to the 50th. He was scoped about 3 years ago and had a lot of damage to his belly and esophagus. His genetic tests and bloodwork all came back positive. The only thing we weren't sure about was if his villia was damaged. Anyway, he has been getting some belly aches and some reflux so I took him back to another gastro. I really liked this Dr. and she is treating him with prevacid for now. But this is the second gastro that insist we need to put him on gluten and do more tests. I really don't feel comfortable with that. I told the Dr. that he gets very sick if he makes a mistake. There is no way he would survive eating gluten for 3 or 4 months. She said that eventually we need to know if he is celiac for sure or if it's just an intolerance in case he wants to cheat later in life. But it doesn't make sense to me. He could be intolerant this year and become celiac next year. He shouldn't be eating gluten anyway right. It makes him sick. Now that my son is getting older he was very excited that the Dr. said he can eat gluten again. He wants to do this even though he knows it makes him sick. What should I do? My 8 year old is always questioning if he can eat gluten also. I considered putting them both on gluten and testing them both at the same time. Our house is gluten free.

    Has anyone tried going back on gluten for more testing? it just dosn't feel right to me. He has always been so sick and anemic and now he looks and feels so much better. I would be afraid to go backwards but I want him to feel comfortable with his diagnoses also.

  6. There is no reason why your baby would need gluten. Gluten is bad for everyone even if you don't have celiac. I have been reading so much about it and how we really aren't meant to eat it. My 17 month old has never had gluten and I don't plan on giving it to him. He is actually my healthiest child. The ped agrees that there is no reason for him to have gluten. All my boys are gluten free and feel so much better. My 8 year old had all the same symptoms as your baby. He had the worst sinus infections and chest congestion and all the belly bugs too. They put him on so many steroids and removed his adenoids. They were starting to think he had cystic fibrosis because he had all that congestion. I put him on the diet after my older son was diagnosed and all his illnesses went away. He is doing so good and hasn't had any more sinus infections. It won't hurt to eliminate gluten. I know my family responded great to the diet. My sister is on the diet and she takes her son to a holistic Dr. He put my nephew on the diet without doing any tests for celiac. He feels it's very unhealthy to be eating it anyway. You can always wait until your daughter is older and can make the choice to go back on gluten and possibly get testing done then.

  7. My 8 year old has been on a gluten free diet for about 3 years now. I know he feels better on the diet and he definitly reacts when he slips up. The only testing we did for him before was the antigen test and it came back way positive. He recently had the genetic test done through a genetisist and it came back negative. I'm still going to keep him off of gluten because I do feel he has a gluten intolerance. I was wondering if anyone else has celiac with a negative gene test. My older son tested positive to the gene.

  8. I totally got glutened this past week. I bought a bag of these new dark chocolate peanut butter patties in a bag. I have been eating them every day because I am addicted. I thought I read the ingredients well but the writting was so small and I missed the wheat flour hiding on the list. It didn't have the new labeling warning on the bag. I was suprised because Hersheys is usually good with that. I always trust them. I have been suffering all week and couldn't figure out why. I was up all night last night itching like crazy. My ears were itching so bad I felt like it was in my brain. My skin has the blisters everywhere so bad. I'm just so annoyed that I missed the wheat in the ingredients and that Hersheys didn't lable it in bold or on the bottom. And that they were sooo good.

  9. I am still looking for a good GI for my son in northern Nj. He is having such bad belly pains that it affects his socal life so much. I don't like the group in Morristown because I can never get in with a Dr. that I want. I didn't like the last Dr. we saw there. He wanted him to go back on gluten to take his own tests. I made an appointment with Dr. Jeshion several months ago for July. They just called and had to cancel and now I have to see another Dr. from the group in August. My son needs to see someone now and I'm tired of waiting months to get in. Does anyone use the feeding clinic out of St. Joes?