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  1. I have no troubles with coffee, and I drink a lot of it. I don't drink flavored coffee, not because of a gluten concern, but because I just like my coffee to taste like, well, coffee.


    :D I am going to use this next time I am offered senseo. What the crap is that?


    I started reading a lot on good quality single sourced beans and using a French press to keep the flavor etc and started buying higher end coffee...only to realize that my stomach does not handle it well! Seems only weaker coffee sits ok with me. Folgers Simply Smooth seems to be fine and other just lower end coffee brands.


    Has anyone else had this experience? I LOVE the flavor of the really well made stuff (with supposedly less mold and toxins that can be irritable to the gut) However I seem to be the exact opposite, the stronger stuff is the irritant to my gut and the Folgers of the world coffee selection sit just fine...I'm wondering if other Celiacs have had a similar experience?



    I was sensitive to coffie and chewing gum untill I stopped eating something that was bothering me (don't remember what it was). Maby (or maby not) there is something weakining your stomach making you intolerant to strong coffie. It might me worth the try looking into a food diary and see if there is a pattern.

  2. It's day five since quitting the challange, I am still so run down,tired and feeling hopeless. Could it last so long? I respond the same way to gluten-free oats, or at least the runny nose. Long time since I gave up oats but I remember me eating oats stating "I can eat otats! I can eat oats! It's FINE!" while sucking my nose constantly. I didn't want to make the connection. :ph34r:


    Thank you for responding to me :flowers: (just pretend they are there)

  3. I think I am definitally not celiac (based on tests and  my iron is fine), but I am severly food intolerant and I am really restricted,


    I was eating gluten-free cornflakes, lactose free milk, rice porridge, gluten-free crackers, butter, cheese, rice, eggs and some meats - then I added wheat bread. I was having some symptoms like sudden runny nose for short period of time, sneezing, lipliner and a red circle on my upper lip, thirst, dry mucosa, excessive mucus in stool and constipation, peeing alot, irritation in body at night, joint pain and numbness and nerve pain in my right hand. I took out bread and most of the symptoms cleard up but not the lip, hand and dry mucosa. Yesterday I didn't eat my gluten-free cornflakes, I had a good sleep, not peeing so often and my hand was fine.


    Usually I could eat the gluten-free cornflakes but suddenly now I react to it. Hence I was wondering if a gluten challange could make me not tolerate what I usually do.

  4. I hate to hear people treating other people bad because of their intolerances. Not like you chose this for your self. I really feel Bad for anyone with all the intolerances. I just have a few. I feel so lucky. But when I tell someone my intolerances they say. Wow! What on earth can you eat? 


    I think people don't like when your different, "you ought to be like the group and eat cake!". Once at work I had a piece of candy and one lady said she was so happy seeing me eating candy! I notice when I eat with other people that they don't relax and eat their food, they are watching what other are doing with their food. Pretty weird.

  5. Thank you, Klisja! I will look into that! I hadn't even thought about additives. I eat mostly whole foods (fruits, veggies, few grains), but I bet there are some hidden additives in things I'm not thinking about. 


    Yes, people's behavior around my intolerances brings a lot of eye rolls. They think I'm being difficult or picky! 


    Excactly, people find me sooo boring hahaha. Hope this helps, good luck on your journey :)

  6. Pretty much everything, unfortunately. I'm so frustrated right now. My food intolerance issues started with lactose intolerance in 2005, then onions and green peppers, then a bunch of other things. Last year, while working with a dietitian, I had some food sensitivity testing done, and found many other things, from meat to fruits and vegetables and tea(!), that I have reactions to. I was just diagnosed with celiac disease and leaky gut this May. Now, my dietitian thinks I may have sensitivities to high FODMAPs foods, which I understand, as many of those foods were also on my test results last year. However, being dairy-free, meat-free and gluten-free already, eliminating high FODMAPs foods leaves me very little to eat.  I'm currently eliminating oats to see if they are causing continued issues, so I'm stumped for breakfast foods. 


    Sometimes I get so envious of people I see in restaurants who can eat whatever and not have to worry about it making them sick! 


    Hey Millerb68


    Have you looked into amines, salicylates and glutamates and tried failsafe diet? It's a tough challenge but might help, here is a great site http://fedup.com.au/


    The food restrictions bother me less then peoples behavior around my intolerances. Sometimes I feel like a freak!

