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  1. Like Julissa said best bet is to cook in bulk and eat for a few days. It takes a lot of stress out of it. I was Vegan before finding Celiac and give in on dairy sometimes since going gluten-free mainly because of how hard it is to cut out so many things. When I'm starved, haven't got any prepared foods left in the frig I hit the produce section of my grocery store and throw together a salad or stir fry. I usually spend one weekend a month making up stuff I can freeze like pesto to add to roasted potatoes or gluten-free pasta, black bean patties, French bread, burritos ect. That way I can pull it out later it saves stress!

  2. I was Vegan before finding out I was Celiac, I've given in on some dairy (not much) when need be to make my diet a little easier. I love to scope this forum for dinner ideas (you all have great ideas) but I have to alter most of them to make them work for me (kinda defeats the purpose of grabbing someone else's recipe to make life easier). So Im hoping there are more vegan/vegetarian GFers that frequent this page and that we could share our dinner ideas (crosses fingers) :)

  3. I totally agree Gemini! I'm not the kind of Celiac to try to blend in. I find it offensive as well, but the culprits to me are the caterers and restaurants. They should be able to cater to Celiacs in our age. Really, we can send a man to the moon and have iphones and ipads, but not cater to Celiacs? In fact, I plan to tell everyone at both weddings that I'm not eating and if they don't notice I will tell them and I will highlight that no one caters to Celiacs. I want to be visible and I'm very angry that I can't eat a safe meal when yes, we are giving a gift like everyone else and covering costs of travel.

    Being a bride in August though, I know how hard and stressful it is to pull together a wedding and I won't bother the bride or groom about this. I know many people don't know about Celiac disease, but the restaurants need to be held accountable. I have been to so many restaurants that say they are gluten-free only to suffer dearly days later. I really wish I could sue or there could be a law passed to cater to Celiacs. I mean if you're traveling, sometimes it is a choice of starving or being extremely sick, that is immoral in a society that has plenty. I feel so so bad for diabetic Celiacs. That must be harder still because their blood sugar has to be maintained.

    So yes, I think it's immoral and disgusting to feel like I'm abnormal because I'm not eating and feel like an outcast because I have an illness. That is so wrong. But on the bright side I call so many companies all the time about this and if I have to attend a restaurant with friends I go to the manager and tell them I'm not eating there because they can't properly accommodate Celiacs--all this to get them going and thinking that something has to change and eventually it will. I think we all need to speak up more until something is done. :-D

    You might try speaking to the bride/groom before hand not with demands to stress them but just to inquire and so that they are aware and have an opportunity to accommodate. I didn't find out I had celiac disease until after I was married (and divorced but that's another story) and I would have felt horrible to know that someone I cared enough about to have attend what's supposed to be the biggest day of my life isn't able to eat. I would have made sure to have something available. It's not a lot of work for them just a phone call or two, I understand you don't wanna cause more stress that is very considerate of you, but they maybe very understanding.

  4. I've just been glutened! It's my fault for trusting a resturant that obviously didnt know anything about it! It was a Mexican resturant so there was a language barrior too, I stuck with corn chips, guacamole and potato rolled in corn tortilla that I asked to be warmed in the oven and not deep fried to avoid CC. Didnt work my stomach is cramping really bad my stomach is bloating my head is swimmy, this is my first glutening since I went gluten-free. I was supposed to go on a date tonight for the first time in forever! I was finally feeling better and now I've ruined it! Is there anyway to speed this up naturally?

  5. So this is normal for a bunch of us? Because I'm ready to lose my mind I've been so tired - to the point that some days, the couch is where I stay...all day. My B12 and folic acid tests came back normal, and I've been taking a B12 supplement...but nothing gives. I go back to the doctor Wednesday, and am not sure what to even do! So frustrating. I feel like I'm far to young to want to sleep my days away...

    How long have you been gluten-free? I felt this way through withdrawal and detox the first few weeks.

  6. We haven't opted for a gluten challenge and testing because trying to keep me from cross contamination while doing a challenge seemed overwhelming (that's the reason we moved to a gluten-free home in the first place). Also, I just can't imagine making him miserable for that long, knowing that many people get inaccurate results after gluten challenges anyway. I'm wondering if there's any point in having the genetic testing done on him. I know it doesn't give a definite answer, but it might tell us a little more about the odds of him developing celiac. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking.

    While he didn't have as intense a reaction as I thought he might, given how miserable he was before going gluten-free, he did definitely react-- just delayed. TIred and moody, constipation. I don't know that my MIL will ever understand, but at least we were able to tell her that it did affect him.

    I'm totally happy to keep them on any diet that keeps them happy and healthy. I really don't get why people get all bent out of shape about it and how horrible it is for kids. Yes, there are times when I miss things. Yes, there are times when it's inconvenient. Yes, occasionally it's hard for the kids. But for the most part, it's really not a life of horrible deprivation. We eat pretty well and the kids are pretty happy with what we eat. (well, my daughter is. my son doesn't like food in general, but it has nothing to do with the lack of gluten or dairy).

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    People don't like to hear about things that threaten their outlook on life or what they see as "traditional". When I went vegan (before finding Celiac) I did it because of animal cruelty, I was educated on what was happening in factory farms and was horrified! Prior to finding this tragedy I was only following the ways I was brought up in as we all do, I wanted to share what I'd found help make a difference for these animals, I felt maybe people just didnt know because I didn't and that made the difference. I found that not only did they not want to hear it, it infuriated them to have me talk about it, like I was condemning them, they want their "blinders" it makes life "easier". After a time I found peace in myself about this issue and yes the passion still burns I want to find the highest peak and yell to the top of my lungs every horrible fact about factory farms! But I e come to realize that wasting my energy on trying to teach something to an unwilling audience is nonsense. They don't have to agree and that's okay. We all have our own lives to live, so your MIL doesn't nessasarily have to agree with, but in the case of feeding him gluten cookies, should be unacceptable, she should still follow your wishes, test results or no.

