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  1. Invite them, just make it perfectly clear that they are NOT to bring anything. Assuming of course you are okay with providing food for that many. I do this at my house, and people are always asking what to bring and I know lots of people after being told nothing bring something anyway. Just make it clear that they are truly to bring nothing, and if they do just hide it in the fridge somewhere or something and then explain later why it isn't out. You don't want them not to come because you told them on the phone it is a gluten free picnic...

    I think I will try that, my family just isn't very supportive of my diet ( mostly the vegan part) and I just wanna have a good time. Maybe I can compromise and have meat available.

  2. I always have everyone over and I make everything. I let my sis make a gluten dessert if we can keep the desserts separate and don't set them out until after all the food is done with.

    And sausages - most in the US are gluten-free. But it might be a matter of then you would need buns. Buns are like $6 for 4. I find it easier to grill things like pork chops, chicken tenders with BBQ sauces and some with Franks Hot wings sauce and then make a bunch of cornbread (gluten-free pantry mix). Or Chebe bread sticks with extra garlic, olive oil and salt on the outside.

    These PB choc chip cookies are easy to make and you can freeze them so its a make ahead item. http://www.emerils.com/recipe/8264/I-Cant-Believe-Its-Gluten-free-Peanut-Butter-Cookies

    I'm vegan, is why I choose not to do the sausages and things. Most of the meat alternatives are glutenized.

    Thanks for the cookie recipe :)

  3. I've been debating this myself as I have a picnic/pot-luck to go to next month. It isn't like I haven't had lots of time to decide, but I'm still on the fence about so many things. Even though I probably shouldn't, I'm very tempted to make mac & cheese. (I shouldn't have that much cheese!) I'm also thinking mini apple muffins, or mini cupcakes (filled instead of frosted), or a cucumber salad or one of my favorite things in the whole world, my Grammy's marshmallow salad.

    Even though my picnic is a gluten free picnic, I will have taken my serving out before I go because I expect it to get CC'd with other allergens. Just something to keep in mind at even the most aware places since many have additional intolerances. While I don't technically have "allergies" to anything, there are several foods and additives I have to treat as though I have allergies to them because they cause temporary blindness. A lot of people may not think of things like this at a gluten free picnic and the same old spoon swapping that happens everywhere will happen, leaving those with additional intolerances open to CC from sources unrelated to what they are actually eating.

    I too want Mac-N-Cheese but my stomach doesn't like dairy. I can sometimes get away with a little with out too much problem. I know my son would really enjoy it.

    Filling the cupcakes instead of frosted is a marvelous idea! And I've had my heart set on ambrosia salad!

    Wonder if I should worry about bugs (I mean I know I'm going to be outside). Any anti bug suggestions?

  4. Potato salad or baked beans - AFTER I remove my "safe" portion for me to eat, because they WILL cc it (assuming thers gluten).

    If it is a gluten-free event, be prepared to tell everyone every ingredient in it :). Write down what you used.

    Haven't decided if I'm inviting the gluten eaters :-/ I know I should, I would want to be invited to theirs. It's just that I want to know everything is safe for me and my son and we can have this one day without having to worry about everything we put in our mouths!!! That's why I need lots of ideas I'm making ALL of the food.

  5. Hmmmm.....Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Jello Salad, Cookies, Green Salad, Apple, Walnut, and Blue Cheese Salad, Grape Salad, fruit tray, veggie tray, dish of endaname (soybeans), cheese assortment & crackers, and chocolate flourless cake.

    Outside of tri-tip and sausages, that's my Father's Day menu. We've got tons of people coming.

    Enjoy your picnic!

    Mind sharing your flourless cake recipe? :) mine too is for Father's Day but they'll have to do without the sausages. Unless someone wants to prepare them before hand and bring them. Not sharing my grill! Lol!

  6. I've been looking for good gluten-free sauces to replace the ones I used to use for my Chinese dishes. It's been a task the ones labeled gluten-free I haven't liked, even the gluten-free soy sauce tastes weird to me. I spent time reading labels which can be deceiving and found two that had no claim to use of Wheat like ALL of the others. I got Original and Orange Ginger. I still couldn't bring myself to use them until I knew for sure so I call the Questions or Comments number on the lable and asked the representitive if these sauces were Celiac safe she looked them both up and said that they both were and that it has been a huge process for them but that all labels from La Choy will have wheat listed in the allergy statement if it is used in anyway in the production of their products. So crossing my fingers that these sauces are awesome and in no way make me sick....

  7. I'm sure when this topic was posted it was with good intentions, I suppose we all are passionate about it and so it's easy to get a little carried away. Plus it's hard to read tone in text. I think we're all here for the right reasons and I'm thankful for you all, and all if your posts that's how I've learned what I have.

    *Good Vibes* :)

  8. Editted because it didn't really make sense. Got to stop letting the cat help with answers.

    Cute :) I have to edit mine a lot too, I keep telling myself to proof read but....

    Thanks, I guess it's just hard figure out why some people have the same symptoms and GFD helps but their tests were negative.

    Only reason I'm so inquisitive is because I'm trying to explain all of this to my fam and I don't even totally understand it. I knew the gene sometime isn't "activated" (for lack of a better word) until later or maybe from stress or trama. I did know enough to tell them to ask for a full Celiac panel when they go for the blood test. (Hope that was right) *crosses fingers*

  9. Thank you for sharing I will check it out. I don't buy things that state it's been used on shared equipment, Karichelle just enlightened me on the fact that they don't have to put that on the package :-/ (Thank you btw i didnt know that) I have been just getting products advertised as gluten-free. I've heard they aren't always gluten-free either and some things are but arent labeled as so.... It does kinda make my brain hurt. I'm still pretty new to this. Just tried eating out for the first time last weekend and after posting about it kinda felt like I stabbed my fellow GFers in back some how by choosing Applebees's. (sigh)

    I'm trying I just don't know all the rules yet...

  10. There's still a few things I'm trying to work out in my head, are gluten sensitivities also hereditary? Or is there a flaw in the test? A couple of my family members want to get tested ( we all suffer from different autoimmune diseases) do you have to get all the tests done because one will show and another may not? Has anyone tested negative and then later tested positive?

  11. So proud of everyone who replied to these :)

    We are Celiacs we are not a problem to be fixed. Finding that gluten was why I was so sick for so long has saved my life! It's saved my son from a whole list of sickly symptoms. We all want the best for our children, by getting this vaccine would be the same as saying something is wrong with him. I don't want him to have a desire to be like everyone else, I want him to be proud if who he is! Finding this has been a blessing to me and my family, I've gotten my mother (who has MS) to see the connection and she has talked to other family members who we suspect to have it all her immediate family who are considering testing. We are certain my uncle ( her brother) died from this. We hate we couldn't have found it sooner, but relieved to put a name on what has been poisioning us. I feel they should put the effort they put into conjuring this vaccine into Celiac awareness so we can save others not change them.

    You all had GREAT things to say! I am proud to be a part of this board!!!! You are all some smart (gluten-free) cookies!!! ;)

  12. Does anyone know if Laura Lynn self-raising corn meal is gluten-free?

    When I bought it I read several labels. It is not a mix it's just cornmeal. Others all had Allergy statements about wheat. This one has no statement. Ingredients include:

    Enriched White Corn Meal (Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid) Salt, Leavening (Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate).

    I really want to eat cornbread tonight, but haven't been able to find an answer....