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  1. If you can get it Mountain High Yougurt is great! It states gluten-free on the label, is lower in sugar than other brands, and has the good bacteria your body needs. I use the plain one and mix fruit in during the summer. In the winter I get the flavored varieties. Hez
  2. You have happened on a bone of contention for many celiacs I am of the opinion that the distillation process does not allow the gluten particles to pass through. I eat distilled vinegars and alcohol with out any problems. Unfortunately, I am extremely sensitive so I would know if something had...
  3. The local Chili's here fries the chips in a non-dedicated fryer making them unsafe. For awhile, I was told that the salsa was not on the gluten-free menu because it contained vinegar. Hez
  4. I have been there but it was prior to dx. It is like a Denny's or IHOP so I would be careful. Maybe sticking with eggs and bacon? Sorry I could not be of more help. Let us know about your experience! Hez
  5. I use Oretga all the time with no issue. Could you be reacting to something else? Hope you feel better soon. Hez
  6. My Honeysuckle turkey said free of gluten on the front! I decided to go with that one because it was cheaper than Butterball and they actually labeled their product. Hez
  7. I think there are naturally occuring sulfites in wine. The differences is with the organic they do not add any? Is this right? Hez
  8. Some people have problems with wine, but it is not gluten. I think it is the sufites? You might wan't to try an organic wine. They do not contain sulfites. Enjoy! Hez
  9. One of the things I love most about this group is that I come away feelilng normal! Sounds very familar.