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  1. Thanks Adalaide I will check next time we're at the grocery store and see if they have that brand. I don't think they do though.
  2. Sweet! Thanks Karen! I never thought that would be on amazon if their website didn't do it lol
  3. Never mind..you can't...I tried finding anything at a local store and can't find anything. Still have to give them a call. Seems they only sell on the west coast?
  4. Oh my gosh thank you for that suggestion. I have to give them a call. Looking at their website it looks like you can get it delivered!
  5. haha thanks. The food processor thing would definitely be an option. As for things being added....I just moved to the states in 2009 from canada myself. Your ground turkey doesn't say natural flavoring or anything? That's all that was on any of this...and apparently even with costco when i called...
  6. Hmm even costco told me the ground turkey has rosemary. I guess I'm sticking to the turkey tenders i found at weis as it only has salt and water solution injected and is completely gluten free. No ground turkey for me =\ kareng you sad your issue was the salt injections? Was this just you needing...
  7. I've been staying away from spices and working on my nutrition due to problems I've been having. Spices might give me trouble with the issues I've been having. So it's out for me for now unfortunately. I really wanted ground turkey but it looks like it's hard to find..shadybrook farms ground turkey...
  8. Called Jennie-O just now and she said that natural flavoring will always refer to a spice or seasoning. When i asked her about what was in the ground turkey she said rosemary That's out for me at the moment. Maybe someday!
  9. Quite possibly yeah. Probably ground the turkey but want it to keep more of it's flavor so they place it back in? We'll see what they say I'll give them a call.
  10. Only realized the natural flavoring since jennie-o closed on friday so I'm gonna call tomorrow Thanks for letting me know that I had no idea sometimes that that's all natural flavoring means.. Good suggestion on the Muslim meat store I never would have thought of that!
  11. I'm sensitive to a few things right now and I wanted to start eating ground turkey but found that companies like jennie-o have natural flavoring listed in the ingredients. Does anyone know of a place where i can order just the plain meat online? Like omaha steaks does for a few things? Or a grocery...