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  1.       Get an IGA/TTG blood test for Celiac. Even if you were negative five years ago you could be positive by now. That should tell you everything you need to know. Just curious, did they do a biopsy when you got scoped? My GI said I was fine and then the biopsy came back...
  2. When asking if there was a test to see if I was lactose intolerant the physicians assistant's nurse could hardly tell me the response from the physician's assistant with a straight face. She said to tell you to drink a quart of milk and see what happens. I immediately said I am not going to do that...
  3. I've become somewhat of a germ a phobe, initially because my immune system was so weak that every cold or flu felt like it could kill me. Now with the cross contamination issues it has stuck because it is still so important. Things get easier with time and there really are getting to be more...
  4. Hang in there! It's hard to get used to, but if you stick to it your health will get better. There will always be some who do not get it and may never get it, but those who care about you most will accept you. They may never "get" it but they will be accepting more and more over time. I have a brother...