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  1. Hi everyone!


    I just joined.  I'm in the process of being diagnosed and after my last test I will be on the gluten-free diet/lifestyle. 


    My question or my appeal for advice is that I will be traveling for business not even a month into my new lifestyle change and I'm afraid that going away on business will make what is already a hard task (finding things to eat that are safe/allowed) will be even harder.


    Does anyone have any suggestions for flying/traveling gluten free?  I figured I can bring some snacks for the plane they are offering food service.  I also notified the hosts of the conference and they are aware of my special dietary needs for the few meals they will be providing. 


    What do people suggest?  I just read that carrying a card with what I'm "allergic" to is helpful (different forum).  I feel like when I ask people about food prep and other things they look at me like I've grown two heads even if they are like ... ah, yeah gluten free. 


    Thanks in advance!