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  1. I been taking probiotic for 2 weeks and was wondering if I should stop, I did start taking my digestive enzymes again as of the last 2 days and I wondered if I should stop as who knows what else could cause a reaction? I feel digestive enzymes they help with gas though.
  2. Well I was getting a lot better throughout these 2-3weeks until I tried quinoa teff and amaranth in the last 3 days. And I thought since ALL grains or grainlike seems to give problems I was wondering what was you guys thought on buckwheat, and also how likely you guys think it is that I could have an intolerance to literally almost everything but veggies seeds and some nuts? It seems as if some nuts agree with me and some don't as well as veggies, I find all this extremely limiting and rather then being able to reintroduce foods it seems that for some foods the more I eat it the more I become intolerant, Just like I could have rice, fish, beef,chicken sweet potatoes back then, no more. I'm just hoping that I don't become intolerant to everything out there as I eat the same thing every day. I guess I was looking for a 2nd opinion since googling nuts/meat/grain intolerance(not allergy) seems to not even be a thing and I seem to have both and more.
  3. *sigh* at the risk of repeating the same thing here and making everyone irritated I will ask, did you not read my thread? I was eating gluten to get tested and I did, I also stopped smoking. No I do not suspect gluten, I suspect grains though.
  4. Hello here, I figured I should post an update on my situation for those still interested, I know I must have annoyed more then one here so, feel free to skip this thread if you were one of those I might have annoyed. Well it turns out I am not celiac but I still need to avoid gluten, I been asking myself questions on and on for months now and tried so, so many diets and analyzing everything that goes inside my mouth since no one yet and no doctor were able to tell me what was causing my symptoms, to this day it is still all hypothesis yet those hypothesis have worked to a degree at least. Back in early August was the bottom line of the worst, I had so many spasms of all kinds and literally thought my intestine would explode from just a slip of water, at the time I knew celiac was officially not my symptom, I got tested. so I was eating chicken, rice, oats,barley, wheat(for celiac diagnosis) for the most part. This clearly was doing no good as I was in a state of crisis, I had to do something NOW or I would not live up for my next exam. Btw the reaction I was getting from eating wheat was no more harmful then any other grain, it gave me spasms and inflammation, no puking or anything a celiac gets. This is when I changed my diet drastically. eating the same soup full of veggies made of barley and fondu sauce that contain soy, I started to feel SO much better, my constipation was gone and I had regular bowel movements, I been having bowel movements ever since and most of my spasms were gone, I was still in much pain but it was SUCH a relief. So I started to build myself a diet plan that I would follow, I came to think back and realize that ANY meat gave me symptoms ALL different symptoms, chicken made my stomach feel inflamed for 4hours, beef made my intestine cry in pain, egg just made me feel bad overall sort of bloated. But then I discover fish, sole fish and I had no problems with it. I also discovered sunflower nuts and pumpkin seed with dried raisins and I was eating buckwheat too as it is not a grain but a fruit supposedly, anyway it was working great. So for a a whole 2 weeks I was eating nuts for breakfast, fish and soup with buckwheat and I was getting better and better and btw at that time I wasn't smoking hash (weed) either. Then I decided to buy some hash again and boom, brain fogs, MASSIVE cramps and I felt so sick instantly so I thought maybe it was the hash all along. I would get FIVE second brain fogs after smoking hash and cramps lasting 5 to 6 hours way after the effects of the drug were out I could still feel the pain. That was back at the end of August so I thought it might have been the hash that damaged by whole body, I took a picture, I looked SO dang sick, my veins , my belly I looked PREGNANT and still do, pregnant from my intestine being SO INFLAMED, not from fat, remember. I lost weight. So I quit the hash I threw it away swearing to never smoke that ever again but then I tried weed the next day and i felt good so I thought hash was the cause of all of this so I started to eat normal(grains,chocolate,etc) again and I felt good, no brain fogs and I had energy, I felt sorta normal. Only a day later my intestines would hurt again, not from the weed but from the food, So I went back to my strict diet of nuts,soup and fish and was getting back there while still smoking weed, but it gave me cramps back and I felt sick the same sickness that I had on hash only 5 times lesser yet bad enough to annoy me. Tells you how bad the hash would make me feel. So fast forward 2 weeks of no weed and strict diet, I get better but then ANY time I try to eat anything else that is either a grain a meat substitute I feel bad, meat is instant and grain takes a few hours. Throughout that time I also found I couldn't have fish anymore, it was fine at first but