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  1. 0range

    Week 7

    Best of luck... i hope you get some answers soon and that symptoms improve on this diet..
  2. I believe it's because testing or acknowledging that something is wrong means that you will have to face the music, as they say. I'm not a diagnosed celiac, but Hashimoto's runs in our family - both my dad and I have it. My twin brother is showing signs of thyroid dysfunction (losing hair, sleeping...
  3. Hi everyone! I've noticed a strange symptom: the last few times I have had dairy, I get joint pain. Normally I avoid dairy as I am lactose-intolerant, but have the occasional slip-up. I noticed when I had dessert with some ice-cream the other day, my knees were very sore. And then last night, I...
  4. Oh this is wonderful! You have a gift! You ought to publish this in more places. Brilliant work. Reminds me of when I used to write poetry.. it's been a few years! Here's my ode to some naturally gluten-free salmon! http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Anuma/media/OdetoSalmon1png.jpg.html
  5. I love your taste in music! The oldies are goodies :-)   P.S. Don't listen to the haters - keep being you! 
  6.   This is a terrible idea lol but you should "sneak" in a delicious gluten-free treat (masqueraded as gluten) and then after they comment on how delicious it is tell them that it is in fact gluten-free. xD Sometimes we can have subtle biases. Since I did not grow up eating pork (and actually...
  7. 0range

    I Need To Vent.

    *hugs hugs hugs* I know how you feel. While I don't have celiac, I know what it is like having a chronic illness in your 20s. I was diagnosed with "Hashimoto's thyroiditis" an autoimmune thyroid disease. I am 23 and attending university (I had to take a few years off to recover from being sick all...
  8. As a gluten eater, honestly, if it's prepared well I cannot tell the difference. I had a friend who had a baking business, and I ate her dairy-free, wheat-free cookies (before I even know what gluten was) a few years ago. BEST COOKIES I'VE EVER HAD! bar none! So I don't really get the association...
  9. Try dairy-free cheese! We have "Daiya" here in Canada
  10. Oh darn! just realized. I wonder if there are any others on this forum dealing with metaplasia. I have been trying to educate myself about it ever since my dad developed it. I heard it is reversible as well, if you deal with the stimulus or the instigator that caused it to develop is removed. Scary...
  11. I know this is an old thread, but I am posting in it again! My dad has intestinal metaplasia. OP, have there been any changes in your condition?