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  1. Thank you all for being so helpful. I had a great time during my trip. The places that I tried were the following: - Helmut NewCake - Delicious pastries and brunch. BEST gluten free eclairs. You will find classic french pastries here. - Noglu - A must try for both lunch and dinner. - Thank you...
  2. The husband and I are taking a trip to Paris soon. Are there any recommendations for us to try? Helmut Newcake and Noglu are on our list. Anything else? Also does anyone know the business hours for Helmut Newcake?
  3. Magnesium supplements helped immensely with cramps, pain and twitching for me even though my lab tests did not show a deficiency.
  4. I took magnesium supplements even though blood work did not show a deficiency. Cramps were gone in a month. Hope that helps.
  5. A rash similar to heat rash after a day at the beach was one of the first things I noticed when I started getting sick. I still get a similar rash now if I go to the beach. I am not sure if it is celiac related but I hope with the supplements and gluten-free diet it will eventually go away. I try...
  6. This is so helpful. I think it's best to eliminate all the gluten we can