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  1. Posted 2 hours ago · Well, I am not new. I lurk a lot and have posted in the past. I have known for years that I have a gluten sensitivity. But now I'm pretty sure it's celiac. I have had DH for the past few days. Hands, ankles, and knees have the hallmark blisters of DH. And, my GOD, they are itchy! But what is really weird is how quickly we forget. When the bumps came up I instantly recognized them. I had had them before - years ago, long before I even know about gluten - and never really thought much of them. I guess I just thought, back then, that they were bites or something. But now I know I have seen them before. I've had these blisters on occasion since my teen years. And I am 45 now so that is a LONG time to not notice or make a correlation. The problem is that I haven't had them in probably ten years and I have only been Gluten-aware for about four years. So, now I realize the need to be VERY careful from here on out. Lesson learned. Learned the hard way, but ultimately learned.
  2. Yes, please explain! What does that mean?
  3. We have the McCormick's gluten-free here in Canada. I've used it without problem and it tastes the same as the regular mix.
  4. I don't know. Before I went gluten-free I knew of other celiacs and often made goodies for them even though I was still a wheat-eater. I was always VERY careful. Never used plastic anything. Made sure I super cleaned counters and glass bowls and metal utensils before hand etc. No one ever got cc'd. I think it depends on how educated you think that person is.
  5. Ah, thanks, Ladies, regarding the NCGI testing. That makes more sense now!
  6. Long story, short.........I ordered a home celiac blood test for my daughter who ended up in the ER where she had a whole celiac panel done. So, now I have a Biocard test just sitting here. I would love to really know but the thought of what comes with eating gluten - ACK! Regardless, I am thinking about doing a challenge. How much do I REALLY need to eat and for how long? I've been gluten-free for three years. Has anyone here actually gone that long gluten-free and then done a gluten challenge? If so, how much did you eat and for how long?
  7. There's a test for NCGI???? I had no idea they could test for that now. That's interesting because I KNOW that I am, at the very least, NCGI so I immediately suspected gluten sensitivity when she started feeling crappy. I didn't know they had a test for that. Thanks!
  8. UPDATE We got the results back. Both the celiac panel and the H Pylori were negative. Ugh.....now we have absolutely no idea what to do. We have to start from square one again.
  9. I'm sorry you are going through this. It must be so hard. Is it possible she is getting cross contaminated at home? if you are using old bowls, plastic bowls, cups, anything that was used when you all consume gluten it sometimes sticks in the small scratches etc of cookware or mixing bowls. Also, wooden spoons, the cutting board, toaster etc. Could you hit the dollar store and purchase a few basic supplies to ONLY use for the family for gluten-free prep and see if her symptoms disappear? If it works you will know she is getting cross-contaminated. Also, is she sharing anything at school?
  10. Does anyone know of a GOOD gluten-free magazine that doesn't fleece Canadians if you want a subscription? I find that I go on magazine websites, get all excited and then when I want to subscribe I find that to send it to Canada the cost is almost double. $40 a year for a mere six issues is just ridiculous, IMO.
  11. I know. **sigh** I just (re) started the search for a decent sandwich bread. You know, one that is full sized AND you can actually eat cold as in A SANDWICH! Ugh......
  12. No, not yet. Our GP is hoping they come in tomorrow (Thursday). It's been a very long wait! I am hoping it's H Pylori and NOT celiac. Fingers crossed. She's still suffering with a lot of nausea and pain.
  13. We had our daughter tested last Thursday. It was done at the ER. It was a celiac blood panel. They sent us home and told us to follow up with our GP when the test comes in. Yesterday I called the GP and it still wasn't back. That would have been four days (with a weekend included in that time line). How long did it take you to get your results?