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  1. The only exercise I seem to be able to get away with, without getting nausea, is running. I love to run but I don't always have the time, especially right now because I'm over half way through this fall semester so all my instructors are piling on the work!!! Any time I do core work outs I get overwhelmingly...
  2. It did taste a little weird. I am glad there are companies that care enough to keep improving their products and making life easier for us all.
  3. I think that I was having an issue back then because of the damage I still had and possibly to soy. I can eat frozen bread now. I can't however eat Bob's Red Mill anything. Every time I make any of those products I get sick.
  4. When I get glutened I have to steer clear of of acidic foods like tomatoes for a while. I am like that with dairy too. Can't tolerate lemon juice or orange juice, no coffee either. Maybe your gut just needs some time... 
  5. There are good gluten free days and there are bad gluten free days... Good days are when I am so happy to be feeling better than I don't miss gluteness food. Bad days are days like today where gluten seems to be every where and my stomach hurts even though I haven't eaten anything I am not supposed to and I SO just WANT PIZZA!!!!!!! I want a flippin' doughnut! A hot buttery biscuit!! UGH!

    1. glutenfreemomma188


      I know the feeling oh to well, with you there!!!

  6. I had the veggie hot pockets that were great! The tortilla's are good and I love how big they are, I can actually fit enough food in one tortilla to fill me up. The frozen pizza was okay. My children liked the chicken nuggets. I was so happy when I left Aldi's! Hahaha! It's a bit of a drive from...
  7. I have GI issues every time I eat KIND bars, I just assumed I had a sensitivity to ANOTHER food...
  8. I eat turtles all the time and never have any problems besides wanting more
  9. Yeah I'm sure if I eat (or drink) it then id know for sure but I hate feeling sick and have zero time for it! Think I'm just gonna steer clear of gluten-free bread for awhile. I'm pretty sure it's the yeast though, I had some gluten-free pretzels with peanut butter and felt funky afterwards read...
  10. I've eaten the hamburger buns with no problem.... It's just so weird to me! At first I thought yeast but then u remember the hamburger buns :-/
  11. Everytime I eat gluten-free bread I get sick as if I've been glutened, does thus happen to anyone else? I've had Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes and gluten-free waffles with no problem. I don't eat any if this often but the gluten-free bread from the frozen section makes me sick, I've had Three different...
  12. So happy Elijah is thriving on the gluten-free diet, I won't be testing these improvements is all the results I need! :) Glad to have each other to turn to through this, we can go out together and be comfortable! LML

  13. I haven't made it to bed yet and I already don't want to get up...

  14. I'm getting those crazy urges again...