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  1. I'm glad I read this thread, I've been wanting oats, I used to eat them a lot but haven't tried them since going gluten-free. I'm only two months in and have pretty much given up everything except fruits and veggies, seems like everything else makes me sick! I hate the blindsided feeling, thinking I've been so safe and careful then feel sick and spend days trying to pin point what it is. I was going to try oats, I bought Bobs Red Mill the first week but haven't tried them yet. I knew that serval ppl on here had oat issues, and I just don't want to get sick! To me it's worth only eating fruits veggies just to never feel like that again!!! Guess I need to get over it, maybe just try a couple bites. I don't like having such a limited diet :-/

  2. No.

    My guess is her symptoms will return in time if she was NCGI or Celiac Disease -- there are those diagnosed with Celilac Disease that have no gastro reaction to gluten ingestion -- also she was gluten-free for long enough to heal damage to her small intestine (if there was damage) and it may take some time for the damage to return which will bring the symptoms back.

    If she never has any symptoms return, she likely just felt better eating gluten free -- my hubs does and he has neither NCGI or Celiac Disease - that we know of ;)

    Russian Roulette in my opinion.

    I totally agree with this post, words right outta my mouth (fingers ;) )

  3. that is really interesting, brandi - thanks. although all the fecal implant references made me go 'ewwww' lolz. reminded me of something, too - my sister is a much better housekeeper than i (she also had half as many kids! in my defense!) my house was always a little sticky and tracked up. she sanitized/degermed everything and her kids were sick alllllll the time. mine were hardly ever sick, which is kind of a miracle being as there were so many of them so twice as much exposure to everything and all kinds of opportunities to bring germs home to the family. she also was a 'run to the doctor' at the drop of a hat while i (had no $$ haha) waited to see if their illness would go away on it's own <80% of the time it did. they are still pretty germ resistant, i guess, they don't catch every little thing that comes around even as adults :) good thing i'm a slob hahahahahahahaaaa ^_^

    I kinda grossed out on that part too lol!

    I think your on the right track there, when I had my first son I was over board with Lysol and bleach everyday! He would get sick more than when I had my second son and I wasn't so on top of it they rarely get sick.... Plus they play outside more and I'm and organic gardener now too and they help a lot, always getting dirty. I do think we have to allow things into our systems for our bodies to gain a defense to them.

    There is so potential in this research, I really enjoyed reading it!

  4. I'm sure some "smokers" would quit if the felt they "needed" to but you couldnt say that they would because we don't personally know everyone. If we aren't judging then we can't just catergorize smokers, drinkers and alike opposed to non-smokers and drinkers, there is no one size fits all here. I do understand why the observation arises that they may not care, because it is a drug and it isn't good for you to smoke anything, natural or otherwise. That being said this isn't always used illegally I have a family member with MS who gets it medically, I know people who abuse it and I know people that are very health conscience that do. I do not and would not, I don't feel it sets a good example to my children. I always say they should put Marijauna right up there with religion and politics lol everyone seems to get defensive even if they've never had any experience with it. Lets just remember that one person reason for doing something could be totally different for some one else and just because some has different opinions than ours doesn't make them wrong. If these girls are wondering about a glutening from the papers or glue on the papers maybe they could contact the company of the kind they use. I'm sure if there is any info on the pack you would have a hard time knowing what the ingredients are. There should be company numbers or web address.

  5. The only place I can go out for pizza is Mellow Mushroom. They are very careful, the staff always seem to be fairly educated about Celiac and understand about CC, they use sperate pans. The gluten-free crust is one size and a size they don't offer in gluten pizzas so they don't get mixed up. They also have vegan cheese and fresh local produce, they are very Eco friendly as well. A little pricey but kinda used to that now.... I've never had problems there.

  6. I've been wanting to start on probiotics which lead me to poking around in different research leading me to this page:


    It is a very long read but packed with info about our guts. All very interesting and I just thought I would share, I feel like this is great research! Please give me your thoughts!

  7. I do agree that Disney overall is great I loved it growing up my children love it now, but that's kinda why this bothers me, I trust Disney and to find a show that I know my child watches making fun of something he has to deal with everyday feels like betrayal. They are supposed to be family oriented and suitable for children. I would love to say I'd rather keep the peace and "turn the channel and move on" but if you don't raise awareness things won't get better for Celiacs, the reason you find more gluten-free menu opts at restaurants and in grocery store is because of those of us that choose not to turn the channel and move on!

  8. Oh my God my heart is breaking for you and your baby right now! It sounds like you are doing the best you can, you know for sure she can't have gluten that reaction is all you need! When she goes into school this year and you speak with the staff I'm sure they will be understanding, I don't see why they would go against her diet knowing it will make her sick. I talked to my sons teacher and she didn't ask if he was diagnosed. This sounds like celiac to me. I sure hope she heals quickly, my heart goes out to your family!

  9. I love my fruits and veggies I have them fresh everyday, but I didn't stop having problems with D and C until I had a good balance of both fresh fruits and veggies and proteins like beans and nuts. Everyone on here has different food sensitives so its hard to give the best advise I feel great when I eat lots of beans and potatoes and some can't have beans, nuts give me energy too but not all if us can have those either.... I think I maybe off subject.... Ummm my thinking is if your food still isn't digesting properly you maybe still consuming something that is causing damage, I didn't read everyone's reply so sorry if I'm repeating anything, I saw food journal and that is definitely a good idea for all of us developing food allergies seems inevitable for us.

  10. I made amazing black bean Burgers for dinner tonight, wish my boys felt the same way! Have any kid friendly dinner ideas? It's just the three of us and I've done the three different meals a night thing and I refuse to keep that up! I'm vegan but will sparingly use precooked grill chicken strips for the boys and some fish. They also still have some dairy mostly just cheese I let them add to their food or sandwich. I know, could I make it any more challenging lol! What do your kids love to have at dinner time? Even if it doesn't fit into our diet I'm pretty good at modifying dishes to make them work.

  11. It takes awhile for the antibodies to die off from consuming gluten. Every time I'm glutened or get CC it's like mini replay of before starting on my GFD.

    I am a vegan and I have some issues with soy and onions that I now know for sure and I'm allergic to Cinnamon. So there is alot that I can't eat, everything is made from scratch I spend hours in the kitchen and although I love to cook and create new dishes I get exhausted and sometimes just don't have the time to put in! When that happens or if it seems like I'm getting CC from some where or I suspect another food sensitivity I eat simply for every meal ithe day for a week like fruit for breakfast, salad or hummus for lunch, baked potato or stir fry for dinner when I'm not having those symptoms anymore I start adding things back in.

    I have learned to steer clear of processed foods all together you never know what your reacting to there is just too many ingredients. If I pick up a package and there are ingredients I can't pronounce I don't buy it. gluten-free labeling doesn't mean it's safe for Celiacs, trace gluten makes me ill.

    When I get vertigo its usually from CC, it's the first sign I get from gluten. My other food allergies doesn't effect my the same way gluten does so I just have to pay real close attention to how I feel.

  12. Two spices that I like are fennel and fenugreek. Fennel has a light licorice flavor and I use in gluten-free muffins or cookies. Fenugreek tastes somewhat like maple. My family likes the flavor. I also sometimes use peppermint leaves for a light minty flavor.

    I am missing cinnamon, but I can possibly eat it again one day. I know, one can't help smelling it from afar when it is being baked. Yet, some other spices are a nice change of pace.

    So you are allergic to cinnamon too? When did it develop?