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  1. Thank you all for being so helpful. I had a great time during my trip. The places that I tried were the following: - Helmut NewCake - Delicious pastries and brunch. BEST gluten...
  2. The husband and I are taking a trip to Paris soon. Are there any recommendations for us to try? Helmut Newcake and Noglu are on our list. Anything else? Also does anyone know...
  3. I just confirmed all Gaviscon products are gluten free as of today. I do however, have an upset stomach from it so i guess this is a no go for me. Might be the sorbitol
  4. Thank you Laura. I tried the extra strength ones and the bottle says "may contain starch" but not specific. I will contact them today but i am having stomach cramps. Might be the...
  5. Are they gluten free? I thought they were but accidentally I had reached the gaviscon.ca website and the U.S. website does not have the gluten free info available. I had them before...
  6. Anjani, for me it turned out to be the trigger for mast cell issues. You can read up more on that on this forum. Search mast cell activation syndrome.
  7. It can definitely be a cause. I am sorry this happened to you. Please google "floxing" and you will read many stories of people injured by this drug. I have read supplementing...
  8. In addition to autoimmune issues, another thing that can cause this is "floxing". Have you taken any antibiotics in the cipro / Levaquin family before the issues started?
  9. Has anyone dined here safely? I used to love their food before diagnosis but not sure how careful they really are.
  10. Thank you! Used the McCormick one and was fine.
  11. Which ones do you guys use that is safe? I am looking at the McCormick one which seems fine but wanted to double check whether anyone had an issue with it.
  12. I haven't eaten there but I live in NYC so if you try let me know
  13. I have been diagnosed with SIBO (methane type). My doctor prescribed Xifaxan but the manufacturer cannot tell me whether there is any gluten containing ingredients. This is not...
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