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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. my mom called the school i go to and they said they would keppsome meet out for me from our sub line and i could eat the other gluten-free foods their it works out pretty well
  3. i was elevan and i dont have celiac disease but i am very senitive to gluten, barly, and malt Asia
  4. hello i am asia and i am pretty new to being gluten-free i notice it on july 31 2005 my little bothers bday at vally fair i hated it for a while then i became used to it. bye Asia
  5. Asia I'm a female my mom is to and her user name is christicrete
  6. Asia I am from Moorhead MN it's near fargo ND if you dont know where Moorhead is
  7. Hi i am Asia and i am gluten free and 2 two years ago i was milk free and christi crete is a good person to ask about gluten-free foods!
  8. Hi, Asia here igot my test results back and they said i don't have celiac disease but there still is a chance that i do . And thats bad but i am glad i came up negitive. Got to go. Bye
  9. I have not eaten gluten for only 2-3 weeks but have had a few accidents. Some how now when I have an accident it hurts so much more
  10. I am 11 and very new to this whole thing. Don't know if I have celiac disease, just had a blood test and it takes 2 weeks to come back. My mom tested negative but can't eat anything with gluten in it. I feel the same way she does when I eat it. So I will probably never eat it again even if the test is negative. It is nice to know there are other kids like me. . Most kids dont understand. It is hard when someone offers me something I can't eat but want to Asia
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