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  1. I'm sure this has been covered at some point. JIF's natural peanut butter, has any one had issues with it? I just baked with it and with in 15-20 mins after my stomach is cramping so bad! I don't know what else it could be. I usually get Skippy but JIF came in a bigger jar. I was trying to save money. I should know better, it doesn't say gluten free on the jar but also doesn't list any alarming ingredients. 

  2. When it comes right down to it, it wouldn't make sense to put yourselves through a challenge just to be able to say "I have Celiac" or "I have Gluten Sensitivity" because the treatment is the same. People that write articles like this just attack everything that is different or might threaten the way they feel or think about things. 

  3. Every time I get glutened I google the heck out of the internet, trying to figure out how and why does this toxic process work and is there some kind of herb or anything that will help.


    So, this last time I got glutened, I stumbled on something that was actually helpful.


    Pelargonium sidoides, also known as umckaloabo. A herbal remedy you can buy for cough and cold. This herb blocks the production of interleukin 15 which is associated with celiac disease. Here is the article I read that led me on this path of discovery. (sorry I know I sound very dramatic. I'm just so dang psyched!)  




    Okay, so I spent all day Friday running around town trying to find the stuff, because I was desperate. I cannot handle the symptoms of a glutening... the nausea, bloating, and pure anger at the world. I found Umcka by Nature's way. I took some. Nothing much happened at first, but by the next morning, I felt normal. The week after getting glutened, I always bloat up like I'm 5 months pregnant for a solid 6.5 days. Right now it's Tuesday and usually by this point I would be feeling the pits, hating my stomach, sleeping badly, desperately waiting for a week to be up so that I could get back to normal. But, I am normal. My stomach feels fab. I'm giddy with the potentiality of this herb. Could I maybe eat at a restaurant now and then without all the usual anxiety? That would be a freakin miracle.


    I can't find anybody else on the internet talking about taking this stuff for a celiac flare. I took the recommended dose on the package, fyi.


    Is this what you are talking about http://www.naturesway.com/Search.aspx?sv=umcka  Which one did you use? If this really works, I'm in! I am so miserable when I get glutened! 

  4. I really need some help clearing up a host of mystery symptoms I've had since July of this year..


    One night I went to sleep and had a sudden onset of heart palpitations. I thought they would be gone by morning but little did I know I would still have them months later. I went to the dr. twice & received two blood tests (not celiac panels either time) - nothing. I have no other symptoms related to this other than the palps - no pain, weakness etc. I don't do drugs either and only drink occasionally and socially. They have been gradually disappearing since then but it has seriously taken months upon months. My dr told me its related to anxiety. They were the absolute scariest experience of my life and I would rather walk through hell barefoot than experience it again. Besides this I've had recurrent, severe mouth ulcers for years and my dr. did diagnose me with Herpes Simplex Virus 1 but I feel they come when I'm really stressed and know there is another reason why I'm suddenly getting them more and more often. 


    A few days ago I developed a severe skin rash on my legs that is unbearably itchy and blistery. It got worse and now is stable but not going away. It is so bad that I haven't even been able to shave in about 2 weeks. I kid you not. 


    For the last symptom... I used to get bad heart burn/indigestion/upper abdominal pain after eating foods such as salsas, pickles, peppers etc. Now it seems to be happening more often... First it was after pizza and now this AM I had a bagel and felt discomfort all day - burning abdominal/diaphragm, bloating, grumbling etc.. Seriously?? WTF is this? Who experiences pain from a bagel?!


    I just don't know what to do but want to know if this at all sounds celiac related..


    Symptoms read:

    Heart Palpitations 

    Mouth Ulcers

    Skin Rash

    Abdominal discomfort after eating 



    Please help



    Forever ago in the beginning of my symptoms I got heart palpitations which then lead to panic attacks. My youngest sons first symptom was mouth ulcers and my oldest sons was skin rashes. The discomfort you describe from eating foods like "salsas, pickles, peppers etc. " could be caused from sensitivity in the lining of your small intestine due to damage and inflammation from gluten which is Celiac disease. When you have so much damage it can make it hard for you to tolerate acidic foods, dairy, sugary foods and a number of foods it tends to be a little different for all of us. The bagel is full of gluten and if you had cream cheese on it the dairy might also upset your stomach. The only way to know for sure if you have Celiac is to get tested. Most prefer to have a diagnoses and for good reason. If you start with the diet and feel better on it, then you know that you have a problem with gluten but you won't be certain it is Celiac, the argument here is that the treatment is the same to follow a 100%  gluten free diet but if you ever wanted the diagnoses you would have to go back to eating gluten 1-2 times a day for somewhere around 8-12 weeks. This could make you violently ill some of us couldn't go through the gluten challenge again. The choice is ultimately left up to you, and in my opinion from the sound of it there is a possibility of Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity. 

