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  1. One year check-up today. The results are...normal bloodwork and significant healing in the intestines and esophagus! Something new too...villi was present! I'll get the biopsy report in 2 weeks but this girls kicking celiac butt!

    If you're new to celiac or struggling you WILL get better. I'm not looking for 100% but a year makes a huge difference. I still have bad days, trials, and tribulations but that goes with autoimmune disease. Everyone remember we can control this.

  2. Did you check your hand soaps and lotions to make sure they're gluten free? What was the last result of your blood tests? Have your antibodies gone down? It could be another intolerance. I know that I'm also lactose intolerant but I can manage small amounts of dairy, but if I have too much I get an upset stomach and the big D. So you might eat a large amount of something your intolerant to on a certain day to give you that reaction. Just a thought.

  3. Is Benadryl! My body gave me hives for Christmas. Just a reminder folks, be extra careful visiting friends and family. I thought I was super careful and bam! What are some holiday entertaining secrets beside the usual call the host, bring your own and eat before you go? I'm going to add Benadryl as one of my "always take it with you" items. This girl learned the hard way. Folks, take it with you always!

  4. Pancreatic trouble, I hope not. Clay color stools are indicative of pancreatic trouble. Believe me you do not want pancreatitis. It's the most horrible thing in the world. If you have pain in the upper back towards the right side that you eventually feel in your upper right quadrant you'll need to go to ER. I describe it as someone taking a power drill into your stomach. Taking amylase and lipase digestive aids will help.

  5. The biggest surprise I received going gluten free was after two weeks on the diet. The joint pains I had in my hips, knees and ankles completely disappeared! I have not had any trouble with joint pain since even when it rains. So, to answer your question, yes. I'd do low impact exercise until you feel better.

  6. Have you sat down with your parents and asked them how they feel about your disease? The reason I ask this because they may be in denial. They may not want to realize that something is wrong with their daughter, especially when there are genetic links. They may feel guilty because they feel responsible for you being sick. I know it's silly but I've seen many parents do this with children of autism and diabetes.