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  1. Has anyone out there with celiac had a carcinoid tumor in the small intestines or colon? lisa e
  2. I am curious if anyone has had their doctor recognize Celiac with their naked eye from an endoscopy. My doctor does not have much experience with Celiac so he did not, however I have the pictures and comparing them to the pictures online it is very very evident. Mosiac pattern, dry-cracked apperance, no sign of villi. I must have been dealing with this a long time because of the amount of damage. Thanks for feedback! Lisa E
  3. leudy

    Help With Breakfast Ideas

    What do you put in your smoothies? and what kind of flour do you use for pancakes? Thanks a million for you ideas
  4. Help!!!!! I need ideas for quick gluten free breakfast foods. I have just found out I have Celiac and I am always on the go with work and kids and I need ideas of quick foods. Any input is greatly appreciated!!!! Lisa E
  5. Has anyone out there ever had a yeast infection in their small intestines? Thanks for any input! Lisa E
  6. I have the pictures and I am not sure what villi should look like. The pictures are of the beginning of the small intestine and it looks sort of cracked and the whole area including inside is discolored. It doesn't look like the healthy pink tissue that it should be and some areas look kind of like a yeast infection! Sounds weird I know! Thanks for your reply! Lisa
  7. I have just had and endoscopy and a biopsy. The pictures of my small intestines were terrible , Lots of irratation and some pus ! My doc is treating me for a shingles types viral infection but we are (doc Included) think this is coming from wheat intolerance. Have any of you ever had infection and severe irration from Celiac ? I would love to compare to others who had seen theit biopsy pictures!!! thanks, Lisa
  8. thanks for your reply. I am in north georgia, which doctor do you see? I am also hypo with hasimotos thyroiditis. other than my thyroid the alk phos levels are the only thing that showed up. did you have other bloodwork that was abnormal? How did you finally figure out the problem. and if you don't mind telling me some of your symptoms. Do you have food allergies as well? Sorry to ask soooo much but I am desperate for answers and I seem to have major problems after I eat gluten and peanuts. I am currentlyon steriods to reduce the swelling in my throat after eaten and huge amount of homemade eggrolls( gluten in the wrapper) for several days.
  9. leudy


    I do the same thing! It seems to last for 2-7 days and then I will be okay until another atttack. Are your symptoms only gastro? I am having swelling in the throat and eso. and I feel like I have been blown up with air. Sound familiar?
  10. Thanks for your reply! I am seeing a gastro dr . on Tuesday. Just curious what do you mean by subclinical celiac disease and what are your symptpms? I don't want osteo when I am old either but my doctor doesn't seeem really concerned. My levels range from 170-200 and normal is around 135. This just showed up about 18 months or so.
  11. I keep having elevated levels on alkaline phostaphase on my blood work. I also have hashimotos thyroiditis and am suspisous of gluten intolerance. After i consume large amount of gluten I get terrible gas and bloating and my throat and esophagas swell. Can anyone give me some insight about the blood levels and other problems. How soon after ingesting gluten do most symptoms start? Thanks for any input! Lisa