  5. The part that frustrates me the most is, this isn't even his own research. He has an opinion about a subject he hasn't seen for himself. So he is trusting the findings of this one guy, which we all know we can't depend on Doctors and scientists like we'd like to. It bothers me to no end that people are so concerned about what someone else is or isn't eating that they spend their time making up slideshows about it. People are scared of spending time on themselves because of what they might find, that they pick apart everyone else. If those "subjects" felt bad no matter what diet they were on at least they are trying to help themselves feel better. It definitely isn't going to hurt them not to eat gluten! It definitely isn't unheard of to have a food allergy. I get this same crap about being vegetarian, my diet bothers people so much it's insane! 

  6. I'm happy you tried them! The do turn out great with only two eggs but extra protein can't hurt right? I'm thinking about adding flax next time just because I need to incorporate more into my diet. I shocked when I pulled them out of the oven, it looked and felt like they had flour in them. My kids love them! I am going to try freezing a few and if they do well I will stock up, they would be great to send in lunches or grab on the go. 

  7. My room mate eats gluten but only prepackaged like snack cakes. He eats what we eat. The only exception is sandwich bread because we all pack our lunch and gluten-free bread is so expensive. He uses a paper towel or paper plate to make his sandwich then wipes the counter down afterward. Once you have been on the diet you should be able to tell if you are getting CC. If you are one of the ones who don't show symptoms all I can recommend is to be super careful and read labels, even ones you have already checked before because they tend to change without notice. 

  8. After a few weeks of my kids gluten challenging, I started getting severe chronic headaches and some speech difficulty. I got rid of most of it from the house and tried to be more careful and my symptoms subsided. Considering that my symptoms when I went gluten free included chronic severe headaches and a full TIA with numbness and speech difficulties, I doubt that these symptoms were coincidental.


    I have speech difficulty to with CC. We found that my oldest son had celiac only a month or so after I did. It was another few months before I started noticing my youngest son getting mouth ulcers and turned out he also had it. We all get different symptoms, my sons don't seem to get the gastro symptoms as much. Elijah ( my oldest) has gotten sick to his stomach from eating a hotdog off of a regular bun. Not the bun just the hot dog but he was served with the hotdog in the bun and decided to eat it anyway. They aren't as sensitive as I am though with CC. I can't use shared surfaces that haven't been cleaned thoroughly. Can't share pots and pans or things of that nature. I can't kiss my nieces on the lips if they have had anything to eat in last hour. I won't get as sick as if I ate something with gluten but I will feel tired, get a head ache, mix my words up, that sort of thing. 

  9. I always try the short and simple route but they have to give me the sad eyes and ask "You can just pick off and eat the toppings, right?" ugh lol What I really hate is when people try to make me food that is "gluten free" or pick it up from a bakery in town that claims it is... I feel like jerk when I don't eat it. Some times I will just say "My kids with love this I will wait and share it with them" and just toss it out when I get home. I know it is lying but some how it makes me feel better than just shooting them down.... 

  10. I posted this on facebook the week before Halloween, I just thought it kinda funny and had a good point behind it such as the rising food allergies in our children. The comments I received I didn't take kindly to. Like it was a burden, like we choose to be gluten free or dairy free just because. My children Trick-or-Treat and when we get home we separate out what they can't have and they trade with their cousins for candy they can have. It bugs me that they see it like we are the problem.

  11. I have to share this recipe. My children ( also Celiac) and I LOVE them! 

    Flourless Mini Breakfast Muffins

    1 cup peanut butter

    2 ripe bananas

    2 eggs

    1 teaspoon vanilla 

    1/2 baking soda

    2 tablespoons honey ( or more if you want them sweet)

    I also added a handful of chocolate chips nuts would be good too


    bake at 400 for 8 mins or until they start to brown. Can make regular muffins or loafs of bread too. Super yummy!!