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  1. I have to share this recipe. My children ( also Celiac) and I LOVE them! 

    Flourless Mini Breakfast Muffins

    1 cup peanut butter

    2 ripe bananas

    2 eggs

    1 teaspoon vanilla 

    1/2 baking soda

    2 tablespoons honey ( or more if you want them sweet)

    I also added a handful of chocolate chips nuts would be good too


    bake at 400 for 8 mins or until they start to brown. Can make regular muffins or loafs of bread too. Super yummy!!

  2. The brown sugar is very sweet, too sweet for me, about 30 mins after eating it I had bad stomach cramps but they passed after 10 mins or so. I have used the plain packets in recipes and had mild discomfort I may have just developed an issue with oats though. I haven't eaten them but a handful of times since the diet change. I can't try the cinnamon because I am allergic. 

  3. The elimination diet really is the best choice for you right now. Your still so early into it and there is sooo much to learn. Cutting out any processed foods and hard to digest foods are a good idea. Once your systems heals you maybe able to tolerate things that bother you now. In the beginning I had a hard time with beans, corn, dairy, chocolate, peppers, tomatoes, sugar, nuts, greens.... pretty much I could eat rice and some veggies and most fruits, but now I can eat almost all of those, I still don't do dairy I don't tolerate it well the only dairy I consume is whatever might be in a candy bar. Anyways, it's a learning process and it's different for everyone. Good Luck!

  4. I'm kind of going threw the same thing, I was doing great for awhile and then I would have a problem with a meal that I eat frequently with no problems. I could literally eat a safe meal on Monday and then eat the exact same meal on Friday and be sick for the rest of the week. It's been like this for a couple months, then I started taking B complex and got probiotics from Young Living and so far I have been better. I started thinking maybe it was a deficiency, since Celiac pretty much promises us that. So I looked it up and vit B deficiency can cause upset stomach and D. Since I have been taking these, everyday gets better, my stomach doesn't hurt anymore, no more nausea or D (crosses fingers) hope this helps.

  5. Hello everyone! You haven't seen me on here in a while, I hope everyone is doing well. Recovery was going great for me, all my symptoms had completely disappeared for a month! I was doing great! Then I got careless, stupid me. Wednesday before last my best friend and I got together for dinner, it was the third anniversary of the passing of our closet friend. We went to the only restaurant close to me that I would eat at. Marco, has the best salads! I got the same salad I had in the past and garlic fries which I have had also. Since I never go out I had forgot that they serve bread with the salad and they brought it out with two slices of french bread sitting on top of my salad. I should have politely sent it back and asked for a new salad.... did I do that?... NO! My friend ate my bread and I ate my salad which had been contaminated! I felt like poo shortly after and worse the next day, but it was mild compared to the reactions I have had in the past, I was managing it. That Friday (not this past Friday but the one before) My little brother (who I never see) came to visit me on his only day off. I felt special, we hung out for a couple hours (in spite of me still feeling like poo from the CC two nights before). He was hungry and wanted to take me out, we had the convo about my diet, he suggested Quixote (new restaurant in our town) that was supposed to be all gluten free. I agreed to go but explained that I probably wouldn't eat anything. I talked to the owner of this place and he said with confidence that everything but three menu items were gluten-free. I ordered guacamole and chips ( I didn't want to take chances and in my mind that was still a chance) he brought me out carrot soup that I didn't order and said it was on the house... I probed with questions about what was in it, what kind of stock they use, what kind of thickener? He assured me it was safe.... I have felt like my insides are on fire ever since! My back, ribs, stomach, abdomen, hips, legs all are giving me so much pain! This is the sixth day and I still hurt. I'm bloated, nauseous, constipated. The pain is so much worse than I have had from gluten in the past, hands down! I wanted to go to the ER yesterday, I started thinking this can't be from gluten, my organs are rupturing or something horrible of that nature!!! I swear I WILL NEVER EAT OUT AGAIN!!! I doesn't matter how many Q's you ask, no one understands how much CC matters unless you are Celiac or GS. My dad is still under the impression that "a little won't hurt ya!" I wish I knew when this would pass! Before it was a week for me, but it's never been this bad (except when I first found out)and it's over a week already! Pray for me guys....

