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  1. Update, for those googling! We had the repeat labs, they came back pretty much the same (with the exception of the WBCs) coming back normal. He had the biopsy, and it came back positive. So we officially have a diagnosis.
  2. An update, in case anyone is in a similar situation later: I really liked the GI doc we saw. He was quite thorough and had a good repoire with my son. The plan is to repeat the ttg, and CBC, and also check the dgp. He is also going to have a abdominal X-ray, and then if the ttg or dgp is positive again we will schedule a egd. So we wait and see.
  3. Thank you for the info. He's a super healthy kid, so if the WBCs are chronic it's not really affecting him. And yes, I will need pasta recommendations because I've always heard the gluten free stuff isnt good. That would be a huge relief! Thanks for those links. I'll definitley ask about that at our appt.
  4. Thank you so much for all that info. I'm of course hoping that for some reason the test was wrong and he doesnt have it, but it's so helpful to prepare myself for the very real possibility. We see the GI doc soon, which will be helpful. Luckily his symptoms are not very extreme so it's not a problem to let him have gluten until testing is finalized. He loves pasta so much so taking it away is going to be quite an ordeal anyway. Again, thanks for taking the time to answer.
  5. Hi, I recently brought my 6 year old to the doctor because of ongoing complaints about stomach pain. He ordered a variety of labs, including some celiac labs. The only labs that were off were a low WBC (around 2) and his ttg, which was 9 with a reference range of <4 negative, 4-10 weak positive and >10 positive. His ema was negative. We are scheduling an appointment with a pediatric gi, but I guess I'm just wondering of any chance of this being a false positive or any other reason this would be elevated that isn't celiac. I know ttg can also indicate type 1 dm, but he has no diabetic symptoms and his metabolic panel came back fine.