  7. So my daughter is twelve. Diagnosed by biopsy close to a year ago. Was hospitalized, failure to thrive, she stopped eating, very scary. Her dad, who I am no longer with, was unsupportive through it all - surprised me - he was always a pretty good father. Said we were overreacting, didn't want biopsy, etc. Now that she's firmly diagnosed he doesn't believe me on the separate toaster etc. thing. Looks at me like I'm crazy, and says it can't possibly make a difference. We do have gluten in our home for two other family members, but she has all of her own things and she's great about it - has fully accepted this and she and I both eat gluten free.

    Long story short, my daughter and his relationship is damaged - she no longer wants to go to his place because it's stressful for her - at most she'll go bowling or something with him for an hour or two. On the one hand I'm annoyed because it's entirely his own fault, on the other I feel badly for my daughter. His girlfriend has called me a couple times and seems more receptive, but it takes two. Anyone else encounter this kind of thing?

    I had a similar issue, getting my sons father to provide food for him while at his house. His idea was to have me make his meals (I'm also gluten-free) for him on the nights he stayed over, which I'm fine with doing but he is his parent too and should know what he can and can't eat. I took my son by his house to get his backpack he'd forgotten and he was hungry so went to his fathers kitchen and got upset when he couldn't find anything to eat. This did bother him that his son was hungry and he had nothing for him. We went shopping together this week to help him learn to read labels and give him ideas. My next hurdle is CC, like everyone else said here he doesn't see how it matters, we don't know how sensitive my son is yet but if we want his symptoms to get better we have to be safe. My plan is to keep sending him info, that has helped the whole time, he then feels he is making a decision based on research instead of my say so. Hope things get better with your daughter and her father's relationship...

  8. well, we are one week and one day into this crazy gluten-free journey! (my 12 year old son, philip, was just diagnosised last friday).......he's SUPER picky eater (he has down syndrome.....have worked in therapy since age 2 on trying to get him to eat new foods).....he eats about 6 different foods.......anyway, pizza is his main staple food (well, at least it was a week ago).......we had a special olympics basketball tournament today and i got him a dominos pizza!.....he of course inhaled it like it was mana from God (lol!)........i have read many negative things about this pizza (cross contamination)........was i a horrible mom for giving this to him today? and does anyone know anything about "cookie crisp" cereal?? (another one of the big 6 that philly will eat).......now the label doesn't have any wheat products, but at the bottom it says "may contain wheat products".......should this be a no-no, too???.................my head is spinning at all of this!.......i almost fainted the other day when i realized that vinager had wheat!!.....good grief........i pray that this gets easier......

    I don't recommend Dominos I walking in one day craving pizza and asked about their gluten free crust and they pretty much told me to go somewhere else (at least they didn't sell it to me anyways and make me sick) I don't know why they offer gluten free when they can't with a clear conscience sell it!! Of course your not a horrible mother for giving him what you thought to be gluten free pizza! Hang in there things will get easier there is a light at the end of the gluten free tunnel, a lot of restaurants are trying to incorporate gluten free menu items pizza places included.

  9. Thanks. However, since banana holds considerable moisture, it would prevent the flour from being completely cooked. That seems to be what makes me sick afterwards. It seems that most people aren't effected by partially uncooked pancakes though, and so that tells me something about my gut too. I do get decent results the way I make them now. It's just that they turn better with flours which simply don't get fully cooked. So I'm hoping that somehow I can find a way to get them to cook completely, using other flours in addition to buckwheat.

    I too use bisquick with EngerG powder egg replacer and they turn out great.

  10. Glad that you finally made the decision to take the jump. It's also good that your husband is supportive. It will be hard for both of you but definately worth it. One of the first things that you need to do is get rid of or segregate all of your plastic storage containers. Get yourself glass dishes. Stainless steel cookware is also important. Anything that scratches will become your enemy.

    Your husband will make mistakes. Be lenient with him. My first big mistake happened not long after my wife took the plunge (she has celiac, not me). I had been out hunting all day. The day turned out well and I came home excited. She had spent

    Hi everyone my name is Brittani I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 5 or 6 years ago I was like 16 at the time. Idecided that I didnt seem to have any symptoms or issues (more like iv had them so long I didnt really realize i had them) so I didnt really need to follow a gluten free diet. Well for the last year I have been having reacurring ear infections so I would go to the walk in clinic and get an antibiotic, finally the Dr. said I needed to go see a specialist so I did. The specialist couldnt find any ear infection or problems with my ears in general. He did however find signs of allergys so we discussed them and I told him I had been diagnosed with Celiac but didnt follow the diet. So he told me I really needed to start following it because its probably the root to all my issues...


    So I finally gathered togeather all my determination and threw out all foods in my house containing gluten and dairy (my husband is not thrilled but very supportive). I have been gluten and lactose free for a little over 24 hours and to be honest I feel worse! My stomach is gurgeling, I have diarrhea, and a headache. Is this normal for the beginning and how long does it usually take to get felling better?

    I too am new to the gluten free diet and my best suggestion is to research research research! This website has help a lot, hearing others experiences. From what I understand it takes 6-8 weeks to really start seeing results, I felt some better after the first week but this last week (week number 5) has been hard I've been going through what I think is gluten with drawl or maybe detox but I've had headaches been super tired and emotional. Just hang in there and know it will get better, it gets darkest before dawn!