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  1. You can contact corporate, but I'm not sure it will do any good. It is just my opinion, but trying to force the issue with a restaurant that clearly has no interest in providing safe gluten free meals won't help get safe gluten free meals. And no one reads employee handbooks, training at places like these is a joke (in relation to this sort of thing) and unless (or until) they make it a serious focus and selling point they will not take the time needed to appropriately cover the subject.

    I don't agree, I feel they do have an interest in providing safe meals or they wouldn't have had a gluten-free menu at all. They compt his mashed potatoes to replace the fries they were very understand and made a great effort I could tell that they just weren't very educated about it. Emailing corporate may or may not do any thing but I feel if I sat down with the manager I dealt with last night she may try to incorporate changes. They didn't treat us rudely about it at all.... We don't even have a Red Robin around here.

  2. Thank you for replying. I saw Applebee's on Find Me gluten-free app which came to me highly recommended. I did talk to the server before hand about our needs and they had the chips and fries on the gluten-free menu but when they came out I picked up a chip and knew they were fried not just heated so I asked her if they had a dedicated fryer she said no I asked if the fries were baked ( the restaurant I used to cook at baked theirs) and again no. They brought him mashed potatoes in place if fries and didn't charge for them. We don't eat at any fast food places even before this life change and not going to start now. We actually had to drive 45mins to get to this restaurant there are no restaurants near us we can safely eat at, I have called everyone and talked to management. I am going to email Applebee's I feel if they made the effort to make the gluten-free menu that they could make the effort to dedicate a fryer and brief the staff. They could add a page in the employee hand book about food allergies and Celiac. Maybe Im naive....

  3. Good morning. Nick (ex-husband) took the kids and I out to Applebee's last night because they have a gluten-free menu (first time Ive eaten out since GFD) I talked to the manager and had to mark off chips and fries (after we had ordered both and Elijah had eaten one of the chips) because they fry them in the same grease as gluten food even though they have three fryers so don't know why they cant dedicate one to chips and fries but they were very understanding you could just tell they have no experience with this. We all loved our food but Elijah coughed all the way home ( one chip? Cross Contamination? Both?) I was really tired after but not out of the ordinary had a headache but had one before we went in from allergies, had a couple tummy pains before bed but not bad. Woke up with diarrhea :-/ but my guess is it was only CC not the food itself because our symptoms were mild compared to how they are when we just straight up get glutened! Do you think if I email corporate they would have them dedicate on if the three fryers? Maybe at least send them a memo about how to handle Celiac customers? It isn't that big of a deal for me not to eat out because I don't want to get sick but I do miss going out with my kids on occasion and Elijah ( oldest son also Celiac) really misses going out, he enjoys the experience and it gives him an opportunity to have meat ( I'm Vegan). How much of a change can I get resturants to make when we seem to be the only ones in our community and surrounding areas with Celiac?! :-/


    Angry Orchard April Crisp Cider, Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Electric Blue Blast, IBC Root Beer, Rockin’ Tropical Punch, Sprite, Strawberry Lemonade, Tea: Blackberry & Mango,

    Wine: Red & White

    This was copied and pasted from their gluten-free menu off of Find Me gluten-free app surely they have more that Wine that's gluten-free.... That's what I found though...

  5. I wouldn't run to the dr just yet, there's a lot of things at play here all which would cause some effects by themselves.I think you should just be careful and take care of yourself if things don't improve in a week or two then make a dr appt. long trips are exgausting, any pain and definitely a broken bone add stress and discomfort, PMS can make you feel lousy and periods are worse, plus you glutened yourself that effects me for a at least a week.

  6. You are the only one (outside my family) that I've know to share that allergy!!! Not that I want to beat the negative drum but how bad does that suck?! I didn't develop the allergy until early 20's so enjoyed it growing up. Avoiding it was worth not having a reaction but some times I just wanted a darn cinnamon bun!!!! Not that I could have them now without making them from scratch....

  7. It does sound like symptoms of Celiac, you may want to try getting tested before you stay on the GFD just to make life easier. Once you go gluten-free and feel better getting glutened is horrible and most of us feel like we can't consume gluten long enough for a test or we may literally die!!

    Results are different for everyone, in the first week my D and cramps and depression got better then I went through withdrawal and slept all the time and very very emotional crying over everything. Then a few great weeks and now it's off and on I think I may have other food issues. But give it a couple weeks you should she some improvement if its Gluten causing your issues (and I think it probably is)

    Welcome to the forum!!!!

  8. I probably would have left, I would hope I wouldn't make a scene but can't promise that, depends on the situation, my mood, how hungry my baby is! My son and I rarely eat out anymore. His attitude would have made me feel that he wasn't serious enough about it and wouldn't want to take the chance. My sons symptoms are more like an allergy he coughs has trouble breathing he also gets nose bleeds and C. He has emotional issues from it as well, it effects him so much that I just hate rolling the dice. I want to open a gluten-free Restaurant but scared it won't do well in my area.

  9. Welcome to the forum!

    I'm very sorry about your friend, I too lost my very best to an autoimmune disorder and the doctors ended up killing her with and experimental drug that stopped her heart while laying in a hospital bed... I understand your anger and part of mine is just selfish I know it is because I don't have her anymore! I want to say that it does get better, but for me it's been three years and its only been the last few months that I don't think about her every single day I still do a couple times a week and still makes me cry.

    Be proud of yourself for taking care if you and your babies! Your doing the right thing!

    Again welcome to the forum! You'll find lots of info, answers and some laughs along the way :))

  10. That's understandable. Dairy did the same thing to me before I went vegan. Some times a bowl of ice cream was fine and some times it wasn't, same with cheese. I'm not sure why unless it has something to do with damage done from gluten I read on another thread earlier today that went into depth about why dairy can be an issue for us I will try to find it and post it here.

  11. Only thing I know to suggest is to go two weeks with out dairy, and try a cup of milk but nothing else with dairy for a few days see how you feel. If no symptoms after those few days try cheese but nothing else dairy and see what happens. Some ppl have a dairy intolerance other a casein intolerance which can be found in non dairy items. That's all I know about the casein sorry I'm not more savvy on that, I'm sure some one else on here will know more.