  7. Hi Klisja,


    Have you ever do a test for the allergy at nickel? My mother has this problem and the foods that she can eat are very limited... I don't know if this can help you, but if you don't feel good I think that prove something else is important.  :)


    (sorry for my English... I'm Italian and I'm just started a new method for learning English better  ^_^ )


    Hi Ele, thanks for responding.


    I haven't been tested for anything but celiac (wich was negative) and some common allergies. I have looked into nickel but I have yet to test if that is the case. I have alot of testing to do to see what kind of chemicals I don't tolerate, if I can stay clean for a while (but that is soooooo hard :blink: ).


    Your english is just fine, I am from Iceland and know how puzzling it can be sometimes to line up the right words in a sentence :P

  8. What does not set me off is: rice, GFcornflakes, eggs, lactosfree milk, coffie, salt, gum, crispbread made of rice and cornflour, cheese, butter, chicken (don't know about fish and other meets, chicken is the only thing that taste good just with salt).


    Anything else can set of some symptoms. I don't know what kind of food intoleranca I have, if other things irritate the system because I am not healed after gluten damage or something else is bothering me. I haven't tested positive for celiac though.

  9. I´ve been having numb hands and bad pains, usually in the right hand fingers, when I wake up or wake up because of it. I hadn't been eating gluten for a while when that started, I was drinking pure apple juice and/or vitamins. And it's most definetly food related, when I stop eating trigger foods I don't feel the nerve pain.


    What is puzzling me is that the pain comes from other things that are supposed to be gluten-free but by googling the only food intolerant explanation is gluten.


    I've had the bumps on the back of my thigs and butt.it got better going gluten free but are gone now after I started drinking lactose free milk.

  10. Not to my face but I think people thought I was depressed and was just using my stomach as an excuse (like kids do when they wont go to school).


    I have, like you, serious issues with food. All I can eat is rice (and ricecakes), rolled oats (not quick), milk, cream, butter, salt, white sugar, meat (not pork), eggs and decaff. I eat cheese too but I think it's problametic. That's it for now!


    Good luck, it took me 3 years to find my list :)

  11. I am not sure I am celiac or gluten intolerant but I don't tolerate gluten (but I can eat rolled oats, not quick). I think my problem is that my colon is so damaged from intolerance that there are few things I can tolerate for now. 


    But eating rye and barley make my colon shake and squeeze (don't now how to describe properly) but fine wheat and spelt make me extreamly tired, I kinda just fall allt the way to the bedroom and my bed grabs me.


    I don't know how not to have brainfog, lethargy or hyperactivity (getting better) so that's in second place.

  12. Testing isn't very reliable. The best way to test is to do an elimination diet. Have you been to http://salicylatesensitivity.com/ ? They give lists of foods with their sals levels. For example, yes, spices are usually high in sals but you CAN have garlic. And although most fruits and all berries have rather high levels, you can eat bananas and pears if you peel those pears thickly. (The only reason I don't eat either of those is because it is almost impossible to get decent produce where I live.)


    Yes, I am going by that list now. Or starting monday (I don't know how many mondays I've planned to start). I am allergic to bananas, and they make my colon puke (it feels like it). Where I live the pears are unripe and usually damaged before they become soft.


    Garlic and onoins make me sick, eating garlic gives me flu like symptoms and I can't even eat garlic diffused oil (wich is supposed to be safe).


    I am testing some things on the list, like iceberg, canned pears, cashews ect. Or I will this week when I am better.


    Thanks for beeing here, I really appreciate the help :)

  13. I didn't give up my coffee. I will NEVER give up my coffee!!!! I miss blueberries so much and I bet if I gave up coffee I'd be able to tolerate them once in a while, but even my beloved blueberries aren't worth giving up coffee for.


    One thing to keep in mind - after you have been gluten-free for a while you might be able to tolerate more things. Don't give up hope. :)


    Mmm blueberries.  :wub:  I used to eat them every day.

    I've been testing abit and it has been a horrible week for me. I am afraid to test iceberg :wacko:

    Maby if I would just drink coffie or tea, that would probable make a difference :)



    Are you allergic to salicylates or NSAIDs (e.g. Ibuprofen)?  I am, but I'm able to eat foods containing salicylates.  I guess I'll remain watchful.  I supposed moderation and rotating foods is helpful.  


    My NSAID/Aspirin allergy has caused anaphylaxis (facial/eye, throat, tongue swelling) which was very frightening!  


    I think I am sensitive to sals, I am not 100% sure. But a started to suscepct it was sals when I had to remove all spices from my diet. But I can't tolaret the onion family either so, I don't k now. Need some testing :)