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  1. Hi Jess Your photos look a lot like my DH. I am not officially diagnosed. I find avoiding gluten in food is not...
  2. I abide by all the previous comments. It doesn't seem to be commonly shared on here but for me gluten avoidence is in...
  3. I joined this forum over 2 years ago.. With an email address I no longer use. I don't itch any more. About time I came...
  4. Oh and one final tip: don't work in a bakery
  5. Hi all, I haven't been on the forum since May so it is nice to return with some good news. In May of 2011 I was working...
  6. Di2011


    this forum via mobile is better but new to me
  7. Di2011


    I've been offline for a.while. My DH has been stable. For a.while. I itch every day but I work etc. as if I've not...
  8. I'm trying to get touch phone savvy but taking time
  9. Di2011

    Dj With Kids

    I've been off this forum for months. My Dh has been okay for a while. Tonight my 9 y/I shows me a wild patch of itchy...
  10. Di2011

    Might Have Dh, Need Advice

    You are so right squirmingitch. We've all learnt the hard way, haven't we ?! sigh.. It took me a long while to come...
  11. I've worked in a supermarket and you are absolutely worthy of being concerned. The regular flour in particular is packed...
  12. Di2011

    What Brand Of Rice Do You Use?

    I'm in Australia so product availability seems to be different. I am sensitive due to my DH. I have tested many "enriched...
  13. Di2011

    Another Does This Look Like Dh Post

    theresa56 Welcome to the forum!! You are one of our rare "diagnosed" DH celiacs. We'd would be incredibly indebted if...
  14. I'm with our great (and mostly officially un-diagnosed) posters above Stick with the referal to the Uni. Take lots of...
  15. Di2011

    Might Have Dh, Need Advice

    Public and friends/family BBQs were a constant source of cross contamination in my early days. Let us know how you reacted...