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  1. We do foil packets over the fire with beans, cut up hot dogs, and whatever suits your fancy:) We have added green peppers, onions, chesse, pineapple (sounds gross but it is really good), and mustard. Then we "sculpt" our foil packets (this year Hershey kiss) and place on the grate over the fire for about 20 minutes. Very easy clean up! Have fun. Hez PS- for lunch I love hummus, vegies and crackers:)
  2. hez

    Colorado Springs Vacation

    just a word of caution. my mom always gets sick at the pf changs in colo springs. just be careful if you choose to go there. i have had great luck at the one in fort collins (so not worth the drive:) i had a great experience at the briarhurst manor in manatou springs. very nice meal! have a great time! hez
  3. i found it at king soopers (aka kroger) in fort collins, co. i made the coffee cake recipe off their website...loved it:) hez
  4. the coffee cake turned out great!! the one downside is that the box is very small. will be costly if the mix is used often. hez
  5. when i purchased them they were frozen with the icing already on. i just microwaved the frozen rolls until soft. think i will try them again now that the frosting is on the side! hez
  6. found some today at King Soopers in fort collins, co!!! i have not tried it yet...think i will make coffee cake in the morning:) hez
  7. i use authentic foods multi blend gluten-free flour mix. i have made quick breads, muffins, pancakes and cookies. i also use it in recipes that need flour as a thickener. i use it cup for cup. there are also several people on this board that swear by better batter flour. hez
  8. i love these for quesidias but do not know how to get them soft for rolling. how did you do it? thanks, hez
  9. Whey is dairy not gluten. They "read" safe however that does not mean they are gluten-free. I would try searching the internet to see if anyone else has contacted the manufactuar. Hez
  10. I have used the bc gluten-free cake mixes several times. Both the yellow and the chocolate. I do prefer the chocolate. Never had any problems with the cupcakes. Hez
  11. I have been twice!! Love being able to have chips and salsa out. I tried the pork green chile in a bowl with rice, very yummy:) hez
  12. I use Authentic Foods Mulit Blend gluten-free Flour and for the most part use it cup for cup. I do not make "bread" from the flour but have had success with pancakes, muffins, cookies and quick breads. Others on the board have raved about Better Batter flour. Good luck! Hez
  13. I just made this for Easter! I also top it with crushed gluten-free corn flakes and butter, adds a nice contrast. I use this recipe http://www.gluten.net/recipes/index.php?cmd=6&recid=66 to replace all my condensed cream of something soups. I love it! Not as easy as opening a can but it is gluten-free:) Hope this helps, Hez
  14. It took me 6 months before I felt better. It might have helped if I had cut out dairy and alcohol. That is the kicker about hindsight:) Hez
  15. hez

    In And Out

    I am looking for a safe place to eat around San Pedro. My friend noticed there is an In and Out in San Pedro. Anyone try this location or had experience with In Out? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Hez