it made me feel worse and worse, now I have again a bunch of frozen food I can't eat. I also tried to eat soy in it's pure form (tofu) to see if I react and felt bad just like when I eat eggs just way worse so now I am cutting soy too. I was doing very good 3 days ago until I try new grains amaranth, teff, quinoa and god fo I feel bad again. I also wonder if buckwheat wouldnt be bad too as it's the only (grain) that has yet to give me symptoms, I wasn't able to reintroduce any food, I can't have meat, or grain so I am stuck with veggies and nuts and wondering if I should cut buckwheat too. So here I am not knowing what to eat anymore. I was doing very good yet I am intolerant to just about everything out there. I have to be on a meat-free/gluten-free/grain free diet/soy-free/dairy-free/ diet, so what's left? Celery and nuts? I posting this to give you guys an update and ask if this is even possible? I tried to google all those intolerance and really is it possible to be intolerant to ALL meat and their substitute as well as ALL grains and soy, will I just be left eating veggies for the rest of my life? What is your thought on buckwheat , do you think it should be okay, could it be the only grain like that I can have? I have 3 weeks left before I can see a gastroenterologist for free but since the last 3 doctors I saw were all clueless I am expecting the same response from the specialist. Seems like those are the things you always gotta figure out on your own. I could add a lot more info but it would be way too long thanks for your inputs. Edit: To make this easier "Weed Free/Grain Free(Consume Buckwheat) Meat Free / Dairy Free"
  5. It's all cool, any food is making me sick so I'll just be eating eggs for the next week and see if it gets worse or bad, if that doesn't work I'll try eating mangoes for a whole week and so on, because I have no idea what is good or bad for me, remember any food gives me a reaction , water as well so since i don't wanna die of starvation I'll still ingest one thing at a time for days hoping it is safe.
  6. Those are the cereal I eat, http://us.naturespath.com/product/mesa-sunriser-flakes-raisins They are not supposed to contain nut,soy or wheat, it's certified gluten free, it say it MAY contain nuts and soy, please read my posts carefully, I never said it may contain wheat.
  7. Renegade

    Significant Other To Celiac

    Uh? Celiac is only about food, you can do anything else that isn't food related and have fun again, movies, attraction park, oh yes you can even get wasted just make sure it's gluten free alcohol. There is a ton of gluten free alternatives to eating too as long as he doesn't have a list of a thousand allergic reaction though. Maybe try to get him to stop being so scared while also not neglecting the possible dangers of him getting sick, it might not be all you, maybe he is very that scared, so help him out on that.
  8. I use a pipe, I used to have paper but been using a pipe for a while, initially I though weed made me feel bad, I don't think it does, I am actually smoking hash not weed, which imo is better, it's mostly THC and not all the other chemical in weed. I think it just makes me more aware of what is already there, I don't get pain when i smoke weed, the pain is already here, I can just be in touch with my crappy broken self more. It sure as hell doesn't make my breathing easier, I'll give you that, but when I work I go a full day without smoking and it's just as bad so I smoke it anyway as I am just used to not breathing much at this point, and it didn't kill me right? So being short on breathing for hours is manageable, doesn't kill me...
  9. This is very encouraging, when I go fasting I plan to eat just eggs for a few days then try to add fruits one type at a time, like starting with mango as trying mixed berries would not be specific enough, I could always react to strawberries and not blueberries and thus get a reaction. it's pretty much impossible to do now as starving while working is too hard but when I am off work for an undermined time then i can spend all this energy healing and fasting. I actually decided to workout 30mins yesterday, just forearm and I did good. I'm looking forward to reintroduce more workout sessions when i do that as well as i won't need bare survival energy to work. Reason i been ingesting caffeine,stopping exercise and not fasting yet is because i need as much energy as I can to work. Thanks for that link w8in4dave, I do feel EXACTLY the same as when i was ingesting gluten food from certain food, sometime even worse, again it is just so hard to know because sometime I react instantly then sometime I react 3 hours later, and being so hungry at all time I try to eat every 3 so when i feel bad instantly it could be from a past food, I would need to get a doctor to prescribe me for a food allergy test but I'll need to go on a fasting in the mean time, it's pretty much the only way I will be able to tell I guess. I would wanna start on eating just eats as they are filling and full of good nutriments but seeing as it's on that list I don't know, they don't seem to make me feel bad but maybe they only do many hours later, how to know anymore... Edit: yep, just had an apple and it feels my gut is gonna explode, *sigh* allergic to food is really what it is, I feel that way out of ANY food.
