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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. So Fed Up

    Well spent hours with dietitian and she does believe I may have alot of food allergies. She has also put me on a high protien and fat diet to put some weight on my bones to. Kind of a little week at times so got to get some strngth back.
  2. So Fed Up

    Thanks for the info very helpfull to me.
  3. So Fed Up

    I know but my husband and children do not understand why they should have to switch to these things when they are fine. They love those little debbie Cakes and junk food lol. Its hadn for them to get it.
  4. So Fed Up

    I Have been trying my hardest to stay away from glutin. I have basicaly went to fresh fruit and veggies. Chicken and Steak oh and potatoes but yet still get sick alot and I believe it's cross contamination but not sure because I don't understand it. For instance I made treats for my kids not glutin free and never ate one bit but yet I was sick is it from breathing it, touching it what is cross contamination. HELPPPPPPPPP
  5. Making Food For Others

    It is so frustrating to me. I cant figure it out and I read everything but then I hear that there are other things that seem to give people problems. Like Whey because things i get glutin free say they have whey in them and also diary. I take lactose pills but im not sure if it's helping......
  6. So Fed Up

    I have to say a little something about this. I was recently diagnosed and now I have been even sicker then before when cross contamination happen but my mom keeps telling me it's in my head. She thinks its strange that I ate these foods for years and wasnt so sick and now I am. She said she doesn't think this eating glutin free is any safer for me. So Last night she called and I was in bed with a migrane and a bucket throwing up so she asked me why and I told her I think I ate cross contaminated food. She then laughed and said no you probly have bug. So I feel your pain with this and it makes you feel like you are possing problem with others. Horrable
  7. Making Food For Others

    Ok People does it ever get any better last night was so horrable. I was in so much pain, then puking and felt like I was gonna pop head off from force and then again today Pain in stomach and chest. Im glutin free eating as far as I know so Im not sure what is setting me off so bad now. Im getting very angry anymore dont even want to eat or drink.
  8. Making Food For Others

    My family is extremly busy with many sports so always on the go need ideas on fast glutin free meals that are fast and inexspensive too Lol is this even possible..
  9. Making Food For Others

    Looking to see how you all support this eating glutin free. Im finding it all realy expensive and I have 4 kids so not so easy on my pocket. Please Help
  10. Making Food For Others

    I have a question to anyone out there that may be able to answer it. How does anyone afford to shop glutin free is there a good place to shop that is affordable. I have a house of 5 and my pockets aren't deep enough to afford the cost of glutin free foods. Help
  11. Making Food For Others

    Well Im still not all the way there but am learning slowing some of the secrets in glutin free eating. love the support here
  12. Well I to am new to this site and as well as being diagnose about a month ago. I have been suffering for years with migranes,colds,flu pnemonia and many other things it was hard for me. Im now been diagnosed and am in realy bad shape from what my dr has said bbut still am having a hard time with eating glutin free as I have 4 kids and make them dinner everyday and watch them eat the stuff I love. So after a few weeks had went by and I decided how bad would one piece of pizza realy be to me. Yes I ate it and let me tell you with in 10 minutes I was so sick and had the worst migrane I had ever had. I had to lay in bed with a bucket by the bed and couldnt even open eyes to see where I was puking at that point I realized its not worth fighting and must learn to live with what I had been dealt with. I have a friend who is very athletic who was recently diagnosed with Ms and there is no cure for that. With that being said we have a choice to live and be healthy some dont. So please just dont fight it and yes it's ok to be angry we all go thru it but please dont fight it.Good Luck to You.
  13. Making Food For Others

    Thank you for all the tips it realy does help to hear from all the different views people have and tips. I think Im finaly comming around to the change. I even got hubby to make sons Bday cake as I was not doing it. As for myself I even made a apple crisp glutin free so I can have a treat to as well as some sorbiet ice cream yummy. Im learning slowly. I just cant stand feeling so horrible all the time so deff need to change. My dr said Im in bad shape left untreated for 30 plus years is not good. I have been sick since a very young child. So thanks all for the support
  14. Making Food For Others

    Im just so hoping this all will get easier with time. Im not a patient person and being swallon like im 9 months pregnant is so not feeling good. I cant even fit into my own clothes. Im stressed to max
  15. Making Food For Others

    Well thank you and I have been eating simple. I pretty much live off of boneless skinless chicken on grill and potatoes and veggies. I make enough the night before for lunch the next day. I never was into breads but I did love pasta so its hard. I think the hardest thing is having 4 kids and hubby that dont need to do this and just making their foods make me very sick. Im not sure what to do about that but I will have my kids checked out too. Thanks for the help