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  1. I just recently returned from Ixtapa and was not glutened at all. I had brought some of my own food, but I never used it. Now we were staying at a resort, but I kept to simple foods. When we went out to eat I was still able to find something to eat. I had thought about not going on this trip because of my diet and now I am ready to go again. In Mexico they use a lot of corn in their cooking. I hope this is helpful


  2. HI

    I have enjoyed reading your postings. I have tried to be gluten-free since August, but I too still feel awlful. Getting through the day sometimes is just tough. I count down until I can get home and to my couch. I am cooking gluten-free for both me and my son. My husband is really careful with his foods with gluten. I like the system with the colours and think I will try it. It is amazing how depressed you can get with this disease. It's nice to know that there is support out there through this message board.