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  1. Okay, I'll try to keep my thoughts straight here.

    It sounds like your ED is stress related (work) and you should definitely try to get a hold on that as you maybe causing damage by throwing up so much. I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux at 15 and I got a sore on my esophagus from the acid coming up, making it impossible to eat or drink anything but water with out excruciating pain!

    Gluten symptoms do include depression, brain fog, panic... Actually there aren't many symptoms that you couldn't include because it causes deficiencies which can cause all sorts of symptoms.

    If you choose to go gluten-free you can't consider your diet gluten-free if you eat a biscuit and throw it up (unless its a gluten-free biscuits) CC ( cross contamination) is also something you have to be weary if. Oats also have to be bought specifically gluten-free most are not.

    If I were you I would stop worrying that you may be avoiding gluten for no reason. If you don't want I wait on the test, seriously go gluten-free for a couple months see if you find improvements. That really is the only way your going to know.

    Hope you find the answers you need and are able to de-stress.

  2. What is it about shows making Celiacs out to be weaklings?! She saying a Celiac can't put away a steak?! ( not this Celiac cause I'm Vegan which she also makes a comment about in one if her videos where she says we should stay home and eat our pre-prepared meals) she acts like a man with Celiac is cutting his food with pinkies up!!! Unbelievable at the ignorance of this women! At one point they say she wants a "caveman" that's right at her level of intelligence!!

  3. I'm certain my mother and brother have Celiac I believe my Aunt (mothers side) has it as well as their brother that passed away two years ago in his 40s. My mother is diagnosed with MS. My brother has sick migraines and nose bleeds and gets D. I wish I could get them to see what they are doing to themselves. They won't listen to me because in my search to get better and before I found Celiac I went vegan which they find rediculous. Because of the arguments we've had about food they won't listen to me. The only other individual in my life gluten-free is my son. My youngest shows no signs and is thriving without the GFD so it's just me and my oldest son. He is 7 so it's more like more responsibly, not so much like having an adult friend but I do enjoy having someone to share snackes and dinner with :)

  4. That reminds me of our last trip to Albertson's. They carry a brand of sandwich meat and cheese that is gluten free in the deli. The girl that generally waits on us wasn't there last Wed. She is as good as gold because her Mother has celiac. A different guy was behind the counter so I made sure to tell him I had to be careful. He had just waited on another lady who bought another brand, not gluten free. I turned for a moment to look at something and when I looked back he was using the same slicer, there was another slicer that had been cleaned beside him. So I did say, excuse me, did you clean that slicer and did you change gloves? The look he gave me made me feel bad so I said, I'm sorry but if I eat that it'll make me terribly sick. He got an attitide and slung the meat in the trash. At this point I said, I'm sorry I've changed my mind, I better just pass and we decided to just leave.

    Another lady walked up to me on the way out and said, he had emptied trash before the previous customer and didn't change gloves before cutting her meat. I wanted to know how she knew all this and she said she'd been waiting to get some ham and cheese but changed her mind. No, I didn't tell the manager. I should have but I just couldn't stand knowing I might have caused him to lose his job, now I feel guilty that he might make someone sick.

    I get so tired of people making me feel guilty and yes embarrassing me. Some people just don't get it.

    The last time I got sick from cross contamination it took me 3 weeks to start to recover!

    I would have felt the same way, but it doesn't sound like you were rude and you did explain yourself saying it would make you sick. It's hard knowing you may cause some one else grief by complaining, but he didn't seem to mind causing you to be ill either. It is part of his job to serve you politely. He won't learn otherwise and you shouldn't have to pass on your food, for us safe places are like gold! It would be a shame for you to have to pass every time you see him working the slicers :-/

  5. you are a brave soul lolz

    do you eat at the same ones every time? like they know you and understand about cc? i am skittish about eating out, but that is just me. plenty of people on here eat out with no problems but they are not notme haha - seriously, if i felt like i was getting glutened i would look there. sometimes people aren't as careful as they ought to be whether they don't understand or don't care...

    I'm with you I don't eat out.

    Yes, high chances of CC!

  6. Do you have a freezer at work? You could precook and freeze meals and pull them out and put the in the frig the afternoon before. Pre-make gluten-free pasta salad. And I know if it was me I would get an electric hot eye to heat my food. Microwaves are not good for you at all. I bought two of the same plant, watered one with tap water one with microwaved water (room temp) and it took less than three weeks for the microwaved plant to die :-/

  7. Hi can any body tell me if celiac s course depression I get drained of energy.very fast sleepy .i just want to share with you all for any body who doesn't know Royston Tesco sells lots of gluten wheat dairy free products all so beers Xmas cakes and mince pies at Xmas. Which can be hard to find chirps there's lots more .and yes sweets for child.

    Yes depression can be a symptom caused by consuming gluten or CC when you have Celiac.

  8. I wanted to get the tests done because it is weird to say you have Celiac when you don't have a diagnoses and people don't take it seriously if you call it a sensitivity. I just can not make myself go back to eating gluten knowing what it does to me, if one meal would be enough to test I still wouldn't want to but probably would. I just can't suffer for weeks for a diagnoses. :-/

  9. I did this exact same thing before I knew what was wrong with me. I cut sugar out of my diet completely (was hard at the time) but I did manage to add it back to my diet later with no problems. Chocolate still gives me some D if eat to much but doesn't usually come with any other side effects. You aren't alone though I remember feeling just like that after just one bite of my sons birthday cake, I hated it and knew something was wrong even though the Doc said nothing was wrong when I got tested for diabetes.

  10. The first week I had great improvements, consistent stools no more diarrhea, less nausea, less pain. The first few weeks were like a roller coaster ride! I went through with drawls, I got very emotional and very sleepy wanted to sleep all of the time. Went through a period of thinking I would lose it if I didn't have some cake or a doughnut or biscuits or French bread like NOW!!! Lol but I got through and still improving :)

  11. I would give the BRM gluten-free Oats a try -- perhaps late in the day the first time!

    Fruits and vegies aren't enough to live off long term -- Are you getting enough protein and good fats -- meat, fish eggs, legumes or nuts?

    I get the everything giving you a reaction deal...hang in there... you will find more foods you can eat.

    I don't eat meat or eggs. I do eat lots of beans, kale, avocados, nuts and seeds.