  6. This also makes it difficult for those who are intolerant or not formally diaganosed and choose to eat as if they were celiac -- no cheating, avoiding CC, etc. It becomes an issue of "Well, so-and-so eats just a little bit on occasion, so surely it'll be okay for your too." I know my body well enough now to know that it is not okay for me.

    I don't understand why people get so angry or offended over someone else's food choices, be it gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, whatever.

    Thank you!!!! I feel like a broken record with that sentence! It really shouldn't matter to anyone but the person prosuing the diet!!!

  7. I feel you! I haven't seen any of my friends since this started. Actually as weird as it sounds I've gotten closer to my ex husband, we have to talk about Celiac and GFD because of our oldest son. I'm sure he gets sick of hearing about it too. :-/ I too fight depression, and I feel it's because this has taken over my life. Don't get me wrong I'm thankful to have a name and treatment for it. I'm thankful for the improvements my son and I have made. But I feel like I eat, sleep, and breath GFD and Celiac! If I try to distract myself with tasks and jobs, I start having nightmares of eating gluten! Weird huh?!

    Have you looked into support groups near you? I would think that should help a lot to make new friends that share this experience.

  8. So sorry Hun, this always hurts worse when it's a " friend". Maybe when you both have a bit of time to clear your mind from raw emotion you can talk and maybe she will be more willing to listen. Maybe reschedule some where you can eat. She may have been upset because she felt robbed of a personal victory, she could have been excited to be able to take you somewhere new that was safe for you and failed. Feeling a little blindsided she probably didn't express herself well. She obviously doesn't understand very much about your needs, hopefully she will be open to learning more. I know it was terrible but try to see her side and hopefully she will try to see yours. Maybe if you let her know that you see her effort and appreciate it, but you are very sensitive.

    You probably know how to better deal with your friend than I do just, trying to give an outsiders prospective.

    Good Luck

  9. I don't know why he wouldn't be concerned about undigested food! That's kind of important. I don't feel like telling you not to pay so much attention is good advice. How else will we find answers if we don't pay attention to the problems?!

    The good news is the GFD is helping you. You know that for sure, so feel proud that your taking care of you. I'm sorry about how he made you feel, I think we've all been there....

  10. Invite them. I'm not serving any gluten at my party. They can eat their steak and sausage bread free and can fill up on plenty of side dishes. I would have them bring a prepared meat that you can heat up. It would be hard to give up gluten and meat!

    I really would want them to bring their own meat. I don't want to have to buy it.

    Thanks every one you've all been a great help! Now everyone meet up at my house Saturday night and help me cook! ;)

  11. I don't mind sharing. I've been using this recipe from Bon Appetit since the 1990's well before I was gluten-free. They even have it online!


    But....it's not vegan.

    Sorry! And to make it comfortable for your guests, I would let them bring a prepared meat dish you can warm up. Then they can savor your vegan side dishes!

    Edit: I do think this would be hard to do as "vegan".

    No I don't think so. I make whipped topping with coconut milk and confectioners sugar. You can replace egg with bananas, tofu, or Ener-G egg replacer. I think Bob's Red Mill also makes a replacer.

  12. Well.. that makes it harder. I'm afraid the cookies aren't vegan.

    I think my family doesn't mind that all the food is gluten-free but if it was all vegan....I don't think they would come over. :unsure:

    However, I would be happy to come to your vegan BBQ and you can send them to the one for my hub's dad that will have steaks and lots of gluten. If only we could all trade around.

    Haha! Yes! That would be wonderful :)

    And I have my tricks of converting recipes to make them vegan. I hope I get as good at gluten-free cooking/baking!