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  1. Does YOUR pharmacist where gloves? Nope...None do.......Its not gross or unsanitary at all. In no pharmacy do you see pharacists or or the staff wearing gloves. For lots of reasons...
  2. Thanks. Yes I take many Vit B. I take so many suppliments everyday. I am not seeing any difference in my hair, I posted another question about it. I work in a pharmacy and handle...
  3. Weird question I work in a Pharmacy and I handle hundreds of pills in a day with my hands. I have been really not good laetly, loosing and breaking SO much hair. Getting tests...
  4. Hello Fellow Celiacers. I was diagnosed 10 years ago, and its been fairly good since. About 2 years ago I tought myself to eat oats (Oatmeal) for breakfast. Never used to. gross...