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  1. Thank you for the info. and concerns. I've been researching this and debating this for quite some time. I do feel as if I am making an informed choice. Obviously there is a risk with any type of surgery - this is a personal decision and appreciate the responses with no judgement. Thanks!
  2. Sorry if I've worried you needlessly - I'm sure there is nothing to worry about if you haven't had any problems yet. The reason I asked the question was one of the ps' I saw for a consult had mentioned that with celiac disease being like a psuedo-autoimmune disorder it may put me at higher risk...
  3. Hi, Not sure where to post this topic - thought I might try here since it seems that quite a few women who get implants are very active. Do you know of anyone or do you have breast implants and celiac disease? If so, how was your recovery? Did you have any complications? Please respond...