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  1. Does anyone use McCormick spices? I've found the most difficult thing about being gluten-free is finding spices that are. I used to use Simply Organic till I called them and found they are not gluten-free, but apparently will be certified gluten-free soon. McCormick is not certified, but their company...
  2. Thanks! And that is so funny about taking advice from forums. I have that thought all the time. I have a doctor appointment at the Celiac Center at Columbia, so I'm sure I'll get clinical answers there, but it's great to hear other stories from people. Best health to you! I hope you have many pleasant...
  3. This is amazing to read. My father and I both have some ataxia-like symptoms and when I eliminated all processed foods I noticed it went away and I had more energy, less fatigue. But how do you avoid all processed foods all the time? Isn't that difficult? I find I can't keep it up for too long.
  4. It is so so so great to see someone bring up this topic! I can't put into words how grateful I am that someone brought this up, truly... Anyone I asked looked at me like I was crazy until I found an article online. This might be helpful: http://www.livingwithout.com/issues/4_12/ataxia-2366-1...