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  1. Ok so Ive been doing really well with the whole gluten free diet thing and realizeing that this is me. I am totally cool with it. Then I find out I have a allergy to eggs. Ok kinda sucks but I can deal with that. But now I am allergic to tree nuts. Ok seriously this is crap. I have allergys 365 days a freeking year and now you want to add more food allergys to me on top of it! come on.

    I went to one allergist and he doesnt want to do that desensatizeing thing( he gave me some reason but I dont remember ) Honestly if all this is connected to being a celiac ,what is the point of behaveing yourself? :(

  2. My husband and I decided that we are going to try for a baby. Well I have some wuestions that I hope all you smart awsome people could answer or tell me where to go to find the answer

    1) some people told me that celiacs cant have all the prego drugs, some say that they can

    2) is there anything special that I should do while pregnant( other than sticking to the diet )

    3) Is being a pregnant celiac any diffrent than being pregnant without being a celiac

    any help or direction that you could give would be much appreciated!! :D

  3. It is getting to the point that I really hate family get togethers,. Thanksgiving we all went to my cousins house, I had my own food, But I felt like I stuck out. My food had to be microwaved and was on a seperate plate from everyone else. Everyone there kept makeing a big deal about it, asking me well well cant you have some of the cheese( which was covered in bread crumbs) or the fruit . I dont think anyone really understands, I mean a few people try but I know some of my family think that I am gluten-free by choice. To be honest I really dont care if I go to another family thing. All I do is feel way too diffrent ( I know thats not a bad thing) way too segregated. :(

  4. When I first was diagnosed a celiac my thyroid was off the charts the endo doctor figured out what was going on and that got better because I was able to absorbe the synthroid. Well now my thyroid is off the charts again , I havent been getting into anything that I am not suppost to. Could another type of food be causing this? or I am totally grasping here?

  5. Ok I understand that my family and my soon to be mother inlaw are jsut being nice, BUT crap ok I am getting singled out on everything! Diffrent meals are getting made just for me when we go over to his parents house for dinner, my brothers fieiance( I cant spell sorry) Is getting a just me gluten free food for her wedding . I just wish people would quit makeingsuch a big deal out of it. yes i do apresiate it but oh I dont know maybe I am just in a mood

  6. Ok I am newly engaged and all was well until I started thnking about what the reception was going to be like with the food. I dont know what I should do. If I should make all of the guests eat the gluten free food, If I should have my own made then have normal food for everyone else ( ok I know our food is normal, for us) But holy crap I dont know. :unsure: