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  1. Thanks stephm. My son also has extremely dry skin (it flares into full blown eczema at times). He licks his lips when he's nervous and gets a huge angry red rash around his mouth almost instantly - I can tell if he's stressed by the rash around his mouth! Never thought it could be related to fat...
  2. Thanks Jkta. Yes, it always seems like a struggle to get him to drink water! That is definitely something we need to work on - I'm sure it would help. All the best with your daughter - I hope the endoscopy goes well.
  3. Thanks for your input ravenwoodglass. I thought the same thing but she caused me to question that. In all fairness, she did say that an elimination diet may be a good idea in the future - she just felt that he could be missing out on some vital nutrients while growing if we did an elimination...
  4. Hello all. My 7 y/o son has been struggling with chronic constipation since he started solid foods. He has been on PEG (miralax, restoralax) for a couple years and we have had to continually up the dosage to keep him somewhat regular. His paediatrician tested him for TTG IgA (he was negative...