  10. I'll give up all the foods I like before I drop weed, in fact if i have to drop weed then might as well eat gluten to my death, i lost workout, peanut butter, probably going to have to drop caffeine too, and many other things that I could do when i was healthy but I will not drop weed, if it makes me sick I'll find an alternative, weed is what I love the most so dropping it just make it meaningless for me to even recover. Weed prevents me from going insane not the other way around. I didn't know about the milk in the gluten free bread and pasta, I have rice pasta when i eat them, I just looked at my cereal and they don't mention milk but they mention possibly in contact with soy and nuts, knowing how I have a nut reaction I wonder how bad this can be, it's pretty confusing because I get a reaction from water too it seems so yea, cut water too? lol
  11. Had 2 doctors, the 1st one gave me a piece of paper sent me me home saying it could be gluten intolerance, never mentioned the word celiac. 2 months later I saw another one at a clinic and she got me tested for all the things you see on the other page and I got 2 more test coming, colon/intestine and stomach test next month, She said if that doesn't work then I should go see a GI but I really want to get my breathing looked into as well.
  12. I'll give this a shot, I'll try to eat the same thing day and night, since I got to vitamin deficiency apparently well this shouldn't be a problem, next week is when I get off work so doing this will be much easier, I'll go on a fasting as right now there is no way I can know what I react to because ANY yes anything I eat gives me pain sometime instantly sometime after hours, it always get worse as the day goes since of course it reach my gut and I eat throughout the day. Symptoms include: Inconsistent neck pain, some day I couldn't even keep my face straight. Inconsistent eye burn, some days my eyes would burn so bad I would have to close them for as long as possible, just to make it through a normal day then go sleep for 12hours just to rest my eyes. Shortness of breathe, it seems something is pressure my lung and prevent me from breathing deeply which makes me run out of stamina by just breathing. Feeling of inflammation in my skull,neck,throat like some pressure all over these area, Here is a long list of gastro symptoms: Pain while digesting, sometime it feels like a pressure in my stomach or liver or colon or intestines. Digestive issue, food won't fully digest or cause bloating when I eat Intestinal cramps, those are the worst, I get uncontrollable spasm in my gut area. Constipation. Extreme tiredness, just climbing the stair takes a lot of energy, this come from someone who been doing exercise 3 times a week for the past 2 years, which btw I had to quit a 5 weeks ago because I am too drained now. And bunch of other stuff like constant drive to pee at night to numbness in my fingers, arms, bone pain in my right leg when I walk and I am sparing some more.
  13. I work in an office at IT support, mostly over the phone but I only been doing this for a month and a half, I been getting those issues for 4 months now and I was unemployment before working there, I also had part time job in a gym for another month an a half as well, before the job I'm doing now.
  14. I had dropped oat for 1 month and a half, I reintroduced them lately because they don't cause a reaction as much as other stuff, At this point I'll want to get an official celiac diagnostic, I am sick of aiming blindly to see what is making me sick, could be a bacteria for all I know, so if it's gluten then I wanna be 100% sure so that go on a gluten-free diet for months or even years without knowing if that was officially my problem. Gonna have to eat gluten though I guess but at least I'll know, will see what the doctors recommend. I been really careful about cross-contamination so I know I should not be getting gluten from it, but I been using the utensil from work that are always in contact with gluten PRIOR to being washed, they get washed in a dishwasher machine and someone from here told me it should be fine.
  15. Ya the whole egg of course, it should be ate as a whole, the yolk is not bad like people say it is, now if you only react to the yolk I find that strange. I react to nuts so I can't have peanut butter even though I had it all my life without problems. I use sunflower as a substitute, never going to beat the taste of peanut butter but it's an amazing substitute, I'm glad I was able to get that, (for now). I don't know what it is making me sick anymore because I seem to react to anything, like I am just allergic to food period, it just happen that some food makes me react more violently then some. I'm just basically staying to what food hurt less atm, doesn't matter if it has rich vitamins or not because apparently I have high B12 and Iron level and no deficiency at all, the more I go the more I think this might not be gluten, but I am keeping myself to a gluten free diet until I fixed my problem and know for sure what is it has that's making me so ill, I had no official diagnostic, just a piece of paper and got sent on my way. Now I need to wait till I get my 2 appointments next month for further diagnostic, free health care is nice but you still gotta wait a while.