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  1. Hi I'm a Filipino living in the Philippines and never traveled abroad. By the way sorry i don't have strength to scan on similar case/discussion of what i experience now, as i feel very sick and weak now. All I want is to go straight of my experience and hopefully our fellows here can help me. It all started when I became a fan of gallbladder cleanse or liverflush. At first i follow internet guide of Dr. Hulda Clark to have mild diet for several days taking lot of apples furits and juices then take olive oil and epsom salt on the 6th day to expel some gall stones. It's not the liverflush that I blame but the diet I chose to take. During the period of my mild diet I usually buy a long sliced whole wheat tasty bread. Also, after that cleansing I thought of losing some weight by replacing lots of rice I eat with this whole wheat breat from time to time. Later, I felt some pain on my lower abdomen especially in the morning when I wake up. I feel to have somewhat bloated abdomen and it gives me hard time to bend..I feel the pain radiates to my lower back too so I'm getting confused where the pain is really coming from, from abdomen or backwaist. I undergo x-ray of my lower back and it seems very slightly bent but the doctor told me that couldnt be the source of pain like slipped disk because if that is the case I cannot sit in the same position for long period of time. Another thing is he explained our spinal cord aligns to pains felt so he cannot depend on x-ray done while there is pain. I myself am convinced too that the pain is somewhere in my abdomen and just radiates to my back and even to other nerves such my knee..so as of now it's hard for me to bent and i'm having weak knee too. As it gets worst, I had month-long treatments and consultations. I tried kidney stones test, prostate test, blood tests, urinalyis, psa test,x-rays but all went negative. The pain subsided after I got confined in a hospital in 1st week of March 2013, taking 12 to 18 hours fasting, underwent colonoscopy, all-abdomen ct-scan and a minor operation on anal fistula. I notice after that fasting and confinement, that my abdoment pain subsided. At first I though it would be somehow related to the anal fistula removed but later after three weeks I was again wrong. The pain was now back and getting worse after taking breads, rice and all my normal diet. i was bothered that doctors cannot detect where this pain was coming from or its causes....after that long treatment...so I had to try to find it myself for now, and i came across http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/symptom-checker/DS00671/SYMPTOM=29BC7DD7-2A5D-9994-E5E4AFF0259C6908&TAB=Abdominal%2520pain After clicking some conditions that describe my pain, peptic ulcer and cerial desease top the result list. I observed and just realized after knowing this ceriac desease for the first time, that it was after my fasting the pain subsided..so I tend to conclude it has someting to do with my diet. Please advise if what I experience now such as pain in lower abdomen and lower back, hard to bend, weak knee nerve are possible symptoms of ceriac desease and the best sequence of diagnosis, test, and treatment I should undergo.. I felt so weak while typing, so I can't promise i could reply to your responses. So I want to give you my wholehearted thanks in advance. God bless you all and regards. mon