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  1.  I am waiting impatiently for answers to this question and would like to leave my journey so far, too.


    In May, at my annual exam, my dr. ordered the celiac blood test and told me to cut gluten to see if I feel better.  When the blood test came back she told me I had a gene for celiac but probably didn't have it and just to go gluten free.  So, that is where I am.  It is pretty unsatisfying.  While I feel better, I don't feel 100%.  I know sometimes I inadvertently eat gluten.  I also don't know if my energy levels are low because I am not eating much -- gluten was my main food group -- or because of withdrawal.  I'd appreciate any thoughts/advice.


    As Skyblue4 mentioned, I have some definite reasons not to be diagnosed but the gray area I am in right now is hard for me.